Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Details: May 2022 Box

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Now that we’re on the final Act of the Hell on Wheels Event, we can finally break down more details about the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box!

For those that missed it, we broke down the basic details of the Shattered Dreams Box Here.  That post will give you the basics, how to earn coins, and what the plan is for the box itself.

This post (the one you’re reading now) is meant to give you further details about the box that will appear in your game once you’ve completed Act 4 of Hell on Wheels.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

For those that need a quick refresher on the box, here’s the breakdown from EA:

Once you’ve completed Act 4 of Hell on Wheels you’ll trigger the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box to start up…

REMEMBER the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box is ONLY available BETWEEN events.  This means, in this case, it’ll only run from the moment you complete Act 4 (or the moment the event ends if you don’t complete Act 4) until the start of the next (likely) mini-event. 

The end date for this first box is slated for May 25th.  That’s 1 week after the Hell on Wheels Event ends.  After May 25th you won’t have access to the box until you’ve completed the next event. 

Also, it’s possible that the prizes in the box will change with every event. That’s how I’m interpreting the “Complete each event to reveal a new one” line.  So what you see now, may be changed up with the next one.

Now you’ll be given a free Shattered Dreams Token to try out the box.  Helpful if you never received one via Daily Challenges, like me. (note I have 2 tokens because I purchased one earlier in the event, not realizing that I’d get one for free this way)

Here’s what’s inside the box (with links to our previous posts about each item):

Kodos’s Crashed UFO
Fairy Kodos
Frink’s Mechano Spider
Mutant Peacock
Pirate Kang
The Rad-ish Station
Radstation Air Fortress
Ray Gun
Re-Neducation Center
Rigellian Queen
Satellite Station
Soilant Red Factory
Space Mutant
Teleporters Alpha and Omega
Tenta-Corp HQ
Ultrahouse 2
Victorian UFO
3D Printer
Skyberdine Systems
Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart
Cryo Stasis Memorial
Big Digi-Ben
Soul Extraction Institute w/Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers
Atomic Hula Hoop
Tomorrow’s Costington’s
Homer’s Dream House
Elysium Project
Rocket to Your Doom
Future Simpson’s House
Springfield Hyperstadium w/Rockstar Maggie
Future Duff Sign
Simpson’s Hover Car
Crazy Plane
Mech Robot
Future Monument
Teleporters Zeta and Theta
Springfield of Tomorrow Sign
Sgt. Skinner
Mooch Bart
President Lisa
Mecha Hawk
Mechanical Ants Bundle
Electric Cars Bundle
Battle Dome
Cult Flying Saucer
Death Table w/Agent Bont
Underground Headquarters
Forest Headquarters
Lake Headquarters
Panini Press
Stephen Hawking
Radiant B.S. Station
Rotating Religious Holo-Statue
Santa Kang
Hans Mechman
Future Plastic Surgery Center
Quantum Tunnel
Future Limo
Rigel VII
Rigellian Infant Pod Transmitter w/Kamala
Zia Simpson
Heathrow Teleportation Departures
Martian Vacation w/Empty-Nest Marge and Retired Homer
Jiff and Skippy
MovingOn w/Hibbert’s Father
Bart’s Moon Mansion
Space Simulator
Frinkiac 7
Go-Go Ray
Humanity’s Hope
Blarg Huts w/Blarg Alien
Time Travel Delivery Service
Giant Jelly Can
Jelly Monster
Space-time Continuum
New Invention Expo
Rigel 7 Military Base w/Mecha-Chalmers
Bionaut Ship
Bionaut Marge
Anti-Gutenberg 3000
Exploration Inc.
Mars Colony
Black Hole
Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk I
Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk II
Ghost Zapper
Human Test Subject
Portal to Rigel 7
Rigellian Tribal Hut
Future-Proofed Home
Mushroom Office Building
Global Housing
Office Towers
Home of Tomorrow
Future Street Lamp
Vacation to Venus Sign
Teleporter Billboard
Parked Hover Car
Hover Bench
Hover Street Sign
Fountain of Tomorrow
Give Apes the Vote Billboard
Mobile Dome
Self-Flying Sled
Future Military Jeep

And that’s it my friends, the details on the first Shattered Dreams Mystery Box!

