THOH XXXIII Act 1 Wrap Up: Everything Contained in Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I warned you things were crazy…and they still are, unfortunately.  I feel terrible that I’ve been MIA for the start of Halloween.  I’ve pretty much missed ALL of Act 1, and Act 2 will start up on Friday.  So, to catch up a bit i’m going to do one big rundown post of everything I missed covering from Act 1.

This post will cover everything from the questlines (full dialogue, as at this point there’s no point to Turbo), to character tasks, to prize breakdowns, and everything in-between.  So here. we. go…

Let’s kick off with a quick premium breakdown…

The Act 1 combo is Headless Horseman & Springfield Costume Shop

Building/Decoration: Springfield Costume Shop
Character: Headless Horseman
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
$350, 35xp/16hrs
Can Be Placed:
Grass| Pavement| Boardwalk| Pier| Dirt

The Rundown:
-Standard price for a character/building combo
-Helps earn event currency at a premium rate
-Not Voiced
-Comes with questline
-Visual Tasks are 12 and 24hrs
-Will use the Springfield Costume Shop
-Luann has a 16hr task at the Costume Shop (Try on Sexy Costumes)

Headless Horseman’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Reshoe His Horse 1hr $105, 26xp Haunted Stables/Brown House
Hang Out a off Track Betting 4hrs $260, 70xp Caesars Pow Wow Casino/Platos Casino/Springfield Downs
Be Sick of  Pumpkin Spice Everything 8hrs $420, 105 Restaurants in Springfield
Enjoy Permanent Halloween 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Scare Townsfolk 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Outside/Visual

Full dialogue questline…

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 1

Milhouse: I dunno about this, Bart.
Bart: Stop worrying, Milhouse. There’s no such thing as a haunted beer keg.
Milhouse: It’s only a matter of time before someone puts one into the game.
Bart: C’mon, let’s go over the plan again.
Milhouse: I watch the front door of Moe’s, and when your dad leaves, I bang on the trash can three times.
Bart: When you do that, I dump the slime on him from the roof. It’s foolproof!
Milhouse: Why do I keep letting you talk me into these foolproof things?
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Milhouse: Aaaah! *bangs furiously on trashcan*
Make The Headless Horseman Wail Into the Night- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Signal Too Early- 4hrs
Make Bart Dump the Slime- 4hrs
Make Barney Leave Moe’s at the Wrong Time- 4hrs
Barney: Guess I’ll head home. *belches* Which way is home? *belches* Wait. I don’t have a home…
Bart: Eat slime, Homer! *dumps the slime*
Barney: Agh! The sky’s throwing up on me!
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Milhouse: Baaaaaaaart!
Bart: Milhouse, that’s not Homer!
Milhouse: I know, but there’s something in the alley!

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 2

Bart: See, Milhouse. There’s nothing here.
Milhouse:: I’m telling you, there was something in the alley with me!
Bart: Oh, spooky ghost in the alley! Come out and scare us! See…nothing—
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Bart And Milhouse: AAAAAAAH! *runs away*
Moe: Who’s out here blowin’ all that noise?
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Moe: Oh geez. I’ve been inhaling too many dirty bar rags.
Make The Headless Horseman Ride Towards Moe- 4hrs
Make Moe Convince Himself He’s Hallucinating – 4hrs
Make Barney Slip in the Slime Again- 4hrs
Moe: Okay, you’re more real than most of my hallucinations. What are you s’posed to be?
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Moe: Okay, headless creepy guy. Big deal. I’m a creepy guy WITH a head.
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Barney: Moe! The bar’s throwing up on me!
Moe: Eh, only seems fair. You’ve thrown up enough on the bar.

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 3

Moe: Okay, Headless. What brings you to my place?
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Moe: Yeah, I heard ya the first time. What else ya got?
Homer: Hey Moe, look what I found! A cool pumpkin that’s all hollow inside.
Moe: I’ll bet it’d hold a whole pitcher of Duff!
Homer: Start pouring!
Headless Horseman: Myyyy heaaaaaaaaaad…!
Make The Headless Horseman Reach for His Head- 4hrs
Make Homer Fight Him Off- 4hrs
Make Moe Reconsider His Life Choices- 4hrs
Homer: Hey, Headless, get your own novelty beer mug!
Headless Horseman: Unhand my head, you pumpkin pirate! *grabs his head out of Homer’s hands*
Homer: Aah! My mug talks!
Headless Horseman: Finally. I have a head on my shoulders again.
Moe: Call me a headhunter, ’cause I’m a guy who helped find your head. Heh heh heh.

