For All Rich Mankind: Returning Items

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Time to take a peek at the returning items in your store for this mini-event.

If you buy the Deep Space Homer bundle and it triggers the Cheap Space Homer questline you will need the Space Training Centre for Part 3 of that.
( marked with ** )

… Space training centre looks like this …

• Deep Space Homer skin and Rocket Launch Platform **
Costs: 80 Donuts
• Astronaut Barney skin
Costs: 80 Donuts
• Aristotle Amadopolis
Costs: 60 Donuts
• Cayman Island Banker
Costs: 100 Donuts
• Ziff Bouvier Mansion with Marge Ziff
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Martian Vacation with Empty Nest Marge and Retired Homer
Costs: 175 Donuts
• Satellite Station (4% bonus )
Costs: 160 Donuts
• Shuttle Hangar
Costs: 60 Donuts
• Space Shuttle
Costs: 75 Donuts
• Space Training Center **
Costs: 60 Donuts
• Springfield Observatory
Costs: 75 Donuts
• Super Collider
Costs: 70 Donuts
• Victorian UFO
Costs: 40 Donuts
• Astro House
Costs: 30 Donuts
• Rocket To Your Doom
Costs: 70 Donuts
• Barts Moon Mansion
Costs: 80 Donuts
• Space Simulator
Costs: 40 Donuts
• Humanitys Hope
Costs: 90 Donuts
• Space Time Continuum
Costs: 20 Donuts
• Exploration Inc
Costs: 80 Donuts
• Mars Colony
Costs: 200 Donuts
• Pod Patch
Costs: 20 Donuts
• Alien ( love tapping this, might buy more !! )
Costs: 40 Donuts
• Portal To Rigel7
Costs: 75 Donuts


Yes, there’s also Gold Bars from the first prize that you’ll all no doubt have already, but I’ll cover those in Thursday’s Prize Post.

I’m off to write the latest Road to Riches post, that should be up at or soon after 11:01 EDT ( 4pm UK ) tomorrow.

9 responses to “For All Rich Mankind: Returning Items

  1. guys can you help me I forgot password of the gmail for account of the game and I can’t get the code from ea, and I can’t get back in, so I hope someone could help me?

    • No-one here works for EA or Gmail, getting a password change or whatever it takes to get access to the emails is the best way to go but you’ll need gmail help on that
      If you set your EA account up with a phone number or recovery email you can use those to change the email to one you can use, but that takes emailed codes and if you didn’t add those extras you won’t get those codes either

  2. I don’t see a space training center? Help please

    • You either have it anyway or it is in store.
      Looks like this ..

      I’ve edited the post to include the image

    • Thanks for posting this. I would like to know which items are unique items though. Hopefully future posts like this could indicate which are unique and which are not.

      • As a general rule that would mean finding each file for each item event by event and there is a chance even my A town missed things.
        All I can tell at a glance is what’s meant to be back in store.
        It’s taken me weeks to find the info for the Shattered Dreams boxes.
        Some day I’ll have a master file on ’em … perhaps, but it’ll be a lot of work.
        It is part of the plan though, some day.

      • You might be able to get that info on Simpson’s TSTO wiki fandom site [events page] or if you are wanting to check an item in particular just use the search function on this site for original release info.

  3. Thank you so much for warning us to purchase space training center. I bought the rocket bundle and was not planning on purchasing the other items. If I had not read this article I would have another quest unfinished, currently I have three.

    • There was a glitch on pt. 6 too, but they fixed that so I’ve just got Princess Opal stuck in one town now

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