Super Safi’s Substitute Post – Third Sibling Quiz

Salutations Simpsons Superfans,

(Today’s post is sponsored by the letter “S”)


With Alissa off for a little while, and me substituting as the head addict, I’ll be throwing in some random posts and hoping the website doesn’t crash on my watch.

For today’s post, here’s another quiz:



Which ones do you think you know? Any easy ones? Which ones are real head scratchers? Was it easier or harder than yesterday? What’s your favourite three sibling reference on The Simpsons? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

20 responses to “Super Safi’s Substitute Post – Third Sibling Quiz

  1. When/how will we get the answers to these quizzes? They’re fun, but without answers and scores, more like polls than quiz questions.

  2. Graham-s
    Thanks. I am on level 560 and have $ 1036852701 approx. LOL
    Anywho, I think I’ll try the Rat trap trucks and maybe a few KEMS. Oh and perhaps some blood trucks for good measure.
    Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day. 😎

    • You’ll only get a sprinkle per level until you hit level 939, but the upside is it only takes half a million XP for now – at level 939 you get the bonut boxes with a maximum of 3 but that needs a million XP a pop.
      You didn’t say what your bonus is but it’s about 1,234% when one RTT is a million XP IIRC – My main town gets over 10 million XP for every truck 😊
      Try 16 trucks ( 2 rows of 8 placed as a batch ), after you sell ’em the nett spend is $1.8 mil it looks like that’s not gonna be a problem . . .

      • Graham-s
        Hi Graham. Sorry to keep bugging you, but I’m sorry I forgot to check my % .
        It says that its ……….476.15 %…….HOW COULD THAT BE?????
        I don’t understand! I’ve got a ton of stuff from Burns mystery box. And a bunch of items I’ve bought over time that have %points. I’m going to have to spend some time going thru the gazillion items in storage.
        Last question, and I won’t bother you again….maybe. LOL
        If I buy any of the afore mentioned trucks. Do I sell them after I’ve finished buying the suggested amt. Or do I wait 4 hours?
        Thanks for your help and patience. 😎

        • Firstly for your percentage, you only get the bonus percentage for items that are placed in your Springfield. You will not get the bonus if the items are in your inventory. Hi for example have 10,000 burning bushes in my inventory that are not earning me a bonus percentage. If I place them, my bonus percentage would go up by 5000%. Problem is there is an item limit.

          As for a rat trap truck farming, you sell all your rat trap trucks as you get the XP for them instantaneously. No need to wait for four hours. You can use the rat trap trucks or bloodmobile‘s. For KEM farming, you have to wait the four hours for them to build before you earn the XP, which is where the four hours comes in.

  3. What a Quiz, Safi! 😀👍🏻

    Golly, ‘Where Did That Come From?’ (Part 1)

    “Simpsons Tall Tales” (Season 12, Episode 21) is a fun Episode if you 💜 the lampooning of History, Legends, Folk Tales, Tall Tales, etc … and we get 3 (told by a ‘he’s not a Stabbing Hobo, he’s a Singing Railroad Hobo’ – whom I’d like to see in Game App!):

    ‘Paul Bunyan’ – and yes EA gave Tappers the Homer Simpson Paul Bunyan (separate Voiced Character, not Character Skin!)

    ‘Connie Appleseed’ – hey EA just gave Tappers a Lisa Simpson Connie Appleseed (separate Voiced Character, not Character Skin!)

    ‘Tom and Huck’ – it’s Bart Simpson (Tom Sawyer), Nelson Muntz (Huckleberry Finn), Lisa Simpson (Becky Thatcher) and Homer Simpson (Judge Thatcher) in another fun filled Tale that ends in a macabre twist (and that’s probably why we haven’t gotten Content from this Segment!)

    I’d 💜 EA to deliver a Mini Event based upon ‘Tom and Huck’ (we’d get 4 complete Voiced Characters!), chances are EA would try to add Content and turn it into a Multi-Act Event …. I don’t mind Buildings with Character Tasks, but I’m so over Dumb Prizes (such as Decor that does nothing), and I’m very 🙄 over an Event Format that needs to go (because it lasts too loooong!) …. but I’m willing to try 2 Acts – 3 Weeks – 2 Premium Character Combos – 2 Characters – 2 Buildings – 2 Decor (Content that can be placed on Water Land Tiles such as the Quimby Character with Riverboat and ‘that Raft Ride Platform’ which lampoons Splash Mountain at Disneyland / WDW) and yes that’s 3 Prizes for each Act you will feel rewarding to Grind for (hey NPC Townspeople to Tap chasing Tom and Huck works for me!) 😊

  4. The only tough question, in my opinion, that I can think of is the one Krusty’s siblings. I didn’t know that Krusty The Clown had ANY brothers and/or sisters, and none of the 3 choices seem to fit in my opinion, so it is very likely that I got the answer to that question wrong.

  5. I love a good Simpsons quiz. I always considered myself fairly knowledgeable about The Simpsons but these have made me really put my thinking cap on. Thanks Safi

    • Glad you enjoyed

      • Safi, I’ve been playing since the beginning of game. But I’ve never mined doughnuts. Can you suggest the easiest way to start. I don’t want to have to do any brain bleeding math!! LOL

        Thanks 😎

        • Not quite there yet. (Still working on the first prize). Will get back to you.

        • There’s a few posts here about Donut Farming . . .

          Depends on your bonus and in-game cash but either buy and sell Kwik E Marts ( KEMs ) every 4 hours ( cheapest, needs land, takes time ) or buy and sell high return deccies like Rat Trap Trucks ( RTTs ) for instant returns ( costs more, can get to be a grind if you do lots )

          Best suggestion, probably – try a few of each in your game and see what works best for you, what you get back from each and what you think is best for the time / cost / effort

          • Use the donuts to buy from the Burns mystery box…lots of items there to boost your multiplier (which is the true key to wealth in this game) and other prizes of donuts themselves. Granted, in the short term, you may want to use farmed donuts to buy stuff from this event, but, once it’s over, focus on investing in the Burns box (and in buying all of the beach hideaway pieces, which are great for increasing your multiplier).

            • Thanks so much.
              Since my brain isn’t bleeding, I’ll give it a go, along with the suggestions I got earlier.
              You guys are the best when someone needs help.

              HAPPY FRIDAY. 😎

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