Bug Report 5/20/21: Login Issues/Verification Code

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many of you have noticed since the most recent update there have been some changes to the login screen for TSTO.  Most notably, the need for a verification code to log in.

According to EA this is a widespread code issue…and they’re working to resolve it.  In the meantime they offer these suggestions to try and get into your game if you’re having issues:

  1. Restart the application, via a force-close and launch (make sure it’s not still running in the background when restarting the app), and then requesting a new code
  2. Restart the device, launch the app and request a new code
  3. Keep trying!
  4. When using Code Login,  ensure the email address is correct, and that you are entering the code fairly quickly after receiving it.

I can attest, these steps did work for me last night when I couldn’t get back into my game after switching over to my “B” town to pull event info.  I tried the verification code they sent and it didn’t log me in.  So I hard closed and restarted TSTO, requested a new code, and thankfully that one worked.

I also suggest if you need to log in/out of TSTO to switch towns, be near a computer, or alternate device, when logging into your game so you can check your email.  If you try to check it from your device it’ll force you to request a new code, unless you have notifications from that email (that show the body of the email) on your device and can access them while TSTO is still running.

Also, the code doesn’t last very long.  So you do need to be quick when entering it.

This is SUPER annoying, especially if you’re someone who switches between TSTO towns on one device (like me)…but EA is aware of it and working on a repair for the coding problem.  Hopefully, it’s fixed sooner rather than later.

There’s more info from EA (and others) on EA’s Answers HQ here:


P.S. I have been completely swamped at work the last couple of days, and very behind on posts.  I was hoping to have the SIB for Tyler up this afternoon, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.  I will have it up for the first post tomorrow though.  I appreciate your understanding, every once in a while real life keeps me a little extra busy.  🙂

75 responses to “Bug Report 5/20/21: Login Issues/Verification Code

  1. Hey,

    if you have some links to the powers that be, could you propose that in cases where login-email is obviously outdated (bounces email back) knowing the correct passwd of the EA account would be sufficient in order to change the email?

    The support can do change the email only if you know exact answers to several questions. I know I fail the date of birth -one, because on EA account page I can see I’ve given a wrong year (back in 2013) but did I pick Jan 1, Dec 31 or something in between? Also I was asked for the *exact* number of donuts (I know with 10% accuracy) and amount of in-game cash (I know the first digit, but not sure how many digits there are altogether).

    I realized earlier this year that the email account had been closed and deleted, and back then tried everything to get it back.

    So either my passwd has to be sufficient to update this one time a correct email, or I, nor my two sons who are getting into gaming, will never even look at the way of EA games, much less spend any money on them.

    Would have said this directly to EA if I thought that anything from their support / social media channels would be likely to get to the ears of actual devs or decision makers.

    • Your best bet is to leave this on that thread I linked above. The right people at EA will see it. They read this site and that forum.

  2. I have found a solution that works at least for me:
    Check the email on a separate device and enter it into your phone manually.

  3. I’ve tried using my tablet and my computer to get a new code. Neither refreshes fast enough to get the new code and it’s usually the same code over and over. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game multiple times as well as the force stop. Nothing has worked so far.

    My question, what about the people who love the game but the workaround doesn’t seem to work for them?

  4. I got a reply by email! Here it is.
    Thank you for contacting EA help. My name is Rahul.
    Thank you for sharing your concerns with me, I can understand the you are facing issue with your account. Had I been in your place I would have felt the same. Nevertheless I am here to assist you with the case.
    We have received many contacts regarding this issue therefore we have escalated this issue to our studio team for further investigation. Please not to worry about and we should be able to resolve this very soon as our experts are already working on it.
    We’ re eager to assist you. Please feel free to reach us in case of further queries.

    Thats the reply, exactly as I got it. Just have to wait for the experts.
    Ha ha ha, dont hold your breath folks.

  5. stephen reeves

    Eight times now , forcing close, reopening, get code, insert code ,login, send another code , and around and around, well it was a good run for 5 years

  6. I have now been talking to 2 ea helpline people who don’t have a clue about how to sort the problem. They just closed the case as unsolvable!
    It was such a stupid thing to do without giving people the chance to amend their accounts before changing the whole log in system.
    To change origin at the same time is ridiculous .
    Very sad if i have to loose my game after 9 years of playing, I am now just waiting for all the families games to have the same problem.

  7. 💩It was the Southpark Grounded⚠️Vindaloop💩
    Persistence seems pay as usual… Multiple attempts & password resets, then I finally just restarted my device & the QuickieMart gods have graced my entry to enjoy one of the most solid HYSTERICAL mini-event exchanges with Kent Brockman, CBG & Homer introducing the magnificent 😬’Coronary😈Capitalism’😬…

  8. Alex aabcampos

    For my A town The app says it sent me an email.
    But it never arrives.

    If I try on B and C town I receive the emails.

    Its very frustrating

    • Same here. When it did verify the email. I was sent to the bartscreen. It just failed again and again.

