Super Safi Simpsons Event Math and Calendar – Rise of the Robots, Act 1

Salutations Silly Simpsons Schedulers,

Rise of the Robots 2021

Another Event Act has hit our games, which means it’s time for another calendar (this time, Super Safi version). Rise of the Robots, Act 1 hit our games this morning.

Here is the math needed to get all the items and corresponding calendar (with both Freemium and Premium expectations).


As Alissa so clearly laid out in the Rundown post, the following characters earn event currency ():

Robot Rumble Announcers

Freemium characters earn 5 event currency () per 4-hour cycle and Premium characters earn 8 event currency () per 4-hour cycle.


Here are the prizes for Act 1 and the math needed to obtain them:

The Prodigy Barn (Building)

Robo-Mania Pt. 1 (requires Bart and Lisa) AND 115

Freemium: 4 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 1 and 30 . 2nd cycle 40 . 3rd cycle 40 . 4th cycle 5 . (Freemium players can get a jump on the next prize by staggering the other 35 .)

Premium: 3 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 1 and 38 . 2nd cycle 48 . 3rd cycle 30 . (Premium players can get a jump on the next prize by staggering the other 18 .)


Chocobots (Decoration)

Robo-Mania Pt. 2 (requires Bart and Lisa) AND 155

Freemium: 5 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 2 and 30 . 2nd cycle 40 . 3rd cycle 40 . 4th cycle 40 . 5th cycle 5 . (Freemium players can get a jump on the next prize by staggering the other 35 .)

Premium: 4 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 2 and 38 . 2nd cycle 48 . 3rd cycle 48 . 4th cycle 23 . (Premium players can get a jump on the next prize by staggering the other 25 .)


Bear Robot (Pet)

Robo-Mania Pt. 3 (requires Homer) AND 115

Freemium: 3 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 3 and 35 . 2nd cycle 40 . 3rd cycle 40

Premium: 3 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 3 and 43 . 2nd cycle 48 . 3rd cycle 25 . (Premium players can get a jump on the next prize by staggering the other 23 .)


Robot Rumble Trophy (Decoration)

Robo-Mania Pt. 4 (requires Bart) AND 155

Freemium: 4 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 4 and 35 . 2nd cycle 40 . 3rd cycle 40 . 4th cycle 40

Premium: 4 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 4 and 43 . 2nd cycle 48 . 3rd cycle 48 . 4th cycle 18 . (Premium players can get a jump on the next prize by staggering the other 30 .)


Chief Knocka-Homer (Character)

Robo-Mania Pt. 5 (requires Bart) AND 195

Freemium: 5 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 5 and 35 . 2nd cycle 40 . 3rd cycle 40 . 4th cycle 40 . 5th cycle 40 .

Premium: 5 4-hour cycles

1st cycle Homer Robo-Mania Pt. 5 and 43 . 2nd cycle 48 . 3rd cycle 48 . 4th cycle 48 . 5th cycle 8 .


So in order to unlock all 5 prizes, Freemium players must complete 21 4-hour cycles in 9 days. Premium players must complete 19 4-hour cycles in 9 days. Of course, this can be shorter if you staggered some extra event currency with the final cycle of the first four prizes, as mentioned above.


So here is the calendar with where you should be at the end of each day in order to be on pace to unlock all 5 prizes by the end of the Act. Freemium expectations for end of day are denoted by F on a light green background and Premium expectations denoted by P on a light blue background:

Click on the Image (or Here) to Enlarge



We’ll have more to say about this event in the next episode of Addicts Live. But, for now, enjoy the Event and have fun! And be sure to sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


57 responses to “Super Safi Simpsons Event Math and Calendar – Rise of the Robots, Act 1

  1. Just been studying the calendar, sorry I don’t like it or get it? Part 1 f = 70 and p = 91 =161 when part 1 only need 115, ??

    • So if you’re a freemium player, by the end of last night, you should have been on part 1 of the quest line with at least 70 event currency. If you’re a premium player, you should have been on part 1 of the quest line with at least 91 event currency. There is no need to add the two values. They are completely independent of each other.

      • I see, I think it’s been over complicated by maths, the average Joe (me) just needs a date and target amount needed to complete each prize, not that I have a problem completing events as they are to easy. Unless f= 70 is the target amount then I get it 😂🤣 lol think I need a lie down

      • I have a thought if the F and P are causing confusion.
        Maybe change the colour of either the background or text perhaps to highlight the player types each set of targets is meant for.
        That way you could have targets for freemium players in or on blue and targets for premium players in or on green for example and something that says so.
        It is easy, at least for me, to understand it just from the detailed info in the post itself – but I know only too well what makes sense to me often makes no sense at all to others !!

