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Addicted to The Simpsons Tapped Out?  Us too!

Here at TSTO Addicts our goal is to provide addicted tappers, new and old, with a resource for all things Tapped Out.  The TSTO Addicts team will try our best everyday to provide you with the most recent and up-to-date info about Tapped Out, as well as countless tips and tricks for making your gaming experience better!

When we set out to create the site we wanted to be different.  We wanted to do things no one else was doing, we wanted to stand out.  We wanted to laugh and have fun!

Back when we first launched we called ourselves “The Little Blog That Could”. We weren’t the biggest TSTO site but we knew we had something special.  Of course, none of this would be possible without you AMAZING readers!

We can’t say this enough…this site would not be what it is today without you amazing readers!  You guys make this place fun, we just supply the music and margaritas!  We love each and every one of you for being here and being part of this TSTO Community!

Our promise to you, our amazing readers, is to ALWAYS provide you with the best content in a fun way.

We are not EA, we don’t work for EA, FOX or any TSTO affiliates.  We just enjoy playing the game, and are also really helpful!  We’ve aimed to answer many of the most common questions already, so check out the search box or start browsing the site to see if your question has already been answered.  If you’re having a problem playing TSTO, and don’t see your question already answered, just post your question here or on the Questions page and we’ll do our best to find the answer for you.  If you’ve found an answer to a question or problem, and would like to share it with others, feel free to add it to the comments here or on the Questions page (don’t worry we’ll be sure to give you credit!).  You can also reach us via e-mail at anytime: TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.

New to TSTO Addicts?  Check out this helpful post about how to navigate the site.

Remember this site is meant to be fun, so everyone is encouraged to share your opinions (positive or negative) but please check the hate at the door!

Happy Tapping!
The Addicts

The faces behind the posts:

 Alissa PNG
Alissa (yes that is my REAL name): As the co-founder of TSTO Addicts Alissa is ALWAYS around the site.  You can find her writing most of the game detailed posts here, as well as on her Thursday Musings, and you can catch her weekly on the Addicts Live Podcast!  You can also check out the “Little Addicts” their Adventures with the weekly YouTube Vlog found here.

I’m in my early 30s and the baby of the blog (but not by much!).  I’m the “head addict”, in that I started everything you see here (with the help of an old childhood friend).  And I strive every day to make it the fun place you know and love!
Born and raised in the “fist-bumping” state of New Jersey, where I currently reside with my amazing husband, daughter, Riley, and son, Sam (a.k.a the “Little Addicts”).  I’m a (sometimes) proud graduate of Rutgers University…with a degree in English.   As for my “real job””…I know, I have a job besides this blog?  Really?! Surprises me too!… I do sales and marketing for a metal manufacturing company.
My husband, Riley, Sam, and I are avid baseball fans, and spend loads of time during baseball season going to games 🙂

Birthday: June 19th
Favorite Simpsons Character
: I love them all…but like Marge my favorite would have to be good ole’ Homey.   Such a lovable oaf!
Favorite Episode: “Homer At Bat”.  I giggle every time I watch it, especially now when I see the Simpsonized Cartoons of Donnie Baseball, The Rocket, the Strawman…and others.
Favorite TSTO time of year: Christmas!!!!
Favorite TSTO Character: Duffman…mostly because I love when he says “Duffman is here to refill your beer!”
Favorite TSTO Building: Duff Stadium.  How could I not love a baseball stadium?!
Favorite TSTO task: Hank Scorpio’s Test Flame Thrower!  It makes me giggle every time!
Aspirations in Life: Take over the world?  Does that count?  🙂
Embarrassing Confession: While on my honeymoon in Jamaica a few years ago, I was forced to go “off the grid” (and to keep it that way my husband locked my phone in the safe!), meaning no tapping and no blog!  I would literally be on a float in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, 80-degree weather, drink in my hand and turn to my husband and say “I wonder how the blog is doing…”  “I hope they didn’t blow up the blog”
Check out Alissa (Riley & Sam) on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/addictsalissa/
More about Alissa (including how Addicts started) can be found here

Wookiee PNGWookiee Avatar in real life

Wookiee: Wookiee is one of the original Addicts.  And although his life (he’s working on his masters) takes him away from this site he will ALWAYS be a part of it.   He does try to make appearances on Addicts Live when his schedule allows, and that’s generally the best way to find him on this site.  You can also find him on his weekly Podcast, Laugh it Up Fuzzball

30 something father of three.  Served almost 14 years in the USAF and going to school to be a history teacher (hence all my free time for this mess).

