Should You Buy Mr. Plow’s Plow?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Spending actual cash on donuts for an item is once again here in TSTO.  This is something EA’s been rolling out over the last few years, and it’s a new bonus for actually spending cash on donuts. (instead of just farming them)  Where they attach a limited-time, item to one of the donut bundles sometimes in addition to bonus donuts.

And I want to be perfectly clear…you do not need to buy these items for the event itself.  You can still play this game, and complete all the tasks and prizes, 100% free.  These cash-for-items are a new type of premium currency…because donuts have been so devalued with donut farming.

This time around we’re being offered Mr. Plow’s Plow, for a tray of 132 Donuts ($9.99 in the US) bonus this time around.  While it’s hard for me to sit here and tell you if you should or shouldn’t spend actual cash on the game (spoiler, I think you should always spend at least a small amount…even if it’s $.99/year on the game if it brings you joy and you want to see it continue) I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of the plow and anything else you might be curious about.

So let’s consider this an abbreviated Should I Buy…

So what is the deal?  When you can find it in the Currency Tab of your Store (also by hitting Get More)…

Basically, spend $9.99 on a Tray of 132 donuts and you get the plow, a decoration.

And yes, for those outside of the US I know my price is probably lower than yours.  EA only charges 9.99 USD for this package…anything over that that you are currently paying goes to Google/Apple/Amazon for Tax and Duty etc.  EA only collects the 9.99. 

Just going to put this out there now…this should NOT be offered at the $9.99 price point.  At best this is a $1.99 item, in my opinion.  And I honestly don’t even think it’s worth that…pretty big disappointment…

So here’s a breakdown on Mr. Plow’s Plow…

-Decoration for Springfield
-3×7 in size
-Instant Build
-Improves tree-hugging +200
-Can Be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
-Animated when tapped, lights turn on and exhaust comes out
-No task associated with it
-No dialogue associated with it
-Doesn’t do anything beyond the minor animation when tapped

I know I don’t normally give my opinion on these type of items, but it has to be said.  This one is a HUGE disappointment. The animation is weak, the price point is high, there’s no bonus % associated with it, and there’s no bonus dialogue.  Don’t waste your money on it, I wish I didn’t.  (and I only purchased it to do this review)

That’s pretty much it on Mr. Plow’s Plow.

What are your thoughts on the plow?  Have you made the purchase?  Will you be making the purchase?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

12 responses to “Should You Buy Mr. Plow’s Plow?

  1. Thanks Alissa! I’ve finished the last main questline for this event and will probably get done with all the “side questlines” involving Santa, the Gnome and the Nutcracker tomorrow so I thought about buying this. Before spending actual $ on it I wanted to make sure it was worth it. You’re right, it’s definitely not worth $9.99, especially when the land expansion and prospector IMO make it easier than ever to pile up donuts.

  2. I would have loved to have Mr. Plow’s plow but I agree that EA way overpriced it. Maybe they’ll learn something from this.

  3. While It’s way too much for just a decoration I’m happy to have Mr Plow’s Plow in my town. I like to support the game, but some past characters where the price was right the character hasn’t interest me at all, like Libido – hard pass. Likewise uninteresting skins that were a bit too pricey at 9.99.

  4. At the price I might have bought it if it has some fuel in the talk, so nope didn’t buy it.

    Happy new year everyone 🎉🎈see you next year 2022 😎🤓🍩🍩🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. Thanks, Alissa. Do you have a way we can send you or the site some money instead?

    • Oh that’s very sweet of you but you don’t have to worry about it. It’s part of the chaos of running this site. 🙂

      Best thing you can do to help is make sure you don’t have an ad blocker on when visiting this site.

  6. Oh, man. I assumed the Mr. Plow costume of Homer did something with this and was waiting for you to tell me what that was. Surprised to hear that it’s literally nothing. Jeez. I’m sorry you spent money on this.

  7. I also passed on the plow…although I would really love this item in my town. Loved this episode!!

  8. Wow 😱

    EA wants Tappers to spend $9.99 on the equivalent to Crap Decor + some 🍩’s !! (how L-EA-Z-Y is that? Not even a Character Task for Mr. Plow Homer Simpson!!)

    So, besides that, I got the perpetual Bart Simpson Screen of ☠️ …. and now I get the Login Screen but I can’t even get into the Game App (I have done everything except contact EA – which I guess I will do after the New Year’s on Monday because I’m pretty sure everyone @EAHelp has a well deserved 3-day weekend off!!)

    Happy New Years Everybody 🥳🎉

  9. Sorry it was such a dissapointment for you. So a double thanks is in order for testing it for us. Thank you, thank you!

  10. Thanks. I didn’t think it was worth it. I didn’t buy it.

  11. Dissapointed, EA could have hit a home run with this 😞

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