        • I did use blue and green background colours, but they are too similar I guess. Took both Bunny and Pat a few calendars before they ultimately finalized their colours. Guess it will be the same for me.

  2. Haven’t decided yet if I’m a fan of the new layout , don’t mind the new calendar though as I usually just go by the images to see if I’m on track with getting prizes. Anyone know what happened to the notifications bell?

    • We had the other layout for 7 and a half years. The adjustment will take some getting used to I get it.

      • I think I need some adjustment or just to old in the tooth lol

      • This is perfect

        A Calendar showing the 9 Days with the 5 Prizes for Act 1 (why show Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 when those aren’t relevant now?)

        How much Event Currency you’ll need to collect (grind for) using Freemium and Premium Characters. The math is right there, displayed easily.

        I will always miss Patric’s wit and wisdom, but please give Safi a chance folks (oh yeah you can click the image to increase the size, or save to your device – easy peasy!) 😀👍🏻

  3. Sigh…. More of the same. I was really hoping for a head-to-head fighting competition like past events. This is just the same old grind like the past dozen events. Way to phone it in, EA!

    • I won’t disagree, Phil. These Multi-Act Events are “rinse and repeat” and going on like that for 3 years …. we’re not going to have too many changes (except how to obtain Tokens for the Mystery Box), but a Tapper can post-constructive criticism on the official TSTO Facebook Page (I thank EA when it’s warranted, but I also playfully heckle EA – especially with this Event’s Load Screen and the fact it will not use the entire 6.8″ of my device’s screen – lol!)


    Okay….maybe it just takes getting used to, but I’m not a fan. But, if it’s the only way that phone users can see the site, then I understand the need to go with it.

    As for the calendar…that’s mind of different, too. I’m not sure I like the whole F/P thing…too cluttered and confusing. I’m not sure that I really understand what I’m seeing, but, admittedly, I haven’t spent too much time studying it yet. And won’t it get more confusing in future acts, depending on whether you got premium chatters for some of them, but not others? Again, it’s possible that what I just said makes no sense of my quick interpretation of what I saw was incorrect. Also, where are the other acts?

    Sorry to be such a bummer…I appreciate the efforts, for sure, and just wanted to share my honest feedback.

    • Appreciate the honest feedback. Other Acts will have their own calendars in due time.

      • . . .and . . . I like the fact that the math to get it all really does have math.
        Admittedly not as complex as working out how many critters to splat and mini games to play, but that’s not something the Addicts can do anything about – oh well, maybe one day . . . 😊

    • Unlike the old events these new formatted multi-mini-events don’t have lots of ways to earn.
      For the old style knowing how many of whatever you needed to collect each day was important.
      Nowadays it’s just send on a task, wait 4 hours and collect.
      What Safi has done, in detail for those who don’t buy the premium offerings and for those who do, is figure out how many times you need to go sending and collecting to complete the act.
      It’s also NDA friendly and spoiler free that each act gets its’ own calendar, after all does anyone need to know right now how often they’ll have to tap next month ?!!

      • But what I’m still wondering is how Safi will do the premium calculations in future acts, given that someone might have purchased some premium characters, but not others. For example, if I purchase the Act 1 premium character, but not the Act 2 premium character, how will he account for that on the Act 2 calendar? And, by Act 4, someone looking at the “P” calculation may have purchased anywhere from 1 to 4 premium characters! Do you see what I mean? Or am I misunderstanding how this whole new calendar calculation thing works? Safi?

    • I’m with Sandra on both counts. With the switch to 9 day acts I know even if I slack and send the premiums on their questlines, I’ll still finish 2 days early so that’s no longer a big part of the calendar for me. I like looking at the whole month to see what day the acts change and what the prizes are in the upcoming weeks. Sorry Safi, cool graphics but I prefer the old calendar too.

      • Technically this is the old calendar. We used to do them act by act, in particular when Bunny was doing them. Then when COG took over he decided he didn’t want to be bothered doing one for each act and just did a full event one.

        • Yep!
          I remember Bunny’s Calendar format
          Folks, I think it’s WordPress changing the format of the TSTO Addicts page that has everyone bothered ….. the Calendar is precise / accurate. You can use Premium, Freemium, 🍩’s to get thru in 9 Days (or less).

      • Thanks for the feedback.