Real Name: Joey or Joe (or Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo)
Birthday: May 16th
Favorite Simpsons Character: Comic Book Guy.  I am an uber-geek at heart. Star Wars, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, occassional Trek.  He is everything that is good with the world (besides the obesity lol).
Favorite Episode: Season 4, Episode 12 (Marge vs. the Monorail)This is arguably the best episode.  It was written by Conan O’Brien AND Leonard Nimoy made a cameo!
Favorite TSTO time of year: Halloween
Favorite TSTO Character: The Rich Texan (just his sayings make this an easy one for me. After all, “America’s not a place for seatbelt-wearing cowards.”
Favorite TSTO Building: Abe Lincoln’s Cabin.  I’m a huge history buff so having one of the Best. Presidents. Ever. in my town is righteous!
Favorite TSTO task: Without a question, CBG’s 12 hour Cosplay Task. Although not a trekkie, anything that pays homage to my fellow geeks and/or sci-fi has my love.
Aspirations in Life: To write fiction for a living and to someday record an album of my own music.  It hopefully is obvious I like to write words but I also really love to sing.  If you ever want to know what auditioning for The Voice is like, let me know, I seriously auditioned for it in December 2013.  Sang Broken Road by Rascall Flatts (originally by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) and was told I sing well but that I wasn’t what they were looking for.  Guess I’ll stick to my “day job”.
Embarrassing Confession: I have scheduled my TSTO tasks around my real life AND sometimes prefer the company of other Addicts to family and friends.

More about Wookiee (including how he joined Addicts) can be found here
Check Out Wookiee’s Weekly Podcast here

Bunny: Bunny is another one of the original Addicts. And although life has taken her away from this site for quite some time, she’ll always remain a part of it.  She helped build what you see here today and for that, we should all be grateful.

The tomboy in me loves an adrenaline rush and playing hard. (Too many scars and hospital visits to name.) Though…shockingly…I am not good at any sports. (I tried…cross country, track, basketball, softball, and volleyball. I got by, but no Olympic athlete. Lol.) I love orchids. Such an amazingly beautiful flower with so many different colors and styles.
I LOVE to tell stories. Something I got from my late Father. I guess that kinda comes in handy with the writing. 🙂 I started writing a book when I was 9 years old. Had some interest in it, but never followed through. (I was quite young and didn’t know what possibilities I had.) I am a Geek/ Nerd/ Artist/ Creator/ Crafter/ Tomboy. Is that a mix of enough things?

Real Name: You mean it isn’t Bunny? Hmmmm…well…that is MY lil secret. Shhhhhh. I have to keep SOME things to myself still. Makes me all mysterious like. 😉
Favorite Simpsons Character: Shauna & Marge. Shauna for her badass tomboy tough chick attitude. Marge for how she manages to survive the Simpson family and still be an amazingly strong woman.
Favorite Episode: Hmmmm. This is like asking me to pick out my favorite ice cream flavor. There are just TOO many.
Favorite TSTO time of year: Halloween. I always have a blast around the spooky part of the year. I can actually get away with all my tricks. 😉
Favorite TSTO Character: Isn’t it obvious? Shauna. Soooo glad she was brought back into the game. (Just look at my new lil icon I drew. Look familiar?)
Favorite TSTO Building: Bad Dream House. Love the look of it. Helps that it is all spooky and Halloween-esque. (It also reminds me of one of the haunted houses I worked in as a teen.)
Favorite TSTO task: This one varies. So many to pick from. Wiggle Puppy, Tease the ducks, Get Revenge on Homer, Interrogate Squealer…just to name a few.
Aspirations in Life: To just live, love, and laugh. Too much sadness has been in my life. Time for some happy to take over and grow. 🙂
Embarrassing Confession: I get REALLY nervous at times and just…talk. Like a LOT. Like I will not stop talking and start to just go on and on as well as I tend to say the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over. (Just ask poor Alissa.)

