A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 3 Dialog Recap

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen
If you’ve been zapping through your tapping and it’s all been a bit of a blur or if you just fancied a reminder of what the writers got up to this time then you’re in luck.
Here’s all the dialog and tasks for this act . . .

What’s in this post
• Act 3 Prize track parts 1 to 5

Prize track: Expanding One’s Horizons parts 1 to 5

Expanding One’s Horizons part 1:

Bart: All we gotta do is find this Amulet of Warmfyre thing and Martin will be fine.
Martin: I’ve heard it mentioned in Vaults and Vandals lore, but I have no idea of its coordinates.
Nelson: Cough it up, Duff Knight. Where is this thing?
Duff Knight: Duff Knight knows only where to find the best taverns in Springfieldia. Oh yeah!
Nelson: This guy’s useless.
Martin: Perhaps we turn to the Vaults and Vandals online community… *pulls out phone*
Martin: I’ve got it! Apparently, the amulet is located in the castle of— *phone chimes*
Bart: Castle of what?!
Martin: It’s another update. We’ll have to wait.
Nelson: I’m gonna start punching those updates!

• Collect Potions – x 115
• Make Duff Knight Look for More Local Taverns – 4 hours
• Make Martin Use Someone Else’s Phone – 4 hours
• Make Bart Hand Martin His Phone – 4 hours

Martin: I’ve got good news and bad news. Which do you desire first?
Milhouse: I’m a good news kinda guy.
Martin: I’ve tracked down the amulet to a place called “Lord Montgomery’s Castle”.
Martin: The bad news is that it’s not in this version of the game. We need an expansion pack.
Nelson: Where do we get that without waiting weeks for a special order?
Bart: Three words: Comic Book Guy.
Martin: Excellent thinking.
Duff Knight: And Duff Knight can assist his fellow companions in getting there.
Bart: With some kind of magic potion?
Duff Knight: Sadly no — with my mule-drawn hops wagon. Tally-ho!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP amd decoration: Filth Wagon

Expanding One’s Horizons part 2:

Bart: Yo, Comic Book Guy, we’re looking for an expansion pack to Vaults and Vandals. Ever heard of it?
Comic Book Guy: A game in which I possess a seventeenth-level fighter? Doy. Hello. No.
Milhouse: Darn. Sorry to trouble you, sir.
Comic Book Guy: *sigh* Apparently my sarcasm is too sophisticated for you. I assume you’re looking for the Lord Montgomery’s Castle expansion pack.
Bart: The very same!
Comic Book Guy: That will be two thousand dollars.
Bart: Two thousand bucks?! That’s crazy. Whadda we do now?
Nelson: I have an idea.
Bart: You’re going to bully him into giving it to us?
Nelson: Please. I’m more than just a bully.

• Collect Potions – x 155
• Make Nelson Lead the Way – 4 hours
• Make Bart Follow Nelson – 4 hours
• Make Milhouse Follow Nelson – 4 hours
• Make Martin Follow Nelson – 4 hours

Milhouse: Nelson, why’d you bring us back in the game?
Nelson: We need money to buy the expansion pack, right? So, we run around here and loot and sell everything that’s not nailed down. Then the gold coins will appear in real life.
Bart: So we’re kinda bullying all Springfieldia?
Martin: Normally I’d object to exploits like this but since it’s my neck on the line I’m all in!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Fool Locker

Expanding One’s Horizons part 3:

Bart: Here’s two thousand bucks in gold coins. Now hand over the expansion pack.
Comic Book Guy: Gold? Whatever… I assume it’s slightly safer than crypto. You’ve got yourself a deal.
Bart: Great! Now let’s get our expansion pack on!
Nelson: Wait, what’s Milhouse doing?
Comic Book Guy: Here you are sir, one limited-edition Happy Little Elves comic.
Milhouse: I had an extra gold coin. Don’t judge me, fellas.

• Collect Potions – x 155
• Make Milhouse Buy a “Happy Little Elves” Comic – 4 hours
• Make Bart Judge Milhouse – 4 hours
• Make Nelson Judge Milhouse – 4 hours
• Make Martin Judge Milhouse – 4 hours

Bart: Time to summon Lord Montgomery’s Castle into the real world!
Milhouse: Wait! Lord Montgomery is a supervillain, right?
Bart: Considering every variation of Mr. Burns is evil…yeah.
Milhouse: So why not play all the way through his encounter in V&V first to see what tricks he has up his sleeve?
Milhouse: And then use that knowledge to strategize our encounter with him in the real world.
Martin: Genius! And that’s coming from an uber genius!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and a Mystery Box Token

Expanding One’s Horizons part 4:

Lord Montgomery: Welcome to my castle, adventurers. You must be famished from your travels so please, join me for dinner.
Bart: And when do you try to kill us, before or after we eat?
Lord Montgomery: Kill you? Heavens no, whatever gave you that idea?
Nelson: Dudes with castles tend to be bad guys.
Lord Montgomery: This forbidding castle is just for looks. I live in a quaint cottage out back in the meadow.
Nelson: Good enough for me. *starts eating*
Milhouse: *eating* Hey, this is pretty good. What is it?
Lord Montgomery: Just my famous Dutch Date Nut Poison Pie!
Milhouse: *stops eating* I’m allergic to nuts!