    • Is the font really big on the phone? It seems perfectly normal on mine

      • I don’t use a phone, I use a 10″ iPad. I’ll send you an email with a couple of screen captures. But, again, as much as I find the new size kind of visually assaulting (for lack of a less dramatic term), if that’s what you need to go with to make it possible for folks to read this site in their phone, then I understand and I’ll suck it up!

    • sandrashill

      Once I switched from Portrait View to Landscape View? It made things easier to navigate here on TSTO Addicts (does WordPress need a bonk on the 👃🏻for changing things? Absolutely!)

      I’m fine with a Calendar just showing Act 1
      I’m fine calculating how much Event Currency to grind for (using Freemium to and Premium Characters)

      This format allows me to figure out how many 🍩’s to spend expediting through Act 1 right away …. but I think how WordPress change the format of this page is half the problem (not going to lie, 6.8″ vs 5.8″ makes a huge difference) 😉👍🏻

      • I don’t play TSTO on my phone…I play it on my work iPad Pro. So visual area isn’t an issue for me.

        • And I play on an iPad Air 2 (also from work, lol).

        • Tablets make a playing TSTO easier. Best Buy had the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 6 (10.4 inches
          Screen Size, 2000 x 1200 Resolution) on sale $250.

          My Sister swears by the 11in ipad pro.

          • I love “my” iPad Pro, which I got from my company….unfortunately, should anything (god forbid) happen to my job, I’d be very unlikely to have one, since they are WAY out of my league, world-wide. But it’s so zippy and has a ton of storage space and is a dream to play TSTO on. It’s also convenient having one device that’s part of the iOS-sphere, since all of my other devices are Android-based (Kindle Fire tablets and my cell phone) or Windows-based (my home and work Windows 10 Lenovo laptops). That way, if there’s a must-have app that’s only available for iOS, I can still have it.

  5. Adjusting to changed ‘page format’ (turn your device to from portrait view to landscape view) 👍🏻

    Thank you Safi 😀 – it’s 9 Days (if you Grind that way), or 2 Days (if you Expedite that way). Proof that Premium Characters that Grind for Event Currency are a plus (but not necessary since EA never ends an Act when the next Act starts).

    Ahhhhhh 🤖’s

    • Yea it’ll take some getting used to. But it should make mobile viewing better

      • Alissa

        Yep, just switch from portrait to landscape view, and this makes things easier in your mobile browser (thank you very much for the adjustments to the TSTO Addicts page format). 😀

    • Worst case if you don’t have Frink or the Announcers and don’t manage to get any head-starts is only 24 taps, so 3 taps a day for 8 days or 4 taps a day for 6 days.
      Best case without using donuts to rush I figure is 17 taps and just 2 Ds rushing the Announcers once makes it 16 😊
      Might’ve been a hard, hard grind, but I miss going squishing NPCs though.

      • Graham-S

        Work schedule is quite busy, so I tend to Farm 80 🍩’s a Day (and use ’em half that to expedite using the Premium Character to obtain maximum amount of Event Currency).

        I do take the time to read the Character Dialogue (and we have a total of three Voiced New Characters in Act 1). 😀

  6. Thank you! I always appreciate seeing the calendar. And the new look……. clean and clear!

  7. I spent the $10 for the donuts and the bonus character. I got the donuts but no bonus character. Anyone know anything about this?

    • Check your inventory, that’s usually where the character goes

      • Just reminded me, after about 17 months of tapping I finally unlocked Stampy and forgot to dig him out !!
        I started my second town for Winter ’19, and what did that bring ?!!
        That’s right, busted neighbour taps from the get-go !!

    • Also cast your mind back if you were playing in 2018, and check your Town Hall Census.
      There’s a glitch means it’s showing for everyone, and I got him 3 years ago !!

  8. TallSpiderCandy

    I don’t like change 🤣
    Great job, Safi!! Thank you and have a lovely day!! 🙂

  9. Ok so who’s been playing with the settings on this page, banner link doesn’t work, text big and running downwards
    The reply box weird as well, continuous line text when typing, something seriously wrong with this page. I had to resort to desktop site just to do this, from one extreme to another.

    • We changed the theme in hopes that it would fix the mobile issues. It should appear better on mobile now.
      Our old theme was “retired” about 7 years ago and they finally stopped supporting it. So in order to have mobile view again we had to change themes
      There shouldn’t be issues commenting though. I’ve tried it out it’s basically the same…

    • Yea replying to your comment from the mobile version… no issues.

  10. It’s the math for how many times you need to go send – collect – send.!!
    That’s a pretty good idea 😊

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