More about Bunny (including how she joined Addicts) can be found here

Safi (aka Super Safi): Safi started out as a contributor for Addicts, but joined the staff full time in the Summer of 2017. You can often find Safi on his weekly column Monday Musings, or as co-host of Addicts Live!  Weekly on Youtube and Podcast Platforms.

I’m a Canadian Addict who is a huge The Simpsons fan. I watch and re-watch every episode, collect the collectibles, comic books, trading cards, puzzles, and most other merchandise. I knew about The Simpsons Tapped Out and was very eager to get it before I started playing, but didn’t have a compatible device. When I got my iPad on July 31st, 2013, Tapped Out was the first app I downloaded. Been frequenting TSTO Addicts since the first week of October 2013 and regularly commenting since December 2013.
Outside of The Simpsons, I’m a huge Batman fan, Wayne Gretzky fan, sports fan (Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, New Orleans Saints), and enjoy watching TV shows (The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Suits, Modern Family, New Girl, etc.).

Birthday: April 24th
Favorite Simpsons Character: 
I’d have to go with Milhouse Van Houten, just barely edging out Ralph Wiggum.  “Remember the time he ate my goldfish, and you lied to me and said I never had any goldfish? Then why did I have the bowl Bart? Why did I have the bowl?”
Favorite Episode:“Homer at the Bat” (S03, E17) – As a fan of The Simpsons and baseball, this was a great episode. It featured a couple of future Toronto Blue Jays in Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens, both of whom would later be faces of the ‘steroid era’.
Favorite TSTO Time of the Year: As a predominantly freemium player who only purchases premium characters when they go on sale, my favourite time of year is Black Friday. Love those donut rebates. I tend to save up year round and buy as many characters as I can at Black Friday.
Favorite TSTO Character: Sideshow Mel – He was my second premium purchase and first premium character, purchased during the Black Friday sale in November 2015 (if you’re curious, my first premium purchase was the Canadian Flag for 5 donuts in June 2015).
Favorite TSTO Building: Aesthetically, I’d have to go with Duff Stadium. Who doesn’t love a baseball stadium.
Functionally, I love the feature of sending all characters en masse at the Office of Unemployment.
Favorite TSTO Task: Any of Duffman’s “Party Down at …” tasks. I don’t care if it’s at school, church, Moe’s or the penitentiary. Thumbs Up to Party Down!
Aspirations in Life: To quote one Homer Jay Simpson, “All my life I’ve had one dream: to achieve my many goals”.
Embarrassing Confession: This one time, a website moderator asked me for my most embarrassing confession and I couldn’t think of anything. I must confess, it was so embarrassing.

Addicts Gallery..

The Retired Addicts…


Patric (a.k.a Cranky Old Guy): 

As of March 12th, 2021 after 7 and a half years of TSTO blogging, Patric is officially out of the TSTO blogging game.  You can still find his Friday Filler posts archived here on Addicts.
You can also check out his final Friday Filler Post, So Many to Thank, here

Patric J. Miller has a long, storied background in broadcasting and multimedia production, including writing and arranging the music for the Emmy Award winning Claymation Christmas Celebration for CBS and Atlantic Records. It was there he became enthralled with animated story-telling, as well as meeting  Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s brother-in-law, animator Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!, PeeWee’s Playhouse, Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train), part of his six-degrees-of separation from Bart Simpson.
Happily married for almost 35 years, with 5 daughters (I’ll let that sink in), and 4 grandkids, Patric continues to explore a rich tapestry of interests and vocations outside of the “Tapping World.”

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134 thoughts on “About TSTO Addicts

  1. Hello and a big thank you from Portugal! I started playing in November and turned into an addict very quickly 😉 With all the crazy events and levels, it’s really priceless to have your help on this website. Thanks for all the effort you put into it. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Just started playing around the time of the superhero event. I am now an addict and check your site daily for advice. Thanks so much for all you do!! Very short on neighbors though…any chance you guys will do an updated thread for newbies like me who are seeking some people to visit?

