Episode 79- Summer of Enlightenment

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Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we talk about our initial reactions to the Springfield Enlightenment event, what surprised us with this event, and what we thought was a total miss.  Plus, we share some details about summer plans, talk the next big Addicts Contest, and hear from YOU the amazing readers of the Addicts Community!  So join us for all the fun!

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Show Notes:

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Here are the links to posts we’ve written about the verification code issue:

-Verification Codes are Ridiculous and Some Steps to Help You Get Your Game Back

-Bug Report 5/26/21

-Bug Report 5/20/21

4 responses to “Episode 79- Summer of Enlightenment

  1. Italian Beauty

    Alissa, I understand your pain with work. I worked a long term temp job as a customer service rep for a box manufacturer and remember how stressful it was. Especially when the machines broke and we had customers that we had to fulfill their orders no matter what happens per their contracts. Sending good vibes your way and hope things get better for you soon.

  2. Delayed? Yes but still okay.

  3. Hey Tappers it’s Saturday Smiles 😊

    Watch the video for information + opinions (good bad ugly) 😉

    It’s ok if certain posts are delayed (just keep on Tapping, you will get through the Event!) a quick Google search gives you the WDTCF , and that can lead to one wanting to rewatch an Episode! ✨

    Family comes 1st (or as I learned from Patric, it’s okay to take the weekends off from the TSTO Game App!) I just hope that everybody who was having a difficult time with the verification code solve that problem (always sad losing Tappers / Neighboureenos!)

  4. Don’t beat yourself up about late posts or missing WDTCF posts, Alissa…I frequently quote at work a “yardstick” my mom once gave me… “Will little children die?” I think we can safely say that little children won’t die from late or missing posts! 😉

    (If anyone gives you grief, you can send them to me and I’ll straighten then right up, lol!)

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