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 4

Headless Horseman: All right, bartender. Now that I’m back together, it’s time to accomplish my ultimate goal.
Moe: And, uh…what would that be, Seeds-for-Brains?
Headless Horseman: This Homer oaf had the right idea. A pint of your finest ale!
Moe: Come again?
Headless Horseman: Fill me up to my eye holes!
Homer: *shrugs* Me too!
Make Moe Fill the Head With Duff- 4hrs
Make The Headless Horseman Gurgle Happily- 4hrs
Make Homer Try to Remove His Own Head- 4hrs
Homer: Darn! Why won’t my head come off?!
Headless Horseman: *hic* Count yourself lucky. For it *hic* ’twas an axe *hic* what rent my head from *hic* my body.*hic* And a witch who cursed me with pumpkin for a head. *hic*
Homer: Now there’s a witch? The ale has soaked into your rind, buddy.
Moe: Don’t suppose you’ve got any money in that squash head of yours to pay for the beer you’re swillin’?
Headless Horseman: *pats head* Um…I must have left it in my other pumpkin.

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 5

Headless Horseman: Bartender, I find your ale quite lacking.
Moe: All complaints should be directed to the complaints department. *sound of a shotgun cocking under the bar* Now. Go ahead and complain.
Headless Horseman: Nay, bartender! ‘Tis the fault of the one who brewed it, not the one who sold it.
Moe: Then that’d be the Duff Brewery’s fault. Go complain to their shotgun.
Headless Horseman: Thank you. I will. Tis strange that citizens wander the streets surrounded by horrific terrors without batting an eye.
Cthulhu: Get used to it.
Elder God: We’ve been here for years, people barely even notice us anymore.
Headless Horseman: There must be a way to instill terror in their hearts again!
Make The Headless Horseman Scare Townsfolk- 4hrs
Make Cthulhu Convert Non-Believers- 4hrs
Make M’nthster Conquer the World- 4hrs
Headless Horseman: Terror is rejuvenated!
Elder God: It’s been ages since I’ve heard that many screams!
Cthulhu: Thank you for inspiring us, odd pumpkin man.
Headless Horseman: My pleasure. Now I must ride away, for a crime most unforgivable has been committed. And for this, heads…will roll. *dramatic thunder as he rides away*
Cthulhu: His “heads will roll” exit was feeble.
Elder God: I know. I wasn’t going to say anything.

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 6

Headless Horseman: Foul creators of this accursed beverage! I bring the justice of the grave upon thee!
Howard K Duff: Okay, pal, did you wander away from the brewery tour?
Headless Horseman: You should run in fear at my presence!
Howard K Duff: You’ll be running when you see how our beer is made!
Make The Headless Horseman Loom Ominously- 4hrs
Make Howard K. Duff Take a Mental Vacation- 4hrs
Make Duffman Feel He is Needed- 4hrs
Headless Horseman: Look into my blazing eyes! Come on! Pay attention to me when I’m scaring you.
Howard K Duff: Ahh…in my mind I’m a thousand miles away…golden sands, sunny beaches…
Duffman: *hip thrust* Step away from the man who makes the beer I thrust my hips for!

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 7

Duffman: Duff Beer is legally recognized as beer in thirty-five American States!
Headless Horseman: That is a strange marketing slogan. Your Duff Beer has no head no matter how it is poured!
Duffman: And I suppose you’re some kind of expert on heads?
Headless Horseman: No, but I am considered an expert on HEADLESSNESS!
Duffman: Oh no! Then there’s only one solution!
Headless Horseman: And what might that be?
Duffman: More Duff Beer, oh yeah! *hip thrusts*
Make The Headless Horseman Drink More Duff- 4hrs
Make Duffman Dance the Blues Away- 4hrs
Headless Horseman: I *hic* say. I say, good *hic* sir.
Duffman: What’s that? Ready for another icy-cold, mountain stream-aged Duff?
Headless Horseman: You may…*hic* fill my pumpkin head *hic* again , sir.
Duffman: Oh yeah! *hip thrusts*

Unforgivably Headless, Pt. 8

Headless Horseman: Perhaps *hic* I have been too hasty. *hic* Perhaps this *hic* beer is exactly what I *hic* needed. Halloween! My *hic* favorite time of year.  And now… *hic* to make it last *hic* forever!
Make The Headless Horseman Enjoy Permanent Halloween- 4hrs
Make Youngsters Try to Get Candy- x5. 4hrs

