Holiday Whodunnit (Christmas 2021): Turbo Tappin’ Out Cold (Act 1)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In our games, the snow is falling and TSTO is calling yoo hoo!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year Tappers, Christmas in TSTO!  The annual Christmas/holiday event has arrived in Springfield, so what does EA have in store for us? Well, we’ve got a real mystery on our hands!  A holiday whodunnit if you will! Poor Santa…  As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Holiday Whodunnit Event follows the same event structure of the Multi-Events before it.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting just over a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

For Act 1 we’re tasked with collecting Get Well Cards!  Each part of the story will unlock another prize themed for the first part of the story.  So let’s take a look at the details behind Act 1 and the Turbo Tappin’ Version for Out Cold…

No Crime Like the Present
Auto starts

Make Homer Soup Up the Snowmobile- 6s
Make Bart Make a Blueprint of His Waterslide and Pool- 6s
Make Marge Visit Santa- 6s
Make Lisa Visit Santa- 6s

Out Cold Pt. 1
Auto starts

Answer Christmas Trivia- x1
Make Marge Come to Terms With Herb’s Existence-

Make Lisa Follow Herb- 4hrs
Make Hibbert Be Sad His Christmas Decoration is Leaving- 4hrs
Collect Get-Well Cards- x125. 4hrs. Can send: Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Wiggum, Krusty, Snake, Sideshow Bob, Park Ranger

Completed task earns Homer’s Snowmobile + Animated Job…

Out Cold Pt. 2
Auto starts

Answer Christmas Trivia- x1
Make Marge Listen to a Crime Podcast-

Make Lisa Practice by Finding the Zodiac Killer- 4hrs
Make Burns Take His Sleigh for a Ride- 4hrs
Collect Get-Well Cards- x150. 4hrs. Can send: Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Wiggum, Krusty, Snake, Sideshow Bob, Park Ranger

Completed task earns White Witch Burns Sleigh + Animated Job…

Out Cold Pt. 3
Auto starts

Answer Christmas Trivia- x1
Make Lisa Get Out Her Magnifying Glass-

Make Marge Try to Rebuild Herb’s Ornament- 4hrs
Collect Get-Well Cards- x150. 4hrs. Can send: Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Wiggum, Krusty, Snake, Sideshow Bob, Park Ranger

Completed task earns Krusty Billboard Bundle (x3)…

Out Cold Pt. 4
Auto starts

Answer Christmas Trivia- x1
Make Park Ranger Oversee Race Sign-ups-

Make Homer Rev the Snowmobile Aggressively- 4hrs
Make Bart Wax the Snowmobile Skis- 4hrs
Make Burns Win Olympic Gold With the Hounds- 4hrs
Make Krusty Fill His Sleigh With Expired Burger Meat Fuel- 4hrs

Collect Get-Well Cards- x150. 4hrs. Can send: Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Wiggum, Krusty, Snake, Sideshow Bob, Park Ranger

Completed task earns Herb Tannenbaum…

Out Cold Pt. 5
Auto starts

Answer Christmas Trivia- x1
Make Lisa Fact Check Sideshow Bob’s Alibi-

Make Marge Be Proud of Lisa’s Sleuthing- 4hrs
Make Herb Tannenbaum Tag Along- 4hrs
Collect Get-Well Cards- x175. 4hrs. Can send: Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Wiggum, Krusty, Snake, Sideshow Bob, Park Ranger

Completed task earns Santa’s Castle + Mystery Box Token…


And that’s it my friends!  All you need to know for the first Act of the Holiday Whodunnit questline!

Thoughts on the questline? Prizes? Event overall so far?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hello! My sister still having problems with last event. They (finally) indicated that if the area on the Springfield heights side is not open to the bridge then the bridge cannot be built.

    When she looks for unbought land she does see a blue area but it’s not separated into squares and tapping on it doesn’t do anything. I had her try putting something there and she can’t.

    Since I’ve opened all that area I’ve forgotten how you can open up the area. I remember there being something she needed besides the materials. And i remember a real estate building but not which one that my be part of it. Would you please send me links that will help her open up Springfield heights and any other suggestions you may have.

    Thank you so kindly. I did look but couldn’t find the relevant ones.

  2. Which characters do Christmas things and have Christmas clothes? I remember 3 sleighs but can’t remember all that drive them. Thanks.

    • Sea Captain, crazy cat lady, and I believe marge

      • Also Mr burns prize in the new event and homer drives the sleigh ❄️🌨️🏔️

      • I remember getting a sleigh for Sea Captain (the one with penguins… I think). I don’t remember a task for him to fly it, though. I should check!

        I think I have a sleigh with an (inflatable?) gorilla. That would be funny in the race across the sky with the other ones!

    • There is a whole long list, I was thinking about the same question.

      My characters in my town have these Christmas costumes and tasks. It won’t be perfect just a reference.

