Should You Buy Daisy McGunnan?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Spending actual cash on donuts for a character is back in TSTO.  This is something EA’s been rolling out over the last few years, and it’s a new bonus for actually spending cash on donuts. (instead of just farming them)  Where they attach a premium, limited-time, character to one of the donut bundles sometimes in addition to bonus donuts.

And I want to be perfectly clear…you do not need to buy these characters to complete an event.  You can still play this game, and complete all the tasks and prizes, 100% free.  These cash-for-character items are a new type of premium currency…because donuts have been so devalued with donut farming.

This time around we’re being offered Daisy McGunnan,  a premium character, for a tray of 132 Donuts ($9.99 in the US) bonus this time around.  While it’s hard for me to sit here and tell you if you should or shouldn’t spend actual cash on the game (spoiler, I think you should always spend at least a small amount…even if it’s $.99/year on the game if it brings you joy and you want to see it continue) I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of Daisy, tasks, questline and other details you may be curious about.

So let’s consider this an abbreviated Should I Buy….

So what is the deal?  When you can find it in the Currency Tab of your Store (also by hitting Get More)…

Basically, spend $9.99 on a Tray of 132 donuts and you get the Daisy character.

And, again, yes, for those outside of the US I know my price is probably lower than yours.  EA only charges 9.99 USD for this package…anything over that that you are currently paying goes to Google/Apple/Amazon for Tax and Duty etc.  EA only collects the 9.99. 

Once again I’m glad to see a full character at the $9.99 price point.  I think that’s a fair price point for a full character.

So here’s a breakdown on Daisy McGunnan…

-Full character
-Not Voiced
-Comes with a complete set of tasks
-Comes with a questline
-Some fun visual/animated tasks
-EARNS Event Currency, only the second time I’ve seen a cash character to this…
-From a “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” S20, E1

Here’s a look at the task list

Daisy McGunnan’s Permanent Tasks…

Task Length Earns Location
Face her Fear of Sharks 1hr $105, 26xp Springfield Aquarium/Aqua World/Homes in Springfield
Try Out Her New Leg 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Play with her Cat 8hrs $420, 105 Outside/Visual
Collect All the Bounties 12hrs $600, 150xp Bail Bonds/Good Neighbors Bounty Hunters/TownHall
Find a Fun Friendly Gym 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Shapes/Lugash’s/All Night Gym/Homes in Springfield

And here’s the full dialogue version of the questline:

The Last Leg Pt. 1
Daisy starts

Daisy McGunnan: Hey, Wolf. I’m here to pick up Chonky.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Already? But you just had him!
Daisy McGunnan: That was two weeks ago. Just ’cause you’ve barely been home ’cause you’re chasing bounties doesn’t mean time stops.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Hey, you’re a bounty hunter too!
Daisy McGunnan: Yeah, but that’s not the only thing that defines me.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: You have a gun for a leg. What else can you possibly do?
Daisy McGunnan: *rolls eyes* You would know if you ever paid any attention to me.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Are you implying it’s my fault we broke up? You left me!
Daisy McGunnan: Because it was your fault I lost my leg!
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Oh no, not this again!
Daisy McGunnan: Just give me Chonky and I’ll leave. I’m filing for full custody, so we’ll no longer have to have these exchanges.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: There’s no such thing as custody over a cat!
Daisy McGunnan: That’s not what my lawyer says.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: *hands over cat* I’ll see you in court.
Make Daisy McGunnan Entertain Her Cat- 4hrs
Make Wolf Call a Lawyer- 4hrs
Daisy McGunnan: One for the shooting range, please.
Cat: Meow.
Squeaky Voice Teen: That’ll be twenty dollars, and the cat has to stay outside.
Daisy McGunnan: Aww, but I got him cute little cat earmuffs to protect his ears from the loud gunshots.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sorry ma’am, no animals on the range. If a person gets hurt, no one cares. But if an animal gets hurt we’ll get so many letters.

The Last Leg Pt. 2
Daisy starts

Wolf The Bounty Hunter: But…you can’t do this. I’ll never get to see Chonky again.
Daisy McGunnan: You would know that’s not true if you’d actually shown up at court. You get Chonky every other weekend.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: I got the date wrong!
Daisy McGunnan: You seem to get a lot of stuff wrong, Wolf. That’s why the judge sided with me.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: What did you tell the judge?
Daisy McGunnan: I told her the story of how I lost my leg.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: You’ve never told me that story.
Daisy McGunnan: I’ve tried to tell it to you several times, but you always get squeamish and stop listening.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Wolf the Bounty Hunter does not get squeamish! I just can’t stand blood and stories about it make me squeam.
Daisy McGunnan: *points gun leg at Wolf* This time you’re gonna pay attention.
Make Daisy McGunnan Have a Flashback- 4hrs
Make Wolf Really Listen- 4hrs

The Last Leg Pt. 3
Daisy starts

It was a balmy day in July. Perfect weather for two bounty hunters in love to track down a wanted fugitive…
Daisy McGunnan: I need a new clip. Can you reload for me while I put on my vest?
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Sure thing, babe.
Daisy McGunnan: Just remember, red…
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Yeah, yeah, red dot, green dot. Blanks and live ammo. *clicks the clip* There goes our perp! He’s heading for the aquarium!
Daisy McGunnan: Let’s get him! His bounty is crazy high. Not sure why they keep letting him out on bail.
Make Daisy McGunnan Chase Snake- 4hrs
Make Wolf Chase Snake- 4hrs
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: You check the shark exhibit; I’ll take the whales.
Daisy McGunnan: Can you take the sharks? That sign says it’s feeding time and I really don’t like chum.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Yeah, no one likes chum. Thing is, I really don’t like blood. And chum usually has lots of blood in it.
Daisy McGunnan: Okay, I guess it’s sharks for me.