Thoughts on the box?  Content? Did you earn tokens from daily challenges? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

36 responses to “Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Details: May 2022 Box

  1. I played a portion of Hell on Wheels. I don’t think I was paying attention to the box. UPDATE: I completed most recent mini-update (July 2022; Dogs take over Springfield (?)) The box worked perfectly. I had the 1 free token and earned 3 from Daily Tasks. I got Tab Spangler (meh), Championship Belt (nice decoration addition for my wrestling arena), Nitro (decent character with his relationship to Luanne) and Human Foosball Table (with Carnage Destructicus) (fun unique item with unique character). Overall happy. I’d take something else over Tab Spangler but 3:4 is not bad.
    Should I skip every first daily task to see if the next one has token reward?

  2. I played a portion of Hell on Wheels. I don’t think I was paying attention to the box. UPDATE: I completed most recent mini-update (July 2022; Dogs take over Springfield (?)) The box worked perfectly. I had the 1 free token and earned 3 from Daily Tasks. I got Tab Spangler (meh), Championship Belt (nice decoration addition for my wrestling arena), Nitro (decent character with his relationship to Luanne) and Human Foosball Table (with Carnage Destructicus) (fun unique item with unique character). Overall happy. I’d take something else over Tab Spangler but 3:4 is not bad.
    Should I skip every first daily task to see if the next one has token reward?

  3. I have 3 tokens. Would you suggest using them now, or would you wait for future event? Obviously since we don’t know what future content will be in them, I’m more looking for personal advice since y’all are super knowledge & trust your guidance 🙂

  4. The box doesnt show at all in my game. Anyone with the same problem?

  5. Harry Broadhurst

    Got Hans Mechman. The only other thing in my box I want is Mooch Bart. Was out of the game when that event happened and never got around to getting him.

  6. When the mystery box appeared, there were three items in it and I had three tokens. Once spent, the box filled up again, with the title “Updated with only non-unique items!”

  7. Mr. Snrub Jr.

    Since I’m seeing various theories noted about how the new box works I’ll list my own scenario:

    I’ve played TSTO constantly starting with the original Whacking Day Event.

    I have earned 3 Shattered Dreams tokens doing Daily Tasks since they were first released back in April.

    I played through each act of this event and finished act 4 several days ago.

    When act 4 ended, the Shattered Dream Box appeared in my event store alongside all the event items I can buy (go cart track pieces, vehicles, etc.)

    After I finished act 4 even though the Shattered Dreams box appeared, I was not offered a free token to start.

    I read through the Shattered Dreams box contents list posted in this thread – I already have everything listed.

    Glentannim11 points out that the last 28 items on the list are non-unique ones.

    Apparently there’s nothing in my box, including non-unique items.

    If I tap on the Shattered Dreams box nothing happens. It is just like when I have everything in an event Mystery Box so it has no contents –
    EXCEPT that the Shattered Dreams box continues to stay in my event store section but does nothing when I tap it.

    Nowhere on my screen does it show that I have earned 3 tokens for the box.

    I am not offered any option to get any non-unique items from the Shattered Dreams box.

    My opinion right now, and hopefully it will change for the better in the future, is that longtime players who’ve invested a long time playing and a fair amount of actual real money on the game are offered no benefit from this new box, though we’re being offered the option to spend real money on donuts + Shattered Dreams tokens that are absolutely useless for us.

    What the heck, EA?!

    At the very least, offer us TSTO old timers the option to use tokens for non-unique items in the Box!

    Better yet, create NEW unique items exclusively for the Shattered Dreams box that we can get with the Shattered Dreams tokens we earn or BUY.

    Any thoughts on this Alissa and Safi? Thanks.

    • It’s strange that the SD Mystery Box doesn’t open, (that’s where you will see how many tokens you have). You should at least have the option to get the non-unique items if you have everything else. I would try an uninstall/reinstall of the game to see if it helps.

    • Or maybe the game is not seeing that you completed the event and will open when the event is over on Wednesday?

      • Mr. Snrub Jr.

        Thanks for your thoughts in this glenntanim11. The event has been removed from my game but when I tap on the box it’s just as it was after I finished the event – the whole store in my game disappears and I just see the area of town I was in when I clicked on the store icon in the bottom left of my game screen.