      Santa Homer, Can also drive Santa’s’ sleigh in the sky. Also Mr Plow Costume

      Marge, Maggie and Santa’s little helper: can dive the Greyhound sleigh

      Crazy cat lady: Mrs Claws can drive a sleigh of cats

      Both Kodos and Kang have Christmas Skins, Mrs Kodos Claus and Santa Kang

      Ned Flanders: Santa Ned

      Comic book guy: has a festivus costume

      Mr. Burns: has Ebenezer Burns and White Witch Burns costumes

      Marge: Has Sexy Santa marge costume

      Ralph: Little helper Ralph and Christmas tree Ralph

      Bart and Lisa: Elf Bart and Elf Lisa

      Krusty Claus: Separate character, not Krusty the clown

      Barney: Plow king costume

      Santa claus: Santa Claus

      Mrs. Claus: Mrs Claus

      And then there’s a whole other list of Characters mentioned, or different that can fight the Rigellian Spaceship. Or be in the Snow globe.

      Anyway gave it a shot lol. Probably missing a bunch, Merry Christmas

      • And Christmas star Maggie, forgot one of the best

      • We got –
        Kwanzaa Dr. Hibbert (Character Skin)
        Jack Frost
        Holiday Express Otto (Character Skin)

        We got the Rigellian Manger , Rigellian Baby Jesus (even a Rigellian Flying Saucer that offers up a great Visual Character Tasks with everybody duking it out – lol!)

        We got Santa’s Elves (2 Characters)
        Pagan Christmas (still makes me lol, but I understand it truly upset a lot of Tappers that year – a mini Exodus from the Game App occurred when people got upset and quit!)

        We got a lot of Christmas Content over the years and it’s on par with Halloween Content over the years (lots and lots – except EA failed Halloween this year and thankfully they are not failing Christmas this time!)

      • This is a great list! I have been wondering the same thing.
        Thanks all 🎄!

    • Also, Burns has his Scrooge skin, Kodos (or the other one?) had a Santa skin, and Ned has a Santa skin, too. (There may be others besides these and the ones that Alissa mentioned, but these are just the ones I remember offhand.)

  3. Well, installed the latest (Xmas) Update…..and TSTO no longer opens. App fails every time. Looks like that’s 5 years down the pan…….

    • Ron,
      EA is aware of the problem and is looking at fixing it but you need to let EA know that you are having a problem with the TSTO Game App –

      Just follow the instructions and hopefully you will be able to Login soon

    • It’s a known problem they’re working to fix…why do you (and others) immediately decide to assume that it’s “5 years down the pan”? 🙄 I mean, I get that it sucks that your game isn’t working right now, but maybe hold off a minute before jumping to the ultimate doom scenario?

      (Also, that’s a new phrase to me…is that a common saying where you’re from our an autocorrect error of “drain”? Just curious…I love learning about regional sayings that are new to me!)

  4. Thank you for for the Act 1 update, Alissa 🎅🏻🎄

    Wow! So many Sleighs to choo-choo-choose from (bring on Sea Captain with his tiny Boat Sleigh pulled by 🐧’s !) and I ❤️ sending Characters on Visual Tasks – thanks, EA! 👍🏻

    Did you watch the YouTube video? If you did, then you would’ve seen Safi getting giddy for the Krusty Billboard Bundle (he’s got a really good reason to 😊 for ’em ….. all I can say is zoom in and tap and 👂🏻 to the Audibles for Krusty’s Christmas Spectacular!)

    Herb Tannenbaum is a Sentient🎄 (a Character complete with Character Tasks and a fun filled Questline separate from Act 1!) that encouraged me to rewatch “Treehouse of Horror XXIX” (Season 30, Episode 4) Segment ‘Invasion of the Pod-Y Switchers’ (OMG 😱 a Halloween 🎃 Character for Christmas ⛄ ? – double thanks, EA!)

    Most of us Long Time Tappers have Santa’s Village, so it’s interesting to have Santa’s Castle (which is technically inside Santa’s Village) show up in the TSTO Game App (I’m not complaining, Building doesn’t take up Real Estate, there’s a Character Task) and I think if Tappers rewatch “Bobby, It’s Cold Outside” (Season 31, Episode 10) you may understand why a 🎅🏻 Sideshow Bob is mentioned during Act 1’s Character Dialogue. 🤔

    Anytime a Free 🪙 gets me Prior Content, I can only thank EA a 3rd time … it’s going to be a challenge to improve upon Act 1 … but I have a feeling we’re all going to enjoy some Holiday Magic! ✨


      Can’t see a task for sea captain to ride the sleigh?

      • That’s cuz it’s not available (we don’t have a Small Boat with 🐧’s Sleigh for Sea Captain, I was asking EA to make that happen!) ….

        Meanwhile, we got plenty of Sleighs offering up Visual Character Tasks (some require a Character Skin such as Crazy 🐈 Lady). I’m happy with Act 1, I just want EA to keep it up on the Prize Track vs crap out by the 2nd 3rd 4th Acts!

        Happy Holidays 🎅🏻⛄🎄

  5. Jamie Strickland

    Anyone figured out how to get Mr Plow’s Plow? It is tied to a donut purchase, but it doesn’t tell you which one. Strange!

    • The tray of 132. But for some players it’s not showing. If you don’t see the icon you’ll have to contact EA. Don’t buy the donuts thinking you’ll get the plow if it’s not pictured

  6. What happens if you get a trivia question wrong? Is that prize gone forever? I missed question number two.

  7. Becca Red Livesey

    Can You do a should I buy for the golden pick axe?


    I like these prizes a lot, having all the sleighs flying about my Springfield will look great if my tablet processor works 😂🤣,

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