    1. Glad we could help you out! 🙂

      I’ll actually be putting up a new Add Friends feed later today, the old one is getting a little full. Meant to do it when Act 2 hit but got sidetracked and forgot. Look for a new one up a little later today 😉

  3. You folks seem to have a good time. I know, I appreciate the time and helpful information about Tapped Out. Keep up the good work and energy.

    (My husband is a computer programer and he would also have only an avatar instead of an actual photo, cracked me up to “see” Mark)

  4. Hello. I used to occasionally write articles on here, but I have been inactive because of work. *****

  5. Wanna say a big thank you for creating this site. It helps folks like me a lot, who don’t have much time (or donuts) to fiddle around and find out the game’s intricacies. I’m a freemium player and just started to play more regularly since Superheroes Event. Visited this site daily and learn new things each time. Love the posts headlined “Should I Buy”. More amazed at how you guys have walkthroughs and dialogues for every level, including premiums (does this mean you guys have every single player / building).

    Keep up the good work!


  6. Just wanted to let yall know who much this site means to me. I also left a shout out to this site on the Google play rating here Is what i wrote.
    I want to leave a rating for tapped out. This game is GREAT. The only thing is i wish the doughnuts were not so expensive. However im a level 48 with BARE MINIMUM PURCHASE OF THEM. I would like to shout out to (The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts | All Things The Simpsons)
    ( tstoaddicts.com ) they are the BEST Place for help
    Thanks for great game

  7. Hi all I have been playing this game for a few years on and off then started back up more regular think found the time of the stone cutters did not have many neighbours and am a freemium player plus life gets in the way at times so hardly ever complete the tasks fully. I came a cross your site recently and read where people were saying what they wanted to happen next and speculating a Valentine’s game meant to suggest that it would be nice to revisit old tasks to give people a chance to complete them but did not get round to it. THINK EA must have read my mind lol.

  8. I have been a avid tapper for a couple years now, in the last year I have started looking for more friends and information on the game. I would like to say Thank you to your whole team for such an invaluable place for everything involving the game, and all of your dedicated work, along with keeping the peace;). Within the last couple of days I have subscribed to two of your threads, one being the add a friend thread. Out of the 100+ emails a day that I have read I have noticed a few things, that I would like to respectively point out. In an older post your team introduced a Thank you thread so players had another way to communicate, (on a side note, I really appreciate that availability) so my thought is this. Wouldn’t it be just as useful to make an apology thread? I know myself and what I have read, people get pretty upset when they get tagged, so my thought is how far back are they really going to look back in the posts to look for an apology. Also with coming close to having all the friends I am allowed, and all the emails that will not be of use at the time, I will probably like most people have, unsubscribe from that particular thread. I would think it would be more convenient for your team and the community to cross reference the two threads than jumble them into one. Hopefully making it so you don’t have to keep saying “they did apologize”, and making it easier for the victimized tapper to find their amends. I do apologize for the long winded commentary but I am hoping this outlook may make things easier on you and the community. Again Thank you for your hard work now and in the future.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. We have dabbled in the “I’m Sorry” thread too in a way, but it honestly never was used. We have found, sadly, most people just really do not want to take the time or effort to read ANYTHING. Whether it is in the comments, another post, or right in front of them.

      All we can do is hope that readers will start to get a better feel to utilize what we DO have. Look around in the posts they are commenting on. Read other readers feedback. It really is a GREAT source of information right in front of them.

      I offer you the same question you pose to us…will a reader really want to take the time to find the “I’m sorry” post, scan comments for their name or the taggers name, and really utilize the option?

      My best suggestion is this…use our Search Tool. Not the one at the side/end…but the one in the Menus. It works like Google. Many can find almost anything with just a keyword. Possibly even their very own name and posts. 🙂

      Other than that, it is really up to each person to change their way of thinking and “instant” reaction. Be understanding of others and that mistakes can and will happen. Be kind and accepting to neighbors. And just take a few moments of time to really open your eyes and look around you. May be surprised what you find. 🙂

      Hope all that make sense. We really do love to help. Honestly. If we feel a change or post is needed, we will make it. But until we see readers using what is available to them and not wasting it, we feel it not necessary to start another wasted space, if you get my meaning. 🙂

      1. ohhh… THAT Search link.
        Learn something new everyday.
        Thanks, Bunny!!!