Ok let’s talk prizes…

As a reminder here’s the prize track…

Halloween Horror Night (Facade for Krustyland)- The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 1 and 115
Halloween HQ Bundle…Columbus Day building and Halloween HQ facade (Building)-The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 2 and 115
Halloween Horror Night Billboard-The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 3 and 145
Seasonal Workers (Group)-The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 4 and 145
Willie the Riveter (Costume)- The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 5 and 185

Let’s break them down…

Halloween Horror Night is a Facade for Krustyland.  If your Krustyland is stored (as mine is) you won’t see it appear in your Springfield.  You’ll have to place the Krustyland entrance in your Springfield and then find the facade in your inventory.

No additional benefits to Springfield with this one…other than looks.

Halloween HQ and Columbus Day HQ.  This is NOT two buildings.  It’s one building and a Facade.  The Columbus Day HQ is the main building, and the Halloween HQ is a facade for it.
Once you build the Columbus Day HQ you’ll need to go back into your inventory to retrieve the Halloween HQ.  Once you do that it’ll change the look of the main building over, and tapping on the building will allow you to toggle between both looks.

Size: 4×6
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $105, 11xp/5hrs
Conform: Consumerism +10
Task: Bart has a 6hr task at Halloween Headquarters, Buy Fake Blood for Pranks.

Halloween Horror Night Billboard pretty standard Billboard for Springfield.  Can buy more for 20 donuts each once unlocked.

Size: 1×4
Conform: Consumerism +5
Other: Lights turn on when tapped

Seasonal Workers standard group prize.  Changes positions when tapped, but ultimately just a decoration. Can buy more for 30 donuts each once unlocked.

Size: 5×5
Conform: Indolence 10.

Here’s a look at the other positions when tapped…


Willie the Riveter is a voiced costume for Willie. Comes with a full set of tasks and questline.

Willie the Riveter’s Permanent Tasks

Task Length Earns Location
Buy Rivets 1hr $70, 17xp Sprawl Mart/try N Save/ Kwik E Mart
Look for Work 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Figure Out How to Use a Riveter 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Iron Overalls 12hrs $420, 100xp Willie’s Shack
Read Safety Manuals 24hrs $600, 150xp Willie’s Shack

And here’s his questline…

A Riveting Performance Pt. 1

Willie The Riveter: I’m ‘ere fer the job interview.
Hank Scorpio: Which job? Evil henchman or uninformed workman?
Willie The Riveter: I was gonna say workman, but I’m curious about yer henchman position.
Hank Scorpio: As henchman, you’ll eliminate my enemies — dip them in acid, shove them into wood chippers…entry-level stuff.
Willie The Riveter: Sounds a wee bit violent.
Hank Scorpio: It comes with a health package! As long as you’re alive to use it.
Willie The Riveter: Nae, a bottle of whiskey is all a Scot needs to cure what ails ‘im.
Hank Scorpio: What if I toss in free henchmen haircuts…every Friday?
Willie The Riveter: Head hair isn’t the problem. It’s me chest and back that’s a forest of brambles.
Make Willie the Riveter Learn More About the Job- 4hrs
Make Hank Scorpio Look for Other Henchmen- 4hrs

A Riveting Performance Pt. 2

Hank Scorpio: Here’s where you’ll be working. I trust you have experience as a riveter?
Willie The Riveter: I’m dressed as one fer Halloween ain’t I?!
Hank Scorpio: Perfect. Don’t ask any questions and we’ll get along great.
Willie The Riveter: I only have one…what the heck is this thing?
Hank Scorpio: Okay. One answer only…this is my industrial death ray!
Willie The Riveter: A what?
Hank Scorpio: That’s a second question but somewhat tied to the first. It’s like a normal death ray, but much bigger!
Willie The Riveter: I’m wonderin’—
Hank Scorpio: Bup-bup. Question time is over.
Make Willie the Riveter Figure Out How to Use a Riveter- 4hrs
Make Hank Scorpio Admire His Death Ray- 4hrs
Hank Scorpio: Are you sure you know what you’re doing?
Willie The Riveter: A few more rivets and yer breath spray contraption will be finished.
Hank Scorpio: No, it’s DEATH RAY! I don’t want minty fresh breath! I want minty fresh DEATH!

