Update Alert: For All Rich Mankind

Short and sweet ( and late )

Update out for a new mini event
Starts Wednesday 17th May, 15:01 UTC

Asks for Month and Year of your D.O.B when you start the game

I had the dialog run through for Cheap Space Homer in my older town and the quests trigger in my B town – might get to launch the rocket I bought when that’s done but the A town 2nd rocket still doesn’t do anything

Last Road to Riches prize is now visible but you can’t do anything for it yet

I need to go find out more, back when it’s live with a Rundown

20 responses to “Update Alert: For All Rich Mankind

  1. charlesthefirst1

    It is interesting they have the current year in the log in option, I don’t know how many newborns play.

  2. thanks for the alert, I probably would of missed it

  3. I updated fine. I got no dialog, but I haven’t been playing as long as most. I guess I will see at 15:01 what the quests are for me.

    I wonder if the writer’s strike has affected the game or they gave an old quest line accidentally at least for some.

    • AFIK the Cheap Space Homer quest only shows if you bought a rocket as a returning item
      My latest test town didn’t get that but my older 2 did. Still can’t launch the 2nd rocket in the oldest and doing the quests in the other to see what happens, but think it unlocks the Deep Space Homer skin and maybe lets that rocket I bought launch ?!?

  4. Hillary J Pettit

    So, it seems to be running through the dialog and telling me I’ve completed the tasks. I can’t tap on unrelated character jobs. I stopped at gathering townsfolk at the observatory.

    • charlesthefirst1

      A town where my Rocket wasn’t functional (i.e. retrieving items, blowing up) is going through the tasks. A town where my Rocket is functional just went through dialogue only (and “completed” two events and unlocked jobs for Homer) and said Rocket pad was upgraded, don’t know yet if that means anything.

      • AFIK that dialog is from the original, so the already upgraded pad from the original event is the same as before and the second one you bought hasn’t changed ( so far at least ).
        I’m hoping my second town with only a bought rocket will launch once the tasks are done.

  5. Help please.
    I stored rock and a hard place, because I thought it would start road to riches, if I placed it again.
    Now my rock and a hard place is gone, totally. Help

  6. There’s a glitch with homer and the Kwik emarts. On top left it shows homer is done with quest but when you click it , it goes to Kwik emarts and nothing!!
    Not sure what’s happening. So I tried visiting a neighbor and returned home, when I clicked on homer it went to Kwik emart and there was everyone’s quest done. And then nothing happens again. It’s a loop….help

    • It’s an old glitch when you send a lot of people on the same job.

      Storing an item ends any tasks there, so for this store the KEM to break the loop then put the KEM back

    • This happens to me from time to time, when I have a sent everyone to the same place for the same task. Instead of storing an item as Grahm-S mentioned, it’s a great opportunity to turn on your collider and get a bunch of free donuts, just collect, then go to the neighbor map, then return home and do it all over again.

  7. Well that was totally strange.. yes. did the app update then then went to the game. Yes.. it did ask for DOB Month and Year and then check that you agree to terms of service

    Then it started running though all the dialog of the old Cheap Space Homer event. But everything was done but one task.
    When through it all and finished off what I already had.. and the event is now gone from the game.
    this was at about 12:30 am MDT when I went into the game.

    So I guess I will have to see what happens in the morning when I activate the game again and see if anything comes up event wise or if I have completed it already.

    I am sure it’s going to confuse everyone when they go into the game after the app update.

    • Same exact thing happened to me…but at 8am ET…guess we’ll see what happens at the normal start time for an event.

  8. The asking for month and year is broken. I put in the month, then when I enter the year, the number I put for the month disappears and it will not let me re-enter it.

  9. So uh….yeah…it’s just like…speed running a quest of some kind…I think they boo boo’d

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