  9. Alissa, I was away for a couple days and was just going to follow up on a comment I made on the Veterans Day post but I notice it isn’t there. Why isn’t it posted? I made sure it conformed to the rules so I dont understand.

    1. Actually it did. I think if you looked at it again and re read it over…from an outside view not your own…it did tend to be a bit degrading to others on this site and could have started anger towards what was said.

      We want to keep specific things drama free. I understand your side. I do know what you were referring to as the “locations” are actually no too far from where I grew up. Regardless…we ALWAYS want to shine a better light on any situation and keep the more “flame” prone topics out. Those are more for a discussion on another location and not here.

  10. Am curious to know if you guys get paid? Looks like a lot of time effort energy & love goes into the site & have been wondering a lot recently about it. Dont need to know the details but be nice if you all were 😉

  11. Just found your site recently and i have used it non stop, I have been playing almost sincethe beginning. Holloween is bittersweet for me. Living in the northeast, we lost power and the internet for 10 days after Hurricaine Sandy, So the end of the 2012 event was lost. Caompared to how much others lost, including myself, this is pales in comparrison. But evey Holloween in tapped out makes me do everything since then to complete it all.

    Great job on this site!

  12. So, since finding Addicts, I’ve reached a new level of addiction. Like, I have started to try rearranging my town to look good rather than a jumble of stuff, plus all of the help and laughs from reading old posts. And the general happy attitude of everyone here who comments, along with the head Addicts, makes it that much better. Thanks for making a great TSTO site.

    1. More than happy to help and provide laughs n giggles, even if it means I watching vids Alissa posts of me tripping UP the stairs. 😉

    1. I was just about to post the same thing. Gotta love the funny bunny, she makes me giggle. Rick Astley, hahaha. Love it!

  13. I love this site it help me and someone is going to die the Simpson show its start with … sorry can’t tell 😉😪

  14. Bunny, Wookie, Alyssa! Hello! Thank you for this wonderful site!
    I didn’t know where to post this question so here goes…….I saw that the solid gold mansion also had a job for Chester but to date I haven’t seen it. I’ve done Homer twice and Cletus once but nothing ever came up for Chester. Do you know what I need to do to prompt him?

    Thanks and have a great day!
    Keep up the great work!


    1. Not a problem. 😉
      It is just an extra task that unlocks in his task bar. Just tap on him and scroll through and look for Dine on Liver and Onions. Then select it. No prompts.

  15. Hello, my name is Nimbus, and I am a TSTO Addict. (“Hi Nimbus!”)
    I have been an addict since TSTO’s release, and then re-release, and have been a reader and watcher of “The Little Blog That Could” from the beginning. This site is different from all of the others, it gives you more than game information, it gives you 2d, and 3d designs, contests, invaluable opinions, quick comments responses and what games are really about, FUN AND LAUGHTER.

    Of anyone, the Addicts are as close as you come to TSTO Customer Service professionals who go the extra mile to answer your questions, debug your problems, and make you laugh.

    You laugh, then cry, then tap, the laugh again, all knowing that it’s okay because you’re not alone. Yes, it’s an addiction, but so is breathing if you think about it…

    To you three, bravo! Of every TSTO site out there, I honestly consider this one to be the OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL site for The Simpsons Tapped Out, and I don’t believe a word, rumor, picture, or comment I see anywhere else, unless and until it’s here.

    (sits down.)

  16. Hey guys!

    Recently came across the site and it’s amazing! Can’t get enough of it! 🙂

    I’m a fairly new tapper, currently at level 26 🙂 but I was just wondering do you know if they re-release the limited edition characters at all? I’m a bit of a completionist and would like to get some of the characters that I can’t seem to get at this current time (Brandine, Yes guy, Kumiko)! 🙂 any response would be great! 😀

    1. From time to time they’ll bring back and old character or decoration, but not everything. So it’s hard to say what they might do in the future. They’ve brought back a variety of characters & buildings, but mostly from a time period when the game was only on iOS & not yet on Android. So anything can happen…but there are still a LOT of items that were released and never released again (like the Falls)

      And thank YOU for the kind words! 🙂

      1. Ah I see! Thanks for the info, there’s a lot of awesome characters that I’ve missed so hopefully EA will bring them back again! 🙂 Originally I thought it may have been to do with something about me living in the UK but it’s good that’s not the case!

