New App Store Update Available: Treehouse of Horror XXXII!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We teased it earlier this week on our spoiler video, which you can watch here if you missed it, and now it’s time to download the update!  The 2021 Treehouse of Horror Event has arrived in our app stores!

Remember, this app store update does not start the event it’s just the download for the event.  The event will start TOMORROW October 6th at 11am ET…time zone converter here ET is New York time zone. So please, don’t ask why the event hasn’t started in your game if it’s not October 6th at 11am ET…

Anywho here’s the app store description and what’s in store for us:

As of the posting of this, it’s currently only available on iOS and Google, Amazon it should hit soon so be on the lookout.  Remember, you may have to hard close and reopen your app store (and do a search for Tapped Out) to see the update…

So be sure to download the update, and be prepared for Treehouse of Horror to hit our game tomorrow (October 6th) at 11am ET!

24 responses to “New App Store Update Available: Treehouse of Horror XXXII!

  1. Saturday the 9th, and I still have no update, nor can I find one in the App store. Usually these pop up automatically, so I am confused as to what might be happening. To be clear, the game is working fine (64G iPad Air2), but only as standard Springfield.

    Any ideas?

    • If you’re on iOS, you often can’t tell there’s an update until you actually go into the app in the app store. (In other words, it sometimes doesn’t show up either in the lists of spots to be updated, not in the search results…you have to actually select TSTO from the search results to them finally see an Update button.) However, I’ve also been reading that it seems like older iPads (and other older devices?) may not be working with this newest release.

  2. I couldn’t update through the Google Play store so I uninstalled and now can’t reinstall ! I’m not loving this new chromebook tablet/laptop. The game was working all fine until today.

  3. The event already seems mehh. Why can’t they do another event that is more than just “send of quest”. How about more interactive, and I don’t know if people will like how unhalloween this event is.

  4. Just a heads up that for the 6s tasks you will need to SCROLL DOWN… usually it is once you are in the actual quest you have to SCROLL DOWN… this one is to actually get things started you have to SCROLL DOWN.. I had the 4 people DONE and was waiting for more dialogue to continue the quest and NOTHING.. yeah I had ONE more person to start a 6s task! 🙂

  5. Thank you Android OS 11 (it’s so stable that I don’t want OS 12 ’til it is official in 2 weeks!), that update was quick and easy …

    Thank you Alissa for getting the word out (again, very sorry for those of you still stuck with a ‘verification code’ problem, or an OS that EA doesn’t seem to recognize – could it be that dedicated EA Staff for TSTO has gotten smaller? My snafu’s seem to get solved quickly by EA using their Twitter Account @EAhelp – use a desktop or laptop on the side and Tech Support will guide you!)

    You are not getting much, just Murky Water (want that spooky music back? missing that creepy fog? then you need to let EA know on the official TSTO Facebook Page like last year when Tappers complained and complained until EA did a patch update!)

  6. Went to the App Store, tapped on the App itself and was updated.
    Tomorrow, it’s game time.
    And best of all, because I’m in California, I’ll get to start playing three hours before Alissa or Safi.
    I get to start at 8:00, while they have to wait until 11:00.
    Snicker, 🤭 snicker.

    I learned a long, long time ago, don’t take stuff seriously, until you absolutely must.

  7. Aaron-LRJ (add me)

    i updated it, the map changed to fall, the loading screen changed. but theres no storyline.


    No Green river’s yet

  9. I’ve noticed this update also brought added tasks for a couple of characters – Stampy now has an independent 12hr task and C.H.U.M. now has independent 12hr & 24hr tasks. There may be more characters that have this, but I won’t know until I do my usual 24hr tasks for all characters Saturday morning. Hopefully the ones that don’t have an independent 24hr task will. I did get the Springfield Historical Society from the Yearbook. Could that be why I’m now seeing these extra tasks for Stampy and C.H.U.M.? These extra tasks were not there this morning but appeared this evening after I updated the game for the THOH event.

  10. No update yet. Can’t wait!

  11. I’m sorry to ask this here because I know it’s probably been asked or talked about often lately. Is there an actual ea contact that you can send a real email? It’s like they don’t want to even engage. So very frustrated after years of playing and now probably going to have to quit.

  12. That was odd, got the update, saw the new splash screen but it kept the old icon on my Android tablet home-screen – Huh ?!?
    It’s decided to fix that at last – Yay 😊👍

    I think the squishable NPCs will return too, but not at first . . . oh, well
    Let’s see what tomorrow brings . . .

    Having read the spoilers page comments, or some of them at least I won’t add a tongue in cheek Why hasn’t it started yet – I think Alissa needs a break and a nice glass of something right now 😊

  13. And as usual, it’s not in my store yet

  14. Sadly it still not working for my Ipad Air.
    Yeah it could be potential that they phased out older devices, but I was told that isn’t the case and that they are working on it.
    But with the brand new Halloween Update still not working I assume it still is them phasing out the older devices.

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