Alissa it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday Alissa!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today is a very special day here at Addicts, for it is Alissa’s Birthday. Yes, the one and only Alissa. HBO and George R. R. Martin describe Alissa as “Queen of Blogs, Queen of Tapped Out and the First Tappers, Lady of the Miniature Springfield, Khaleesi of the Great Springfield Heights, the true finger behind sky finger, and the Mother of Addicts”.

So Happy Birthday Alissa! Here’s to another amazing year filled with love, laughter, and joyful tapping!


Here’s wishing you get a delicious birthday treat:

And your hubby gets you exactly what you want for your birthday:

And that your family treats you to a song like Bart and Leon K did for Lisa:



We both love you like a sister,

Wookiee and Safi

Now it’s YOUR turn!  We know how much Alissa loves each and every reader on this site so be sure to send her some birthday wishes!  If you get a chance today leave your birthday wishes for everyone’s favorite Head Addict in the comments below, kind of like a big giant Birthday Card from everyone here at Addicts!  We know Alissa will love hearing from you!

72 responses to “Alissa it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday Alissa!

  1. Happy belated Birthday! We all appreciate all the HARD work you do every DAY!

  2. Hope you had an awesome birthday!!!!

  3. justinmwat151

    Happy Birthday Alissa! And thank you for all you do for the community 🙂

  4. Happy belated birthday! Oh, and happy Father’s Day to your hubby.

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