Springfield Showoff: Treehouse of Horror XXXII

As we sit here frakkin files, pulling pics, and typing a million words a minute to get our readers the latest updates and information…we sometimes find ourselves forgetting to stop and enjoy our own games. More so our neighboreenos. So we try to make it a point to hop in n out of the towns now and then to see what cool things YOU are up to. So we have decided we want to continue to focus more attention (as if we don’t already 😛 ) on YOU…our readers. From time to time we will be peaking into your towns, checking our Flickr, and also the posts in the comments below to see what cool ideas and designs YOU have come up with to make your towns unique and…well…YOU.

So here is YOUR chance to show off all your hard work, time, donuts & in-game cash spent. Send us your work, no matter how big or small, and brag about it to the world. We want you to! Then keep your eyes posted to Addicts to see if YOU end up on our “SPRINGFIELD SHOWOFF”.

This time around I wanted to see what you’ve done with the Treehouse of Horror XXXII stuff! With new and old buildings and decorations arriving with this event, show me how you fit them into your Springfield!  It can always be a little intimidating and frustrating trying to figure out just where to put anything in Springfield…so who better to turn to than our fellow Addicts? And as always, some of you guys came through!

Thank you guys (new and old) for sharing your designs!  I really LOVE that we got a bunch of submissions with this event!  Looks like you guys had fun designing with this one! There are some really great designs so let’s take a look at their hard work:

Once again we’ve used a Gallery to display your images. This allows us to get all of your images displayed, and show off your hard work!  Simply tap the images below to be taken to the slideshow.  The name of the creator will be listed at the bottom of each pic. (and as always they’re in alphabetical order)

What did you all think of your fellow Addict’s designs?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Stay tuned for the next Showoff announcement!  In the meantime keep designing those Springfields!

9 responses to “Springfield Showoff: Treehouse of Horror XXXII

  1. Fell behind on the event. Even though I still have the task, my characters no longer earn event currency. Luckily all that is left is a decoration.

  2. Lots of great designs here! I particularly liked the ones from Lisa V., but there were many other good ones shared here, too. I didn’t think to share my zoo, because I created that back when the zoo event happened, but I know those were new pieces for some folks, so it was fun seeing what they did with them. That’s what I liked most about this event..lots of good design pieces!

  3. New splash screen just came out!

    • Yup, we just got a mini-event packet from EA…like 20 minutes ago. lol No time for a video, but I”ll have a spoiler post up shortly. Honestly, this looks like it’s going to be the mini-event of the year.

  4. Great designs, I will use some of them in the future.

  5. As always some awesome designs, how creative some people are never fails to impress me. Great they went live before the end of the event – knicked some ideas and bought the necessary bits.

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