A Riveting Performance Pt. 3

Willie The Riveter: Gah, I’m no riveter. I cannae do this job.
Femme Fatale: You’re riveter enough for me.
Willie The Riveter: Good heavens, what’s a lass like you doin’ here?
Femme Fatale: I’m an evil henchman. Well, evil henchwoman. Don’t let me stop you. Keep riveting. You’re on the verge of a breakthrough.
Willie The Riveter: So you really think I can finish this deathy doodad?
Femme Fatale: No, you’re the worst riveter I’ve ever seen, but you’re about to break through the glass you’re standing on.
Willie The Riveter: *gasp* Help me!
Femme Fatale: Sorry. Evil henchwomen don’t do the whole “help” thing.
Make Willie the Riveter Fall Through a Window- 4hrs
Make Femme Fatale Trademark the Word “Henchwomen”- 4hrs

A Riveting Performance Pt. 4

Hank Scorpio: Willie, you seem like a nice guy…or at least you seem like a guy. But I have to let you go.
Willie The Riveter: Let me go? But I din’t do nae a thing!
Hank Scorpio: That’s part of the problem. But you also riveted my car.
Willie The Riveter: I’m a riveter. I rivet. Rivetin’s what I know.
Hank Scorpio: It seems like you don’t even know that. Tell you what. I’ll give you two weeks’ severance pay. But don’t tell anyone I was fair. Gotta keep my villain cred up.
Make Willie the Riveter Look for Work- 4hrs
Make Hank Scorpio Prepare a Severance Package- 4hrs
Skinner: Where the heck have you been, Willie? The school is in shambles.
Willie The Riveter: I’m not a custodian. I’m a riveter now.
Skinner: We’re not building battleships! We’re building young minds…not very well, but still…
Willie The Riveter: Imagine how the hooligans here would fall into line if’n ye DID have a battleship!
Skinner: Willie we can’t even afford history books with pictures of battleships.  My friend, I’m afraid it’s back to mopping vomit and scrubbing graffiti…just like on a battleship.
Willie The Riveter: I’m always a “friend” when there’s vomit to mop and “Skinner’s a dink” to scrub off a wall.

And finally here’s the full dialogue version of the Act 1 main questline…

Too Cool for Ghoul

Marge: Hurry up, everyone! Once we finish shopping for Halloween treats, I have another treat — Krusty’s new Halloween special!
Krusty: It’s “special” because it’s a thirty-minute commercial for my Krustyland Halloween Horror Night — with commercials. Don’t worry kids. There will be gore galore! You’ll be wetting your pants more than you already do!
Bart: That sounds awesome! I’m bringing diapers so I don’t miss a thing!
Krusty: Butcha gotta watch my special first!
Homer: Halloween is the new “it” holiday.
Ned: Yep, I’m even into it!
Lisa: Mr. Flanders, who are you dressing up as?
Ned: Polystar Pictures’ latest superhero sensation: Stigmata Man! I shoot bloody webs from my palms making Jerusalem safe from Roman sentries everywhere!
Lisa: Sounds very kid friendly.
 Make Homer Shop for a Sexy Costume for Marge- 6s
Make Marge Shop for Halloween Lights- 6s
Make Bart Shop for a Scary Costume- 6s
Make Lisa Shop for a Meaningful Costume- 6s
Make Flanders Shop for Fake Blood- 6s
Marge: My delightful orange and purple lights really capture the spirit of Halloween.
Homer: Yeah, but the neighbors are capturing your spirit and taking it to frightening heights!
Lisa: They built an entire insane asylum!
Marge: That’s it! I’m going back to the Halloween store.
Homer: The one that used to be a toy store? Or the one that used to be a bookstore? Or the one that’s a tent in what used to be the drive-in theatre?
Marge: I’m going to them all!
Bart: Now who’s insane?

The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 1

Helen Lovejoy: Marge Simpson — back at the Halloween store… again?
Marge: Don’t you start with me, Helen! And get your bony hands off that breakdancing skeleton. I saw it first.
Helen Lovejoy: You’re a little too late to the Halloween party — it’s mine!
Agnes: Sorry, ladies! You snooze you lose!
Marge: I didn’t know “You snooze you lose” rules applied at the Halloween store.
Agnes: They apply everywhere!
Helen Lovejoy: Over my dead body!
Agnes: That rule can be arranged too.
Marge: Maybe then you wouldn’t need the skeleton, Helen!
Make Moms Shop for Bigger Halloween Decorations- x3. 4hrs
Make Lisa Wonder What Decorations Moms Are Buying- 4hrs
Collect Halloween Candy- x115
Lisa: What super spooky stuff did you get this time, Mom?
Bart: An axe-toting werewolf? A maggot-filled coffin?
Marge: Uh…two plastic jack-o-lanterns and an inflatable candy corn.
Bart: What?! That’s so lame!
Lisa: I honestly didn’t care before, but now I’m just sad for you and for us.