  8. I have 3 tokens available and 3 prizes on offer so I’m liking my chances lol but I have problem, every time I try and use my tokens my game crashes?? Has anyone else experienced this?

  9. at least I received Hans Mechman from the 3 tokens I had.

    • Me, too! I only had four or five items in my Shattered Dreams box (happy I had anything…most boxes I don’t even get these days) and the only item I wanted was Hans Mechman. I got the thing I wanted last with my first token (Future Monument?), but then, happily, got Hans with my second one.

  10. Three items came up in my box: Holo bundle, Kodos’s crashed UFO, Hans Mechman. Got Hans Mechman on first try, yay. Left the rest. Noticed there were some other characters on the available list I was missing in character collections but didn’t see in the box. Discovered them hiding in inventory, guess I never pulled them out, yay. Only 18 missing characters now.

  11. Thank you so much for this info!!! I didn’t bother to complete much of this event, just grinded for the prizes I want, so didn’t get any Free token. Thank you for showing what’s in the box. Seems for this event it’s Space, Aliens and Futuristic themed. Kinda like the Yearbook mixed with some Black Friday boxes and Premium Characters from past events – I see Blarg huts and Jelly can from Blargsgiving. Already got Kamala the Alien for full donut price 3 years ago for Halloween, and Rigel 7 as free prize at same Halloween event. Still hoping for Homers Astronaut suit one day… Waiting for the next event to see if the prizes will change before I buy the tokens or complete anything haha

  12. My newest game had four tokens. Received Holo bundle, Kodos’s crashed UFO, Human Test Subject, and Anti-Gutenberg 3000. Four items left: Hans Mechman, panni press, Rigelllian Tribal Hut, and Exploration Inc.

    • On third game, had 3 tokens, received Kodos’s crashed UFO and Hans Mechman. Also available was Holo Bundle. But after receiving Hans it went to 29 non unique items. Then completed another daily challenge, so now have 2 tokens in reserve

    • My fourth game, 3 tokens, same as newest. Received Kodos’s crashed UFO, Rigelllian Tribal Hut, and Anti -Gutenberg 3000.

  13. I had three items,
    one was a decoration, which I got, and stored
    One was Hans mechman, which I got, yeah
    One remaining is Kodos Crashed Ray Gun, which I don’t care about?
    I have Kodos and Kangaroo. Don’t see the need for the crashed item

    I’ve been playing too long.


    I had 5 items in the box and got 4 off them, just waiting to earn another token to get the last one which is Hans mech,

  15. It will be interesting to see if we can rely upon the countdown in each box for an indicator as to when the next event will begin.

  16. Is there a possibility of Notre Dame of Springfield & Groundskeeper Seamus being in the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box by any means?

  17. So no new content?

  18. The last 28 items on the list are the non-unique ones. Out the whole list the only item I don’t have is the Give Apes the Vote Billboard. I’m going to save my 3 tokens and hope the list changes.

  19. How about a new monorail station for the new territory ?

  20. Italian Beauty

    This new mystery box is a nice idea, but most of this stuff I either don’t want or it’s too big to fit in my town. Even with the new land we got, I need to be really careful when it comes to adding extra decorations and buildings. Currently trying to shrink my nicely decorated areas so I can make more room for new stuff that comes in from future events.

    Looking forward to seeing what these mystery boxes contain in the future.

  21. Well it looks like there is one advantage of getting everything available for donuts (previous mystery boxes, etc.), less items you don’t want with the shattered dreams. I have at least 2 tokens in each of my games so this should be interesting. There are quite a few items I have wanted for a while. BTW… The Pin Pals bowling building is now available for donuts. Snatched them on my two newest games.

  22. Thank you for offering up as much information as you can on Shattered Dreams Mystery Box / Shattered Dreams 🪙’s .

    The only Act I completed was Act 3 … I never got an offer for a free Shattered Dreams 🪙 (not even via Daily Challenge) after completing Act 3 … so I assume you have to complete every Act in a Multi-Act Event for the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box to even appear (and get a chance for a Shattered Dreams 🪙 ) … and that’s not going to encourage me to complete an Act if there are Prizes I’m not interested in (I’m convinced Black Friday is when EA makes 💰 , because it offers up the most Prior Content – and I’m grateful for Black Friday every year).

  23. Don’t suppose they’re planning on sneaking in the golden goose realty by any chance?

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