        Thanks again! 😀

  17. Where are you guys located? I’m just curious. I’m not new to the game (although I was forced to take 2 painfully long breaks) but I am new to this site and absolutely love it. I find myself on here daily, if not several times daily.

    1. We’re all in the US spread out in various timezones. From East Cost, to West Cost and Mountains in between 🙂

      Welcome to the craziness of TSTO Addicts! 🙂

  18. Hey there hi there ho there. I was just wondering…

    I posted a few questions and/or comments recently. They await moderation for a while and then never appear. Fortunately, I’ve been able to get my questions answered on other TSTO sites, but have always appreciated your insights and gentle humor. My email & and name work okay on the “add friends” threads on this site, but my questions under “help me” etc. never show. If I’m doing something wrong, please let me know.

    1. Hi there susan!
      Sometimes we wait for comments to get past moderation if there’s a question that requires a lot of detail to answer. This is just because we can’t necessarily address it right at that moment but we always get back to them.
      Friend comments get pushed quick because they require little to no response from us, so we try to make sure those go right through. Question comments usually take a little longer depending on the question.
      That being said I just had a quick look through all of the comments on the site (approved, pending, deleted and spammed) and only saw a handful from you, all of which were approved. So if there are other comments out there of yours that are still in moderation on your end, we don’t see them here. Could be an issue with Word Press, I know other readers are commenting that their comments sometimes disappear.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

      1. Alissa, as always (when my posts show 😉) it does. And my questions are often nothing if not verbose and detailed. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and for all your past, present and future help!

    2. I also just searched all your info (we see a lot on our side) and every question that was posted to our Q&A was answered, both by myself and Wookiee. Sometimes when there are so many questions asked and answers…it fills up the page quickly and may take a lil time for you to find it again if you do not choose the option to be alerted with responses.

      If there is still something you are struggling with or anything in general, please feel free to just ask and we are more than happy to help all we can. That is what we are here for and enjoy. 😉

      1. The two questions that I never saw posted/answered were from a while back, but I think it was my error because I have now learned a big lesson in patience! Because I get so spoiled by the fact that you guys respond to comments almost faster than I can offer them, I obviously failed to wait long enough for my post earlier today.

        When I saw that my comment had gone from “awaiting moderation” to “no appearance,” I thought it had gone the way of the other two. But, as Alissa pointed out, it just took time.

        Please forgive my impatience. I was so worried that I had violated protocol or was doing something wrong. At least you know how much I rely on your site, so there’s that! Mea culpa, mea culpa.

        1. Awwww no worries at all. We just want to make sure we don’t miss an answer either. We love helping out. It gives us great joy and is what makes this site what it is. 😉

  19. New to TSTO game and this board. I bought a NOOK HD+ a few weeks ago and then found the TSTO app in the Google Play app section. I have been enjoying the game ever since! Are their any information guidebooks for a Newbie to this game? Thanks ~ Rikhardr

    1. Welcome to the madness that is TSTO! 🙂
      We’ve got a great section for new Tappers…you can check that out here
      Stuck on a level? You can check out our full level walkthroughs here
      Need help with the Easter Event? We’ve got a full event page (we’re updating it as we add new posts) here
      If you’re stuck with anything and need help you can always just ask…we’re always around to help, as are the great readers of this site. You can check out our Questions and Answers page here.
      Hope that info helps! 🙂