The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 2

Marge: Homer, why are we back at the Halloween store?
Homer: We have to find you a sexy costume to match what I’m wearing.
Marge: I thought you were going to be a cheeseburger?
Homer: A SEXY cheeseburger.
Marge: Can’t I just go as Little Bo Peep or something?
Bernice Hibbert: Oh, Marge, sexy adult costumes are all the rage this year. We’re going as Sexy Pharaoh and Sexy Harem Girl.
Marge: I’m sure you’ll be a very sexy Sexy Harem Girl, Bernice.
Dr Hibbert: I’M the Sexy Harem Girl. Trick or Treat, Marge. *chuckles*
Make Marge Shop for a Sexier Costume- 4hrs
Make Homer Try to Squeeze Into a Sexy Costume- 4hrs
Collect Halloween Candy- x115
CBG: What are you supposed to be?
Homer: Sexy Cheeseburger.
CBG: Not sexy at all! Your cheese isn’t even oozing.
Homer: Maybe if I squeeze my thighs together. Grrrrumph… *squeezes thighs*

The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 3

Milhouse: I can’t believe we’re finally at Krustyland’s Halloween Horror Night!
Bart: It’s AWESOME! Where should we start? Decapitation Alley? Tower of Torture? The Hall of Severed Limbs?
Lisa: Ugh, this is so lame! It’s all just commercialism and gore. Where’s the real frights? The real dread!
Bart: That’s a fair point.
Milhouse: You agree with her?
Bart: I know. That’s frightening. But horrible things happen every Halloween around here. It’s getting boring.
Milhouse: Last year there were awesome dinosaurs, human-animal hybrids, and cool sci-fi things!
Bart: Bor-ing!
Lisa: What are you getting at?
Bart: Just wait. You’ll see.
Make Lisa Pontificate on “Real Horror”- 4hrs
Make Bart Look For Where This Goes Sideways- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Be Scared of Plush Chainsaws- 4hrs
Collect Halloween Candy- x145

The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 4

Lisa: People of Springfield, embrace the true spirit of Halloween! Remember what it feels like to shake in your boots, have the hair stand up on your neck, and feel a cold shiver run down your spine!
Moe: I get all that just lookin’ in the mirror every morning.
Lisa: I’m going to read you a tale from the original master of the macabre — Edgar Allan Poe!
Bart: That’s your idea of a big scary Halloween — reading a book?!
Lisa: It’s called “The Fall of the House of Usher” and it’s going to scare the pants off you!
Homer: Too late. Pants are already off.
Make Springfielders Listen Raptly- x5. 4hrs
Make Lisa Give a Dramatic Reading- 4hrs
Collect Halloween Candy- x145

The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 5

Lisa: “His heart is a suspended lute; As soon as you touch it, it resonates!”
CBG: What is happening in this story? Lutes?! Resonating?!
Lenny: Yeah! Get to the zombies eating brains already!
CBG: At least throw in some intergalactic parasites!
Lisa: There are no zombies and no parasites in this story.
CBG: Worst Halloween ever!
Lenny: Agreed. Let’s get outta here!
Make Springfielders Get Bored and Leave- x5. 4hrs
Make Lisa Try to Keep Their Attention- 4hrs
Collect Halloween Candy- x185
Lisa: Wait! Come back! Don’t you get it? Roderick, Madeline, and the house all share ONE SOUL!
Homer: It would be so much cooler if that house went to the lake and killed some teenagers.
Lisa: Oh, what’s the use? No one will ever understand the nature of true horror.
Edgar Allan Poe: Don’t be so certain, my young friend!
Lisa: *gasp* Edgar Allan Poe!
Edgar Allan Poe: In the flesh! Although I confess I have no idea the how or why of it.
Lisa: Let’s not worry about that. You’re here!

And there you have it my friends, the full wrap up of Act 1 of THOH XXXIII.  Let’s see how things pan out here for me, otherwise you may be seeing this again for Act 2.

Thoughts on Act 1? Ready for Act 2 to start Friday? Sound off below…

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  1. Did anyone notice the 2 different boot screens? By flipping the phone upside down, an additional character is shown. Or is it just me that never noticed it?