The Last Leg Pt. 4
Daisy starts

Daisy finds herself on a catwalk above a large fish tank. The water below churns and bubbles, red with blood. The sharks are feeding…
Daisy McGunnan: Give it up, Snake. You’re cornered!
Snake: First of all, you should’ve said “You’re Fin-ished.” Would’ve been a cool pun on the sharks…And second, you’ll never take me alive, copper!
Daisy McGunnan: I’m not a cop!
Daisy has just enough time to notice the green dot on her ammo clip before she pulls the trigger and fires off several blanks. Wolf had loaded the wrong one…
Make Snake Knock Daisy McGunnan Into the Shark Tank- 4hrs
Make Daisy McGunnan Swim for her Life- 4hrs

The Last Leg Pt. 5
Daisy starts

Wolf The Bounty Hunter: No, no. You’re telling it all wrong. The green clip was the right one, ’cause green means “Go. Shoot criminals.”
Daisy McGunnan: No. Green means “Go ahead, it’s safe to shoot ’cause these are blanks.” Red means “Stop and think. These are live rounds and will kill people. Also, blood is red.”
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Wait, then what are the purple ones?
Daisy McGunnan: The purple ones just shoot confetti. Fun for parties. We’d been over this a hundred times before that.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Riiiight, confetti. I remember now. I’m so sorry, Daisy.
Daisy McGunnan: *points gun leg at Wolf* So now you understand why I have to do this.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Yeah. But we’re out in public. Innocent people could get hurt.
Daisy McGunnan: Wet. Innocent people could get wet.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Huh?
Make Daisy Go on a Squirt Gun Shooting Spree- 4hrs
Make Wolf Get Soaked- 4hrs
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Water? That’s a squirt gun?
Daisy McGunnan: You really need to pay more attention. The big orange tip should have been a dead giveaway.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: Ugh. Unless it involves chasing a criminal, I’m worthless. You should have sole custody of Chonky.
Daisy McGunnan: Really? But you make his favorite blueberry pancakes.
Wolf The Bounty Hunter: That’s how he got so chonky.

That’s pretty much it on Daisy. A pretty fun character, one of the better cash-for-character items I’ve seen in recent memory.  I’ve already picked her up…

What are your thoughts on Daisy?  Have you made the purchase?  Will you be making the purchase? Thoughts on the questline and tasks?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

15 responses to “Should You Buy Daisy McGunnan?

  1. I passed. Yes, she is not bad, but I felt Pixel Homer was better and I spent to get him.

  2. This is off topic, but I got the Park Engineer from the yearbook and he’s missing his non animated tasks. I checked his post and a couple people had the same issue but it didn’t look like anyone knew how it got solved.

    • He uses Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate for his non animated tasks. If you don’t have it from the event (not sure if it’s in the Yearbook Box) there’s probably no way to send him on those jobs.

      • I have to correct myself. Looks like it doesn’t necessarily have to be the gate. So if you don’t have that, you need to place at least one of the rides that were released during the Itchy & Scratchy Land event. Try getting Itchy’s Mine Field, that one should be in the Yearbook Box if I’m not mistaken.

    • It appears I bought Daisy as she is in my game, but she is still listed as available to buy in the store. Is this a glitch or can you buy multiple copies?

  3. I took the advice here and just bought her so EA knows some of us are still willing to spend a little real money once in a while

  4. Got logged out of my game and had to get the code to get back in, 🤷‍♂️what the ****

  5. All cash-paid characters should be voiced.

  6. Polite Pass ✋🏻

    Yeah she’s from the “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” Episode (unlike the Judge), but that doesn’t excuse EA for not offering up the Character Lucky Jim.

    I can only imagine a Noob spending 💵 to obtain her and not having anything from Marine World (waah waah). 😅

    • One hour task : Springfield Aquarium, Aqua World or HOMES IN SPRINGFIELD.

      • Enjoy those “Homes in Springfield” until you go thru the Mystery Box (or as someone’s figuring out after obtaining the Itchy and Scratchy Land Park Engineer, you’re missing Character Tasks until you get the Park Entrance).

      • Noob in question here, would’ve ignored her but I couldn’t resist getting her just for kicks (no pun intended). She did the quest tasks at Lance Murdock’s pool of all places 🦈🤷‍♂️ The 1h task is at a random home indeed, so uhhh at least I have something else to look out for on the yearbook, thank you!

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