  9. Moscone Gordon

    We need compensation for this issue & an extension on the event

  10. Is this verification code here to stay ?

    If so whoever come up with this idea should be kicked in the head
    with a good Australian kicking boot .

    Everything was working fine with our own password that we had .

    See ya bye . 👽

  11. I can’t play the game now. E-mail is old and can’t be accessed, and there are no options provided by EA to change anything without a code. Really hope this gets fixed soon! Bad timing during an event.

    • Well you can contact the support and if you can provide enough correct details on your account, they can change the email. However, if you’ve, like me, invented a date of birth, you might be out of luck – or need to try contact the support 365 times (since on your ea account page you can see which year you gave). And still you might not be accurate enough on your how many donuts / how much cash -questions.

      So thanks ea, tsto was fun while it lasted, but maybe after 10 years it’s time to say good-bye.

  12. After being told multiple times that the code was incorrect, I closed it and waited a few minutes then it logged me in automatically. Annoying but at least it’s working again

  13. Rebecca Stromgren

    Cleared cache, force closed, uninstalled/reinstalled, rebooted my phone. Nuthin’.
    Nice of them to mess things up, during an event.

    • Rebecca Stromgren

      So, having multiple devices has come in handy.
      Game refuses let me play, on my phone, but I have no problem on my Fire Tablet.
      I absolutely despise the way the game looks, on it, but what can you do?

    • I went to the EA website on my PC.
      And logged in and went into my profile and updates
      My profile with the info required to complete a profile.
      I set up phone verification and was sent a code.
      After I felt I had given enough info and it was updated.
      I closed my tapped out app. Out in my email addy. got the code from my email a few seconds later. Put it in and it worked.

      I tried everything else that was suggested. Delete the app, force close, rest phone and 100 attempts of typing in my email.

      I did what I said above and on attepmt 101. I got in. No issues.
      BBQ Time!

      Good luck, All.

  14. Sadly I had to transfer my Tapped Out from my Tablet to my Phone to be able to keep tapping.

    I did encounter the Verification Code Request and only had to enter the code once, I did not have to request another code.

  15. So far I haven’t had this kind of login issue with my game account. Is it possible that there is another (easier) way to get around the login issue that is maybe related to how a player’s game account is set up? Also, I almost never logout of my account (except when it is caused by my, randomly occurring, malfunctioning iPad), could that be a factor regarding the login issue?

  16. I really absolutely hate the new log in details and i hope they change it back to how it was before!

  17. The EA web site is down now too! Not a chance to get any help, have been trying for over 24 hours for a chat with tech support. Going from bad to worse.

  18. Mine just keeps sending me the same code over and over again and I can’t refresh the screen fast enough to get the so called “new” code. It’s bad enough that I’m having to start over because I can’t get into my old email address. But now, I can’t play the game at all. This so called “work around” is NOT working for me. I hope this is not going to be a situation of “well, it’s working for most. Keep trying, we sympathize.”

  19. I was frustrated with this for DAYS. Someone above had said to be at a computer to get the code email, and that’s literally the ONLY thing that has worked for me. If someone else is having trouble – going in circles – I recommend being at the computer as well.

  20. Help, so I entered the code about 10 different times, but I just end up at my “B” game, not my A game. At first it would bring me to my “A” game but not anymore. I can’t seem to get to my “A” game. Any suggestions?

  21. Why would ea have a system of not to weed out the non players, what else I dont know or understand

  22. Thank You Alissa and thank you Safi ….. I know you both have got to be lending help to all of the upset Tappers! 👍🏻

    Hey Tappers who are having Technical Issues with regards to Login on your Origin Account! I can understand your frustrations, and you are always welcome to let EA know how you feel (please don’t be too rude) as they have Social Networks for the TSTO Game App!


    I personally don’t care for the Official Forum, but here you go (I strongly urge all not be rude, or you could be banned!)


  23. An update has been released. Changes have been made to the new login system.

  24. And I can’t even check to see if I have this issue because for at least a week and a half my game hasn’t let me in. I keep getting that Bart Screen.

  25. That stink’s.

  26. Please take code away I don’t have the same email address as I changed it but not on game as I had no problem getting into game so I can’t get a code I only have my tablet I don’t have a mobile phone so that’s more problems for me not getting back into my game I really enjoyed playing the game

    • Remember…we’re not EA, we have ZERO control over the game…including abilities to make changes to it. I’m just reporting the info as given to me…

  27. Thanks for this post. I just discovered this on my own. Being in front of a computer is a HUGE help. Also, using the right email address is imperative (this was the issue I was having the other day – user error. Thanks for responding, Safi!). Good luck everyone!

  28. Thank you so much for this step by step break down it worked for me!!! I was so frustrated by this. Your the best!

  29. You cant even access your account on origin to change email address in order to get the verification code. They have botched it totally this time. Havent missed an event since the game became available on android!

  30. i hope they fix it soon. I have eight that play in my household and it’s been irritating.

    • Thank you for the post, it worked. The must step is Force close in the app settings. Id been on 2 different chats with EA help and unfortunately they didn’t know this was a needed step. Glad to be back to the event albeit the graphics are zoomed in.

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