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With Alissa off for a little while, and me substituting as the head addict, I’ll be throwing in some random posts and hoping the website doesn’t crash on my watch.

For today’s post, let’s look back at the origins of Lisa Simpson:

Lisa’s origins are seen in the episode Lisa’s First Word (Season 4, Episode 10). In the episode, everyone is trying to get Maggie to say her first word. When she doesn’t say anything, Bart ask what his first word was. Marge recollects that it was when Bart walked in on her and Homer engaged in coitus and says “Ay caramba“. So instead she says she doesn’t remember Bart’s first word, but Lisa’s first word story is cute. The family then ask her to tell the story. 

Marge tells the kids how Homer, Bart, and herself live on the lower eastside of Springfield in 1983. Marge and Homer have their hands full with mischievous Bart. But Marge has some big news.

Marge: “There’s going to be twice as much love in this house as there is now!
Homer: “We’re going to start doing it in the morning?

They are about to have another baby!

But they need a bigger place for their growing family. After touring a few duds, they come across 742 Evergreen Terrace. While out of their price range, Homer gets Abe Simpson to help out and they move into their current house.

Bart has entered his terrible twos and is making Marge’s pregnancy even more challenging. He is loud and obnoxious. He refuses to give up his crib for the baby.

While watching the 1984 Olympics, women’s 100 meter butterfly, Marge goes into labour. They leave Bart with Ned Flanders and head to the hospital.

Lisa is born and Marge is reading Fretful Magazine, which says Bart may be jealous of Lisa. The rest of the episode deals with Bart’s jealousy of Lisa and his eventual realization that she loves him. Her first word is actually “Bart”.



Did you remember the episode? What is your favourite moment of the episode? What was your first word? What’s your favourite origin story on The Simpsons? For those who are parents of multiple childrens, do you remember the birth of your second child? Any special memories you want to share? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

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    Please can anyone help me I played simpsons tapped out for years used same email and password about 6months ago when it updated and I tried to logn in and it keeps telling me invalid username and password word but I used it for years I’m so up set I can’t play my own simpson Tapped Out

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  3. 🤫

    This just in, FOX releases a teaser video on YouTube for Sunday’s Episode (Season 33 Episode 9 “Mothers and Other Strangers” with Guest Star Glenn Close says Mona Simpson!)

    Classic Abraham Simpson explaining to Homer Simpson about “drinking to shrink the problems” (don’t try this at home!) via dancing song (I really hope this video is region unlocked!) I’ll be back later to comment on the Season 4 Episode above later ….

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