• Collect Potions – x 155
• Make Lord Montgomery Poison Everyone – 4 hours
• Make Milhouse Get Poisoned – 4 hours
• Make Bart Get Poisoned – 4 hours
• Make Nelson Get Poisoned – 4 hours
• Make Martin Get Poisoned – 4 hours

Martin: So, Lord Montgomery lures weary travelers into his castle, only to poison and loot them. How dastardly!
Bart: But it’s a great way to get some quality merch!
Nelson: So how do we beat him in real life? Sonic Wedgie? Super Swirlie?
Bart: We just need to get a little medicine from Springfieldia’s doctor’s office…

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Barber Hibbert’s Surgery

Expanding One’s Horizons part 5:

Lord Montgomery: Welcome to my castle, adventurers. You must be famished from your travels so please, join me for dinner.
Bart: You are too kind, my lord, but we will graciously accept your offer.
Lord Montgomery: Please enjoy this freshly baked pie. It’s to die for!
Nelson: Don’t mind if we do. *begins eating*
Lord Montgomery: Haha, you fools! You’ve all been poisoned.
Milhouse: We know. But I think you’ll find we’re all quite immune.
Lord Montgomery: But how? My poison pie works on everyone!
Martin: Perhaps everyone who DIDN’T preemptively drink an antidote potion. *pulls out an empty antidote potion*
Lord Montgomery: How in blazes did you know I was going to poison you?
Bart: Because we just played through this encounter in V&V to learn your tricks. In the real world we can eat all the pie we want!
Lord Montgomery: Curses! I wasted an entire morning baking poison pies.

• Collect Potions – x 195
• Make Lord Montgomery Have His Plans Foiled – 4 hours
• Make Bart Interrogate Lord Montgomery – 4 hours

Bart: We need the Amulet of Warmfyre. We know it’s here somewhere.
Nelson: *pounds fist* Hand it over or else!
Lord Montgomery: No worries. The amulet is right over there.
Nelson: Is that a dragon?!
Bart: Awesome!
Milhouse: We finally reached the dragon. We’re true Vaults and Vandals veterans!
Martin: Fellows, I hate to ruin the moment, but the dragon is now rampaging through the streets of Springfield…
Dragon of Springfieldia: *roars*
Bart: Dragon cool… Rampaging less cool.

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP and bundle: Springfieldia Walls
Bundle contains: Springfieldia Gate, Springfieldia Long Wall x4, Springfieldia Short Wall x4, Springfieldia Tower Wall x2

That about wraps things up for this act.
Back soon with the Act 4 Rundown once that goes live.

15 responses to “A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 3 Dialog Recap

  1. love Love LOVE these dialogues! THANK YOU ALWAYS!! Savoring this storyline that brings back D&D days mashed with Hobbit yore of Smaug the great worm of the North! Way to mash up the legacies of Tolken & Matt!

  2. Wednesday, Friday, Sunday previous acts started, Mike I try not to watch spoilers, I also come here for updates and news, other sites available, very mean comments these days

    • Sorry for being so mean…I just pointed out that you can learn of the start date of each act BEFORE any spoilers about the event..besides what the splash screen is about. Also…there are 9 days between each act…so if you can remember the day the previous act started..all you have to do is count to 9..then the next act will start. You don’t even have to use your toes when counting. Now is that MEAN or HARSH…or are people just a little too SENSITIVE these days? I think the latter…but I’m sorry for hurting anyones feelings.

      • First of all, thank you for pointing out the 9-day thing, which I never realized, even after all these years! But, once again, you went to far and veered into a bit of nastiness with the “You don’t even have to use your toes when counting” part. Why get snide like that, after posting the helpful info? Why is it up to the other person to be “less sensitive,” rather than on you to be less snide? Why not just keep your comments friendly? I don’t get it…I really don’t! What do you get from making comments like that? Does it make you feel more clever or funny? It just seems so unnecessary!

  3. When’s act 4?

    • Tuesday as usual

      • There is no “as usual” answer to that question. Event chapters have started on pretty much every day of the week at various times!

        • Multi-Events always have the same schedule. Act 1 always starts on a Wednesday. Act 2 always starts on a Friday. Act 3 always starts on a Sunday. As it usually does Act 4 always starts on a Tuesday!

          • How is that possible when the first act hasn’t always started on a Wednesday? But maybe you’re right about recent events…if so, thanks for the tip! 🙂

            • To be fair I do recall a few times when the update didn’t show up until Thursday for whatever reason. Even then the timer indicated it was meant to be a Wednesday start and you’d got a day less to do an Act !?!

        • If you fancy a challenge / wild goose chase go back to winter 2015 when I started tapping and find me any Act 4 since then that didn’t start on a Tuesday !!
          Who knows what may have happened before that, but back in those days the multi events were 3 Acts long and only gave you a fortnight to get it all before the next part started.

          • That may be, but, as you pointed out, different acts start on different days and, to be honest, I never noticed that survive acts started on specific days. I still think that Mike didn’t need to be so harsh in the way he answered, even if his answer was accurate. You have been terrific, Graham, stepping in and kind of “rescuing” this site, with Alissa and Safi having so much going on in their lives, and you’ve done a great job replying to comments in a friendly, helpful way. But if we don’t check people who are unnecessarily harsh in their comments, we’re going to turn others off on using this site, or at least on participating in its “community” aspect of posting comments. This happened before (when, unfortunately, one of the primary offenders was actually one of the moderators…I stopped participating for a year or two, myself, because of his nastiness and attacks on me). Just my $0.02!

            • Devil’s advocate – I don’t think Mike intended to be mean, but it could have been better phrased.

    • It’s also in the spoiler video..I believe it’s before most of the spoilers…so if you’d watch the video’s first 5 mins..you’d also have your answer. You can also learn to count on your fingers the number of days between each new act…that’s what I do…

      • Wow, Mike, that was kind of a harsh answer! Perhaps Kroon64 hates spoilers as much as I do and, therefore, prefers to not watch these spoiler videos. And I’ll admit that I don’t know how many days there are between acts (or even whether that’s a static number), despite having been playing this game for about 9 years. Why be so harsh, when choosing to answer more kindly (or even not answer at all, which is certainly easier) costs you nothing?

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