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Surprise! It’s Been Five Months…


The package arrived in the early hours of morning, with slush and ice still doing their best to make the UPS driver’s life a  frozen hell. As there has been a crazy confluence of delayed Christmas deliveries recently, due in part to the horrible weather and an obviously overwhelmed Amazon and UPS/FedEx/US Postal staff (who from what I can tell, mostly work for Amazon these days anyway) I wasn’t surprised to get a delivery this late after the holidays.

Between Christmas, my birthday on New Year’s Day, and our 35th Wedding Anniversary on the 9th, there have been any number of reasons for my overworked UPS guy (who stubbornly wore shorts until the weather dropped into the low 20s), to show up with a package at my “home office.”

But, this one was different. I could sense it from the minute I picked it up. As I touched the box, there was an instant burst of cognition emanating from it that made me realize that my life was going to change for the better.  It seemed to glow in the light, with a luminescence that pulsed with a sense of possibilities for the coming year (or perhaps my vision swirled due to the extra 2 cups of coffee and having over-nuked the last of the Christmas cinnamon rolls that had reached a full week past the “best eaten by” label,” that I had consumed minutes before).

Whatever the reason for the halcyon glow,  I could tell this was something that was clearly “unexpected” and magical!
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Snow, Snow Go Away…Come Again Another Update…


I love the snow. Let’s not forget this point, as you read the rest of this lament about snow.  I love the way our Springfield’s, and for that matter, our actual, real-life, towns look, when they are cloaked in a layer of beautiful, white, freshly fallen snow.

There is something magical about the quiet…the way snow insulates and dulls the sounds in the early morning when you first get up.  It is peaceful, beautiful, and often times rewards children (and teachers) with a “snow day,” to frolic, relax, and have fun.

In short…snow is wonderful!

Until it isn’t…
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Homer’s Quest for Enlightenment In Four Parts


Before we start this journey, I would like to ask those of you who despise anything that isn’t “directly game related” to turn away…go farm KEMs or simply just save yourself some time and emotional distress.  This is meant for the REST of you, who in a “grinding period” (as we are now) may be looking for a little insight, fun, and metaphysical diversion.

Fair enough? (Although I hate that phrase…something is either fair, or it isn’t).

This update/event has been one of the craziest, most divisive updates in recent memory, and for reasons that the programmers and writers could scarcely have imagined.  OK. Hold on. Who are we kidding here? They knew it was going to incite some discussion, and some controversy, but most likely didn’t expect such clear division between “isms” from the players. So many “isms” choose from…and so few answers.

But, as it is playing out, Homer has continued to lead us all on a spiritual quest for enlightenment (whether we wanted to go down some of the paths or not).  And in the final chapter (is there ever actually a “final” chapter as it pertains to everlasting life?) it’s mostly meant to be just, plain, fun.

Let’s break down Homer’s journey…

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TSTO – a 2016 Tapping Year In Review

Initially, I was pleased that Alissa tasked me with writing the “Year in Review” post. And then I realized that as more of a “Critical Review” that takes into account the good and the bad, it is actually easier for someone who is opinionated to write it. Alissa is very nice…and for the most part wants everyone to get along and be happy.  I don’t mind that some (many/most) people may not agree with everything I write. I get it. These are personal opinions at best, as we have found out in this Holiday/Winter/Christmas/Pagan event.

Let’s face it. There are some people who LOVE everything that EA does (they don’t call him HappyTapper for nothing!). And others that are a tad more critical (I will refrain from naming names at this point).  But, we all experience the same updates in the same way, through our own Tapping Lenses…which makes all of this subjective at best.

So…taking into account that this overview is just my opinion, and that you are perfectly free to disagree with me (although I secretly want you to agree with me so I feel ratified and relevant), LET’S LOOK BACK ON THE YEAR THAT WAS… IN TSTO.
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Dear EA – P.S.


I hesitated to open up this can of worms again, but the final frames of the this update pushed me over the edge. And while I thought it would be funny to do a “fake news” post about angry TSTO players leaving sheep’s heads at the gates of EA headquarters in San Francisco in protest, I thought better of it.  After all…if two major countries can get into a recent preemptive twitter showdown over nuclear power over a fake news article, there is no telling what would happen if I fomented the fires of passion over this less-than-holiday update, and the final poke in the heart thrown out by the EA/Gracie programmers.

Instead, I will simply add a P.S. to the previous “venting letters” I wrote, which allowed you to write “I agree” in response, to get your emotions quelled and back to a “happy place” in the update.

Before I start, I want to re-emphasize that I do not have any issue with the basic concept of “trying something different” as it pertains to a “Winter/Holiday” update.  And yes, while there are billions of Christians who lay claim to this time of year by nature of annual credit card debt, it doesn’t mean that the  “hundreds of thousands of practising Wiccans around the globe” (according to WIKI) should be ignored.

