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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E5 Dancin’ Homer

Give me a “T”!, Give me another “T!”, Give me One More “T”! WHAT’S THAT AN ABBREVIATION FOR? That’s right, My Throwback Thursdays!!! I mean, Totbox’s Throwback Thursdays!!!!!!!

TSTO Addicts might already have a number of mascots, including a guy in a furry costume, but if anyone made a Totbox suit you can bet I won’t be wearing it :p (I can humiliate myself just fine As myself. Let someone else get the glory) :p

Please put your hands together and give a warm cheer for episode 18:

*cue “the baby elephant walk” song*

“Dancin’ Homer”
Homer not only acts like a goofball, but he meets The Goofball (in person), in this crowd pleasing episode.

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E4 Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

Hello Average-Joe Six-pack, Johnny Lunchpail, Joe Meatball, Sally Housecoat, Eddie Punchclock, and clan of Slack-Jawed Troglodytes, (phrases Burns used in this episode)

This is how Some people talk if they are running for political office and if you didn’t know that you should be “fired” (from whatever job you have)… I guess that joke might not make so much sense in time, but right now, currently in 2016, you’ll be laughing and laughing :p (maybe)

Luckily for us folks, in the U.S.A., We will be done with these candidates in no more than 8 years or so (hopefully much much less). Yet every 4 years (or less) we go through the political campaigns and no matter who we like there is always that candidate that schemes/scams and tosses false facts at us (including some we like). In this episode it is Mr. Burns (which saddly doesn’t sound like a bad candidate comparatively) :p

“Two cars in every garage and three eyes on every fish”
Burns runs for Governor and Bites more than he can chew

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E3 Treehouse of Horror

Hello time travelers, happy Halloween

*Flashlight under face* Boo!! Now that you are properly scared, prepare to be informed (which is kind of scarier). There are a few Landmarks in The Simpsons’ history and this is one of them, The very first THOH (which since “Treehouse” is a compound word it should be TOH but it doesn’t look right, so let’s stick with THOH).

1977, there was an iconic role, voiced by an even larger Force of a man, James Earl Jones. Yes THAT James Earl Jones and he graced The Simpsonsverse in three separate roles in this episode (not to mention voicing Maggie in a future THOH episode).

There was no THOH in season 1 but this doesn’t change the fact how important they are to the fabric of the series and our game. Enough of my excitement that I can’t put into words (and refused to leave in all caps) find a dark room or even a treehouse and enjoy this special installment:

“Treehouse Of Horror”
Treehouse, Possessed House, UFO and Poe 🙂

image (23)

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E2 Simpsons and Delilah

Hello You Magnificent Creatures Whom Deserve Respect,

When is the last time you got a good look at yourself in the mirror? I mean, took a really good look? Do you see all your physical flaws or your Great Beauty and Potential to Accomplish Great Things? Or neither and just how pathetic you are for attempting such confidence-building-exercises? :p

Whatever your answers, you’re not alone. Stop looking in the mirror and reflect on this second episode of season 2. 🙂

“Simpson and Delilah”
Homer’s problem isn’t that he is bald but the fact he isn’t bold

image (13)

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E1 Bart gets an “F”

Hi Underachievers,

It is a bit funny that I (like Bart) am not a fan of history yet here I am traveling through it, all the way back to October 11th 1990, when Bart was in the fourth grade… Wait, he still is in the fourth grade!

Now sit up and pay attention! There will be a test at the end of this post.

“Bart gets an “F””

Bart needs to pass a test… And that means, he needs a Miracle.

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Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday: Season 1 TLC

Hello Couch Potato(es) and Folks over at EA,

You may have seen one or two or thirteen of (my) Totbox’s Throwback Posts and since all of Season 1 has been written, I figure it’s time to reveal my ulterior motive… I have written them for many reasons (to keep me mentally busy, to see what other reader’s thoughts are on those episodes, to pretend I’m an important fixture to the TSTO Addict community) :p BUT my main purpose As Usual was hopes to get a little attention from EA itself (after all they are the true puppet masters of my gaming destiny). So I figure maybe if I gather all of Season 1 posts and link them, to form an Ultimate reference to Season 1 and the possibilities available, maybe they’ll take a peak and give me… I mean Us, some of those characters and things we have been wishing for.

