THOH XXXIV: Act 2 Rundown

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Woohoo, it’s Treehouse of Horror time – if you’ve got the app store update and are ready to get crackin’ that is.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new for Act 2.

Sorry it’s up late. It’s because I’ve been up late tracking this iOS problem for way too many silly nights. On that note, hope anyone affected is back tapping soon.
Oct 13th – no news yet on when that update for the iOS and Xylem fixes might be out

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• What EA Said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

What EA said:

The Ki-Ya Karate Monsters arrive in Springfield, and, thinking that the Xylem sent Bart’s rankings, start slapping them around. The Xylem turn to their monster trees, but when the trees see the Karate Monsters breaking giant stacks of wooden boards with their bare hands, the trees bow out of the fight. The Karate Monsters then learn that the Xylem didn’t send the character rankings, the people of Springfield (well, one of them) did, so they decide to take over the city since people who came up with such stupid character rankings obviously can’t be trusted to govern themselves.


Prize Items: Plants vs. Karate parts 1 to 5

Prize 1:
● Angry Christmas Trees (Decoration)
Angry Christmas Trees
Plants vs. Karate 1 and 115 Fangs, act 3 currency

Prize 2:
● Monster Business School (Building)
Monster Business School
Plants vs. Karate 2 and 155 Fangs, act 3 currency

Prize 3:
● Alien Control Center (Decoration)
Alien Control Centre
Plants vs. Karate 3 and 155 Fangs, act 3 currency

Prize 4:
● Alien Spore Cannon (Decoration)
Alien Spore Cannon
Plants vs. Karate 4 and 155 Fangs, act 3 currency

Prize 5:
● Taekwon Dracula (Character)
Taekwon Dracula
Plants vs. Karate 5 and 155 Fangs, act 3 currency


Premium Combo:
Cost: 150 Donuts
● Kung Fu Werewolf and Transylvanian Shaolin Monastery (Character and Building)
Kung Fu Werewolf Transylvanian Shaolin Monastery
Earns event currency for Acts 2 – 4


Currency Jobs: Collect Plastic Fangs
Fangs, act 3 currency
● Buy Plastic Fangs – 4 hours, earns 5 Fangs, act 3 currency
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Quimby, Wiggum, Skinner

● Order Plastic Fangs Online – 4 hours, earns 8 Fangs, act 3 currency
Alien Bart, Mighty Oak Leader, Kung Fu Werewolf


Right then, enjoy ( if you can ). I’ll be back later with the Turbo Tappin’

13 responses to “THOH XXXIV: Act 2 Rundown

  1. rosa di benedetto

    I would please like to Know if The Werewolf Kung Fu is voiced or Not?

  2. I also have been having issues with playing the game. I get the spinning donut and that is it. I was playing the game and just out of nowhere I was hit by the spinning donut.

  3. I totally forgot Act 2 started today and put my people out for 24 hours… lol… oops! I ended up spending around 100 donuts between my 2 villages just to get it going. Obviously I am no longer a dedicated player. Haha, I remember the days when I was counting down to event start… now I just put m6 people out 24 hours daily mindlessly!!

    • My 2 older towns give everyone the day off when they’re not needed for an event or Daily Challenge – and yet still earn millions !!

  4. I never saw an iOS update, and also then never saw the promised donuts for our patience… any idea when it’s coming?

  5. Was there not also supposed to be a little something for iOS users due to the issues we have been having?

  6. About the IOS App Store Update… I updated yesterday and I was able to tap for the first time in days. I had previously completely reinstalled the game in an attempt to fix things. However today – nothing – I haven’t been able to connect to the server for almost 5 hours. For me, it wan’t such a great repair for the IOS problem…

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