However, as I will point out in the “P.S.” to EA, there are still limitations to how far we are to be pushed outside the realm of good taste and common sense.

See if you agree with me…
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The Best Gift of All…And A Special Thank You Gift


First…let me start by saying that Alissa isn’t aware of this post. I’m sneaking it in, and hope that you all understand why by the end of what I am going to write here.

After what has clearly been one of the most contentious years in many decades, I think we are all breathing a slight sigh of relief that at least during the next few days, no matter how or what you celebrate this time of year, can be yours to embrace and savor.  I personally, love the Christmas season. At the age of of almost 63 (on New Year’s Day), it is absolutely impossible to target any single Christmas memory as “the best ever.”  Choosing a favorite Simpson’s Christmas episode is difficult enough…and there are only a handful of them.

What I do know, is that my favorite two movies this time of year, both of which we watch faithfully with the kids every Christmas Eve, are “It’s a Wonderful LIfe” and the Goerge C. Scott version of “A Christmas Carol.”  For me, the reason they resonate so strongly, is that they are both stories of men gone astray, and then finding salvation and a second chance for redemption.

I can honestly say that I have had far more second chances in life than any man deserves.  But, part of that gift is understanding when one has been handed to you, and knowing to appreciate it.

I had exactly one of those “Chances for Redemption” this year…
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EA Origin Servers are Having Issues…Merry Christmas!

22 December: Problems at EA

EA is having issues since 10:48 AM EST.

This is from the alert status at

No way of knowing how long the problems will persist, but it is creating a problem with logging into the game, give you a “YOU HAVE BEEN LOGGED OUT” message. Even using your proper Origin ID does not solve the problem.


Wait it out.  Do NOT go through the nightmare of trying to reset your password, or contact EA for help.  We will give you a notice when the issue is resolved.

So relax. Go watch a nice Christmas movie…or learn all of the words to “Here we come a Wassailing”…or better yet, MAKE some Wassail. It is LOADED with happy holiday booze.

Chillax. This is par for the course…

UPDATE– The system seems to be back up, sporadically. Make sure you use your Origin email and password… do not be freaked out by “your game has been logged into another device.”  It is just the system resetting and recognizing your padular device.


Should I Obtain? Complete Gift Voucher Prize Guide


Let us begin with a reminder that ALL of our “Should I Buy” guides are merely to be used as tools to make up your own minds as to whether an item is worth your time in ROT (Return On Tapping) ratio.  It is the OPINION of the writer (me), and nothing more. You, the player, always have the Free Will to ignore said opinions and obtain (I hesitate to use the word “purchase” as these are Freemium offerings that you win randomly). anything your little heart desires. Because let’s be honest…these posts are ALL about your happiness and contentment. Right?

I’m actually going to make this EAsy.  There is a LOT of stuff…but, as you will see, there are only a handful of gems in between loads of potential clutter.  So, let’s dig in!
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The Greatest Christmas Gift of All…

golf-mainThis being my 5th Winter/Christmas/Holiday TSTO event, I really go into these things with a heavy dose of pragmatism, which starts with the question, “How many Christmas things can you actually use every year?”  And then I look at the hilariously gigantic, incongruous Christmas display at my neighbor’s house, and realize, “more than you can imagine” being the proper answer.

When I use the word “incongruous Christmas display,” in the previous description of my neighbor’s annual display (which takes the better part of two solid weeks to put up), I mean the kind of display that has Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus right next to Santa and a mechanized Mickey Mouse in an airplane.  Ralph is an “equal opportunity celebrationist.”  And that’s just one of the things that I like about his inclusive view of the holidays.

But, it also explains why I think that the “Greatest Gift of All” in this decidedly broad definition of a “holiday celebration” of an event, is hilariously divisive while being inclusive and inspirational.

I am of course (both declarative  and recreational)  talking about The Parson.

Good, old, what’s his name…The Parson.
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Should I Buy- The Singing Stones (with complementary sheet music)


OK. So every once in a while there is an item that simply makes me laugh.  The programmers seem to come up with these things, just when we are exasperated with an update (does anyone remember being exasperated lately?) that almost redeems them from past indiscretions.

For me…the Singing Stones are exactly one of those items.  But, before I go too far, I do remember that these things are supposed to have a format. I’ll do my best to stick to the format, while humming and tapping out songs on the stones in my game.

Let’s be clear. This has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones. These stones don’t rock, or roll…but they do sing! And they are a TON cheaper than a ticket to see the Rolling Stones at this past summer’s “Oldchella” concert in the California desert (which averaged about $400 per ticket).  I like the Stones…but I don’t like them THAT much. But, I digress…

SHOULD I BUY THE SINGING STONES?  Click below to find out…and see the challenge I am issuing to the community!
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