3D 101

3D in Springfield.  Decorations that seem to almost grow out/pop out of your land. Rising anywhere from a little bit to several stories into the air. You can make a building look like it is on a higher level than the surrounding ones, make water appear to flow from a mountaintop down into a lake below, make steps leading up up up into a location or down down down under ground. You can also make extra building or structures that you are wanting, but are not available in the game. Like a parking garage, addition to a house, or extra wings/rooms for the hospital. Many times this type of design takes up a large amount of land due to you need the space to make the “step-up” or “step down” to another level.

screenshot_2013-05-18-22-16-52 screenshot_2013-08-12-21-36-10 wolfcastle

Want to create your own 3D designs?  Check our these great 3D 101 classes from Bunny and Wookiee:

The Basics: Step Down/Step Up– Taught by Bunny

Building a Parking Structure– Taught by Bunny

Building a 3D Football Field– Taught by Bunny

Theater 3D Step 7
Building an Outdoor Theater– Taught by Wookiee

bumper cars 2
Building a Go Kart Track– Taught by Bunny

Prison 13
Mega Prison- Taught by Wookiee

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  1. Could you please also show us some ideas that people have had when designing buildings and structures that go below ground.. I have designed one myself, just looking for new ideas to base some new designs on.

  2. Those 3d r a joke… u guys have to buy those holiday fences and walls when they available… my hospital design has a cancer and kids expansion.. but like I said people if u want it to look great u will have to use those limited time items….

  3. Hey… So I was just thinking of maybe making a wooded area for Cletus’ farm, and Nelson’s house, but making it look like it’s up on a back country hill sorta situation… Any suggestions? Is there a way to make it look a dirt road goes up the hill?


  4. Do you like what I have done with my Buddhist temple and my sir puttalot’s:

  5. Has anyone ever built a car wash.

    • I have seen a few versions and played with some myself. Never really did a post on it. Though seeing the Homer and Peter crossover episode made me think of it again. 😉

  6. tono villa Quez

    I need help. .. please !!

  7. I have the large rectangle shrubs as the base. I used barbed wire to do two of the walls to make it look three high but I can’t repeat it for the other two walls. I tried the benches for ropes but couldn’t get it to look right. Giving up for the night will try again tomorrow.

  8. I’m not sure if any of you have been to my Springfield but I have tributes to some of my favorite wwf/wwe wrestlers. Basically just the names punk, piper, jake, Miz and yes!!! ( in honor of Daniel Bryan). Now I’ve decided I want to build a wrestling ring. I can use shrubs for the base but not sure how to do the rest. Any suggestions? I might just make it a steel cage so I don’t have to figure out ropes, but feel like that’s sort of cheating.

    • The chain link/barb fence would make a good cage. I would suggest maybe give either the boardwalk benches a try for ropes or the boardwalk fences. It just depends on the look you are going for. 🙂

    • I have one done, checkout stepheng255

  9. loved the parking garage, so i made one outside costingtons….

  10. Hi I was just wondering if there was instructions on how to build the photo below the parking garage. The one with the river flowing out of the mountain. I was thinking that a property that could be bought that i just missed. But i was reading one of these pages that you could build it 3D. I am absolutely in love with this site! Love the tips and advice. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to build it. The waterfall came from an episode tie-in last year. Hopefully EA will re-release the decoration.

    • Welcome to the madness that is the Addicts. You are very welcome to pick our brains at any time. We will do all we can to help. Thanks for the compliments. 😉

      As far as Springfield Falls, it was a limited time item and no longer available. You can attempt to make a water dam with the 3D effects. Essentially make a pond or lake in the shape you want, then using the stack/building and combo step method…you can give the effect of a lake in a dam.

  11. where is the mega prison? i know i saw it and i would appreciate it if it was in this page

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