  2. For those who have had characters stuck in the Krustyland Entrance, for me it is Lisa and the entire town since I sent everyone on the task, does anyone have a solution or workaround? Previously when they were stuck I just put the building in inventory to release everyone, but the Krustyland Entrance can’t be stored and Lisa can’t be stored as she is one of the original characters along with Homer. After the townspeople complete their “Get Bored and Leave” task, instead of being released the task keeps restarting and 4 hours later that process repeats.


    • Answer provided elsewhere on this thread solved the issue – store the buildings from some of the trapped characters will release the rest. Thanks so much for the help!

    • As I said to Dan Taylor, just store some of the other characters that are in the KL entrance (by storing the building or decoration they’re connected to) and that should free up the rest.

  3. Squishing wandering zombies and “Sampling the zombie sandwich”never gets old. I wish this event had new tasks like these oldies but goodies that you can do every year 🤔

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  6. I had a question about the Princess Opal task. For those still stuck on task 3 (the red line/circle appears), has that been fixed for anyone? It’s been almost a month and it still isn’t working for me. My ocd is going crazy lol

    • Kelly, I’m still stuck on that task. I’ve contacted EA to ask them to fix it, but whether they’re sorting it out behind the scenes, I’ve no idea. I hope they do fix it soon. I never have outstanding tasks, and it’s annoying me 🙂

  7. Haven’t been around in a while but all seems normal.
    Alissa busting her butt to keep this place going. Take a rest Queen Bee. The hive will be alright..

  8. Why, oh Why, do these ‘Events’ take so long? It is quite simple to complete each stage many days before the next rolls out I usually finish 5-7 days prior. Do people only play once a day?

    • Yes, some people do play once a day. Some people are new to the game every event and don’t have most of the characters and struggle to finish in 9 days even if they play 3 times per day. Most of our readers finish in 3 to 5 days.

    • Years ago, if you didn’t play at LEAST three times a day, it was virtually unissued to finish an act in time, and, back then, you had to finish an act before the next one started or you were out of luck getting all of the prizes from that act. Also, at the same time, we had to do “crafting,” to get other prizes…you couldn’t just buy them. I remember being in away at a folk festival for a long (where there was no wifi) and stressing over whether or be able to get enough rounds in at the hotel to stay on pace for that act. Now you can finish an act on time just playing a couple of times a day, and, if you fall behind, you can still catch up, as long as it’s not the final act. (And crafting is no more.) I gotta say, I don’t miss the stress!

      Yes, the downside is that I often finish several days to a week ahead, but one thing I always do is to save any side quests (like when I buy a premium character) to do after I’ve finished the main quest line, to give me something to do for at least a few of those days. I think I’d rather have 2-3 “dead” days than go back to having to plan my days around the game!

  9. Alissa, you have to put children, home and work first. As you have said many times it is a silly little game. I, with the vast majority of people who read your posts, really appreciate all of the effort and time you put in to this site. Relax about the site, I am sure that most people will agree that your personal life takes higher priority than posting on a game. Thank you for all your efforts.

  10. Thanks for sharing this post eventually Alissa. Hope you will be less busy for Act II and that you enjoy the update anyway. Pretty decent first act, the best is yet to come I guess.

  11. Don’t feel “horrible,” Alissa – sometimes life just has to take priority over this “silly little game”! I hope things ease up for you soon! 💜

  12. Has there been any changes to if you can store the Krustyland entrance?
    I’m stuck at part 3 cos I don’t want it in my town – I know I’m being stubborn, but it’s annoyed me that some have been able to use an alternative location to complete the task.

  13. Harold Lee Robinson

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    • Did you download the update from the app store? Do you have the Halloween splash screen?

      • Harold Robinson

        Yes I have the update from the app store and I started the 6 second intro after that I don’t have the main content. I have the Halloween spooky music and the leaves are falling just no content. I deleted the game and reinstalled it still no content. I tried it on a different device. Still no content. Really frustrated. Never had this happen to me ever since I started playing

        • Is your account logged in? You could be logged out

          • Harold Robinson

            No it’s logged in. That is for sure. It says CowsWisdom level 115

            • Harold Robinson

              Well I solved the mystery I had one character that did not complete it’s job. The skull burries it’s self to the.bottom of the lost of items I need to complete. I was lucky enough to go through the entire list saw the skull tapped on it and found my problem. Now to start tapping

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  15. You feel terrible.
    Horrors! Horrors! Horrors! (x ~13)
    The only, ONLY way to make amends is to hug your loved ones and allow your little ones one extra piece of sweet treat/ Halloween treat.

    (Hope all remains well, otherwise)

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