Post Event Collection Issues (No Syringes/DNA/etc)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a very quick note on trying to collect event currency post-event ending…it’s currently NOT an option for many players.  The timer has run out, and the collection has ceased.  Instead of getting Syringes (or other act currency) you earn cash, thus preventing you from unlocking that last prize you were working on.

While it sucks, it’s not completely unexpected.  The event is over.  The timer has run out, and thus the ability to collect currency has ended.  That’s why I literally say, on every single event is ending post for the last 8+ years, do not count on getting borrowed time.  Finish the event before the timer runs out, to prevent these issues.

Is this a glitch?  Possibly.  It’s also possible it’s just part of the coding.  Your best bet is to contact EA about it.  There is currently nothing we can do, or tell you to do to fix it.  If you contact EA they may be able to do something about it, but they’re currently the only ones who potentially could fix the issue.  There’s no quick fix on our end we can help you with.

For those stuck with the task in their task book, wondering if it’ll go away.  Hopefully.  Hopefully, when the next event hits it’ll clear that task off your task book, but again all we can tell you to do is wait and be patient.  Other than that, the next option is to contact EA.

Sorry if you’re in this situation, and sorry there’s nothing we can do to help you with it!

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  1. New app Store update fixes this issue. They are dropping again.

  2. Just update it to the mini event. After the full update, my characters more collect syringes. I was almost sad not being able to finish it

  3. I was on the final tier of the last chapter when the event ended, and I found I was not getting any event currency as described above. I contacted EA support. They asked for me to log out of my account, and they would investigate. Less than 12 hours after doing so and sending them an email to let them know, I received an email from them stating they have added 200 syringes to my total, thus fulfilling the 195 syringe requirement for the final tier, and allowing me to complete this event. Absolute simplest resolution I could ask for, and fully satisfied!

  4. I had a newborn on the 18th of October, I did not have the time to finish tasks and check in as often as I wanted to lol. I’m stuck on bionaut Marge with only 125/155 syringes. I contacted EA and recieved similar responses as others have. A different rep every time, asking me to submit a ticket through the game itself, asking for log out entirely for an entire day while they do something on their end, then ending with “I have granted it, you can log in now, thanks for contacting EA help”

  5. I know this game is near it’s end. I wonder if they will do anything
    to resolve this…..?

  6. Anyone have any good ways to be able to convince EA that you are indeed the owner of an account you no longer have access to the email you used to set it up? Asking for a friend..

  7. I was on the last part for the event, and missed collecting the last batch of syringes, too. Well for the first time, I contacted EA (5 times now) and enlisted help. Seems like a joke as I keep getting replies from someone new, and each employee asks me to send something different. Then a new employee responds saying they will be assisting to take care of the issue. Still not resolved.
    Next time I’ll know better and finish completely before timer runs out.
    Sorry to add this but I’ve wondered does anyone have these additional issues? I’ve been playing for years and wonder:
    1) Is there a way to corral Krustyland characters to stay there?
    Ever since we moved it over, mine wander everywhere, and I miss seeing them walking around there.
    2) Is there a way to eliminate items from our inventories? I don’t care re money for them, I would just like to free up so much accumulated space.
    And 3) Years ago the game framing narrowed, and I don’t have a full screen. It’s frustrating and lessens my fun to play. I tried changing the orientation of the screen, but it did nothing to help. Btw I have an iphone.
    Thanks for all you do for us, I’ve meant to send you guys thanks for years now. 🙂

    • I noticed using the Krustyland gates and walls entirely around Krustyland, and using the Krustyland sidewalks for that entire area seem to keep my visitors in that area only. I start the gates right from the main entrance and encircle it. My Krustyland is next to the mountains, so I don’t need gates at the very back, just the sides and branching off the main entrance.

  8. The EA employees that I’ve encountered where I’m at were grumbling for months that they were planning their version of a labor strike. Like on their phones grumbling to team coworkers next to me so i could hear their end of complaining about EA corporate. This might be it I’m wondering. So even though I’ve contacted support several times already they’re saying that they’ll get to it but in a way that implies insincerity. Us freaking out to corporate is the heat that these employees wanted and corporate is striking back by not caving in about this. We players are the ones going “what the hell?”

  9. Usually I am still working on the final prize when the event ends, I guess I was a little more diligent this time because I was excited to get the Devil Realty NPC and was having fun creating my Island of Dr. Hibbert, that I actually finished up a day or two before. I’ll take this lesson to heart. After I saw everyone’s Water Baron Burns mansion, I regretted not trying harder to get it, and it’s never come back. I scoured Simpsonswiki to see if that and Mrs. Scratchy would be in this year’s copious Black Friday offerings and alas, does not appear to be the case. I’ve also learned that even if something doesn’t fit with your design now, it’s often still worth getting and putting in inventory because you never know what’s around the corner and then you’ll wish had that piece.

  10. I purposely stopped collecting at each of the items that I actually wanted because I thought we’d be able to continue after the event ended like usual – pretty annoying, seems like a lot of “glitches” lately in the game.

  11. I still have that tree in my sidebar and I can’t capture it 🥴

  12. So when it says it will finish that means it will end? Who knew?

  13. Considering the words at the bottom of that screen say “Finish your current quest to earn its reward”, I would hope it is a glitch. If not, they are just being cruel.

  14. A bit of an explanation about this issue since I had it out in my anonymous game for the last event. I also had the message (mentioned below) pop up after the Treehouse of Horror event so it is most likely a glitch. I also had other questlines for prizes from previous events (after the events ended) and they still allow me to earn event currency and unlock the current prize after the events ended.

    Usually in events, you can unlock the current prize you were working towards after the event has ended. For example, if I was working towards unlocking the fourth prize and the event has just ended then the game shows the message (I’ll use the last event as an example), “Treehouse of Horror XXXII Event is over! But don’t worry! You can still finish your current quest and earn its reward.”.

    The last part of that message implies that if you haven’t unlocked a prize from the prize track then you can finish the quest part (parts 1-5 of the main act’s questlines) you were on and get the prize you were working towards in the event. Unless you’re working on the final prize, you can’t get any other prizes ahead of it since it only allows you to complete that current quest part you started in the event.

  15. I would say it is a glitch, because even though the event is over, the task remains in the task book. EA should either let you finish the task, or else remove it from the task book. I don’t really even want the Bionaut Ship decoration. I just don’t like having an unfinished task hanging out there. I’ll try contacting EA.

    • It takes an update to remove something like that and we haven’t had an update yet. I’m willing to bet money that the task will disappear from your taskbook once the new update comes out for the next event and you install it.

  16. Thanks for clearing that up. Was wasting time trying to finish

  17. Whenever Mama 🐻 tells us , “the Event will be ending tomorrow” , that should be a Tapper’s queue to Grind …. or use 🍩’s to expedite (you can’t assume Content will end up in a Mystery Box later anymore).

    Please be courteous when contacting EA Help … they’ve helped Me before …. and they’ve let me know ‘if’ a glitch is in Game App and they are working to correct it. Have fun off TSTO – enjoy the weekend (have a Disney+ Day) …. prepare for the Mini Event. 👍🏻

  18. Lol don’t I know this I’ve been playing this game for about 11 or 12 years.
    Well this happened to me I didn’t finish collect the last item.
    This happened because I was out on vacation in the casinos didn’t get any kind of Internet oh well I love this game hope everybody keeps playing.

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