Addicts Want to Know 10 Years of TSTO: Your Favorite Updates

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

This month TSTO turns 10!  Can you believe this game has been around for 10 years? We’re planning some fun Addicts Lives this month the celebrate 10 years, where we’ll take a look back at some of the fun over the last 10 years, and we want to get you in on the action!

So take a moment in the comments below and share your absolute favorite event in TSTO history.  Could be the Monorail.  Could be Stonecutters. Or the Casino update?  Perhaps the very first Halloween? (you can take a look at the Addicts Event Page here to see all of the events we’ve covered since we started in 2013)

Share your favorite (and even your least favorite) in the comments and we’ll share your thoughts on an upcoming Addicts Live!

48 responses to “Addicts Want to Know 10 Years of TSTO: Your Favorite Updates

  1. Question for Graham S…how close are you to having your goal of 666,666 donuts?

  2. Not about updates but also

    I’m surprised it has lasted 10 years…
    Most town builders based of movies or TV usually only last a few years 2 or 3 max
    This and Family Guy QFS its lasted lot longer than expected
    It’s amazing tho

  3. João Lucas Pacheco Nassar

    Monorail was the best event

  4. Well either all my neighbors decided to store their couches or EA fixed the glitch, because for the first time in I don’t know how long I was able to do tasks at all of my neighbors today.

  5. One word: MONORAIL

  6. I started playing just before the Clash of Clones event, in 2014, when I was bedridden for six months.

    I’m not good at remembering all of the events and their proper names, but a few that I really liked were the one with all the casinos (loved having all the mini-games), the pagan event (those singing stones were cool and it was nice having something that wasn’t another Christmas event for a change), and the event with all the spy stuff (which brought some really clever decorations). And, of course, what would Springfield be without the monorail, so appreciated that event, too!

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