I would like to call this “Hey EA, sEAson 1, COME ON!!!!!!” but I can’t neglect the readers here at TSTOA with a few more of my silly observation between Season 1 before diving into Season 2, After all did you see each post I made regarding Season 1? What if someone missed one? What if someone didn’t read any? 😮

Since I have a little OCD how about a little TLC (tender loving care) for my throwback posts? You can still access them by going to Behind The Game and selecting ThrowbackThursday but when you do you see the newest one and need to scroll down to read the older one. So I figure I’d make this “Season 1 TLC” (Throwbacks Listed Chronologically).

I hope your eyes are ready because here comes the first Totbox’s Throwback Season (1) Binge Read (which was another alternative title to this post) 😛

“Season 1”

School, Work, Home, what else is there? Hmm.. Holidays, Emotions, War, Nature, Crimes, Parties and MORE!!

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E13 Some Enchanted Evening

 Enjoy this installment of Throwback Thursday with Totbox!- Alissa 

Hello again time travelers (and babies that don’t need sitting),

May 13th 1990, the season Finale of Season 1 of The Simpsons. The Simpson children are left home alone (with a thief/babysitter) which may have been the inspiration to “Home Alone” which premiered later that year on November 16th 1990. 😫

If you haven’t rewatched any of the Season 1 episodes I suggest you do. If you need to keep the kids busy while you binge-watch I suggest you get a babysitter or find their favorite video and keep replaying it for them. If you follow these instructions you too might have a memorable night like Homer and Marge in this episode.

“Some Enchanted Evening”

Homer needs to makeup to Marge for all the neglect he has done, solution: neglect the kids.

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E12 Krusty Gets Busted

 Enjoy this installment of Throwback Thursday with Totbox!- Alissa 

Greetings Illiterates, Wait a minute! You’re not illiterate… You are an imposter, You Are Really… *pulling your mask off* (Gasp/jinkies) A READER!!!! … Greetings to you too. 🙂

Mistaken identity and frame jobs have been around since time began… I mean, CRIME began (which was a long time ago) ;p so the first detectives were born!! Sherlock Stones and Watsand (or was that just an episode of the Flintstones? Who is to say the Simpsons are not the Flintstones or the Honeymooners’ Kramdens?) But I degress… Where was I? I have no CLUE…. OH Yes! It was I, talking/writing to YOU, in the POST, with a candlestick (or Tablet). It is all very mysterious. … Or is it?

Read on… (Suspenseful pause, followed by intimidating voice) If you dare (and I’ll probably drop the whole goofy detective narrator thing) :p

“Krusty Gets Busted”

Krusty has been framed many times (as a poster for kids bedrooms) but this time it’s a jury that thinks he’s a little crooked. :p

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E11 The Crepes of Wrath

Bonjour and Happy Bastille Day to all of our French readers!  Enjoy this installment of Throwback Thursday with Totbox!- Alissa 

Bonjour The Simpsons Tapé Des Toxicomanes,

Moi French is a petite (how you say?) “not bien”, so I’m going to do the rest of the post en Anglais (I mean… “in English”). Time travelers are known to make a pit-stop in France because all the rich history and so here I am taking a “YES” (that’s the English form for “Oui” right?).

Though, you may have seen this episode already (or this post, if you are rereading it) join me anyway in a little Déjà Vu.

“The Crepes of Wrath”

Bart has been enlisted in the student exchange program to France and all he wants to do is WhINE :p

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Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday, err Today: S1 E10 Homer’s Night Out

WOOKIEE UPDATE: Charcoal Briquette went live to celebrate Bastille Day for 4,000 Trading Cards. We’ll have more details in an upcoming Issue 3 Crafting Post.

So I goofed last night and forget to run this (blame it on the craziness of Issue 3 hitting), as we’re planning on two Throwbacks this week (Tot has something special in store for Thursday).  So even though it’s not Thursday or Tuesday…enjoy this installment of Throwback with Tot!- Alissa 

*exotic dancing* oops, I better stop. *covering up*

Hey Body-shamers and debauchers,

As a time traveler I’ve had many opportunities to watch (how to put this?) “various entertainment venues” but I try not to and do you know why? Because I’m embarrassed by the human body? Because it’s a bit too naughty for my liking? NO!! because I am afraid to run into ancestors at those venues (and embarrassed by the human body)! The exotic dancing arts are still a little taboo, so regarding this post the best thing to do is to not rely on details and be as vague as a plume of feathers. Raise the curtain and let’s put the spotlight on Episode 10. (And please no flash photography)

“Homer’s Night Out”

Bart takes a picture that gets Homer a little Overexposed.

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