  20. I missed the whacking Day last year and Pray they do it again, Bunny if you read this, maybe you can send a message along to the developers that many people (cuz Ive seen a lot of people say they want whacking day), want whacking day and if they are already were planning it, maybe gives us an update. Or if they weren’t planning the whacking Day event, the tell them that a lot of premium paying, everyday playing, love this game kinda players would love to have them start developing that event :-), OR sadly, if they confirm there is no whacking day, for sure, let us know that as well. so we don’t get our hopes up for nothing. I’m passionate about this game, as i’m sure you are as well or you wouldn’t of created this page, but I’m passionate about it cuz not only do I love it and have loved the Simpsons in general all my life but cuz I’m sick, I have stage 3 HS and I spend a lot of time in many invasive surgical recoveries, or sick in general and this game gets me excited again about something that ive loved all my life <3 If only you knew the extent of my Simpsons collection, LOL, I got everything from Duff beer, to Simpson Pogs, to 20 different Simpson themed board games, several hundreds of novelties items, puzzles, posters, the Simpson chia pet 😛 to every single Simpson comic book starting from #1 (original) to like somewhere in the late 100's like 170. I had to stop collecting cuz I got sick, I wish I could get the remanding ones, t finish up my collection! Maybe one day 🙂 I know Im late to the game, i just realized there was one in December )at the end of the gift card/ presents Christmas event) and I leveled up real quick to 39+, if there were higher levels id be somewhere in the late 40's. So I missed Halloween 🙁 (my favorite holiday) but back my my original point, Whacking Day, I always loved that episode!

    1. Hey there Addict!!! Glad you like our lil community of writers. So happy you found us. 🙂

      It would be cool to see BOTH a Whacking Day and Easter come around this year. EA has tossed in a lot of surprises for us. I did have fun with WD last year as it was when I first joined the community as well as met Fuzzball and the others that brought me to this site of Awesome people.

      I feel for what you are going through. It is not an easy feat. I am glad you are able to find amusement and solace in a silly lil game. Your collection sounds AMAZING. I would love it if you were to send us some pictures of it. TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com. I may even share it with the rest of the community if that is ok with you?

      I am anxious to see what they have up their sleeves. I do have to admit to pestering the heck out of them to give me a BUNNY HOLIDAY. Lol. I am a lil partial to the furry creatures. Wonder why? I have voiced my wish of getting those snakes back too, just not so long of an event this go around. Though it looks like they have got a better handle on how to function with the events. I am quite impressed at how far this lil game has come.

      For me too, it has become my escape when my personal life was shattered. I found open arms and caring people here and continue to grow friendships that will outlast any silly lil game, so I as well am very grateful to a game and a great community of readers such as yourself for giving me a place to come and be welcomed and overall…just smile and laugh. 😉

  21. Couldn’t find this on your site, apologies if everyone already knows this, but marge’s 4 hour witch task “speed up crops”; cuts the 8 hour crop down to 4.

  22. Can you look into the problem that many users are having with gifts cards not yielding spin tokens anymore. EA seems to not care about it. We know that they read the blogs. Maybe a little pressure would light a fire under their collective butts. Thanks.

    1. TSTO is a huge money maker for EA so I’m sure they care about any glitches that could lose them customers. Unfortunately, we don’t work for them but will of course see what we can find out. Please make sure you’re still letting them know too. When I lost a character, I made sure I was the squeaky wheel and contacted them frequently.

  23. I’ve been wondering how many people read this blog. TSTO Topix, the successor to “the other site,” hit 2,000,000 hits several days ago. I imagine your site is a little smaller, but I’m curious to know the exact numbers. Thanks!

    1. We are more interested in our readers enjoying our work than to focus on the #s. It’s always been and will always be more about you guys. 🙂

      I will hint that our numbers are very similar…maybe more…Bunny won’t tell 😛

  24. I have a question/request about this site. When we leave a comment, we can choose to receive emails regarding that post. I was just wondering if there is a way to receive emails only from the replies to my comment so I dont get flooded with irrelevant conversations. If theres an option im not aware of, id like to know about it and if it doesnt exist, Im kindly suggesting it be added (if thats possible) Thanks and keep up the good work. -Marie

    1. Hey Marie… doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust these setting at present but thanks for the suggestion! We’ll keep looking in to it for the future. Best advice would be to unsubscribe from the comment thread if it’s overwhelming you.

    1. Currently there are 3 of us who write for the site. However, I believe we’re adding a 4th shortly.
      Thanks for checking us out!

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