2013 Christmas Event


Happy Holidays Tappers!

The 2013 Tapped Out Christmas Event is upon us…woohoo!  Here’s where you can find any and all of the complete Addicts Team coverage of the event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

Christmas Extended?! (New End Date 1/14/14)

Merry Christmas from TSTO Addicts!
Let it Snow, Let it Snow!  The Update is Here!
How Do I Get the Grumple & What About Gil?!
Bunny’s Gift Card Counter Calendar
Holiday Items and the Conform-O-Meter
The Great Donut Caper Details
Gil’s Christmas Deal
Grumple is Here
Christmas Gift From EA (Free Reindeer)
Holiday Wheel Frustrations!
What Would the Addicts Do: Spin Tokens, Gil & Grumple

How-To’s And What the Heck is Going on:
The Basics of the Holiday Update: The Gift of EA: Gift Bags, Presents and Cards.
The Deal with the Christmas Lights: How Do I Get LIGHTS?!
Holiday Wheel: The Spin Around
The Gift Rundown: Basics of Gifts, Payouts, How Often they Drop, Etc.
Elves, Coins & Christmas Lights
First 2 Personal Prizes: Egg Nog Bar & Holiday Tree
3rd and 4th Personal Prizes: Elves and the Mall
5th and 6th Personal Prizes:  Ice Rink and Happy Elves Ride
7th and 8th Personal Prizes: Christmas Raccoon & Santa Flanders
9th and 10th Personal Prizes: Plow King’s Plow & Costington’s
New Features: Character Finder & Neighbor Toggle

Community Prizes:
Community Prize Overview
First Community Prize Unlocked!
Second Community Prize is Here!
Third Community Prize is Here!
Fourth Community Prize is Here!
Fifth, & Final, Community Prize is Here!

Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Quick Walkthrough Main Questline
Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Holiday Wheel Prize, the Plow King                          Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Holiday Wheel Prize, Mr. Plow
Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Santa Flanders
Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Grumple
Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Ebenezer Burns
Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Costington’s and Mr. Costington
Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: The Yes Guy

Should I Spend Donuts On?:
Santa Village (And Santa Homer)
Holiday Tree
Trashcan Fire
Snow People
Candy Kevin

Where Did THAT Come From? (WDTCF)
 Candy Kevin
Snow Monster
Claus Co
Springfield Ice Rink
Helter Shelter                                                                                                                                  Mr. Plow and Plow King
Egg Nog Bar & Santa Flanders
Christmas Raccoon  
Happy Little Elves

Glitchs and Other Issues:
Gimme My Gifts EA: Gift Glitch with Bunny
In Game Update: Glitch Fix?

Tapped Out on Christmas:
Tips to keep from getting Tapped Out after you’ve finished the Christmas Event
Neighboreeno Guidance 
Town Designs
Create 2D
Create 3D

Holiday Fun:
2013 TSTO Addicts Holiday Contest!
Walking in a Wookiee Wonderland
2D in the Snow?!
Twas the Night Before Grumplemas

Pre-Event Fun:
WAWW Christmas Edition

48 responses to “2013 Christmas Event

  1. Is there any way to get the mapple store?

  2. one of my friends can have negative gift bags dropped in their Springfield.. meaning limitless gifts! wth!?? how??!

    • Good question. Sounds like a pretty cool glitch. 😉
      I wonder just how long it will last though. Usually those kind of glitches work themselves out. (Unless they’re playing an “altered” game.)

  3. Thanks guys, I have seen it and am wondering if it’s worth the 100 donuts or not, maybe after Xmas!! X

  4. EA’s greed is shameful…gather a thousand gift cards just to win a couple hundred in return…I’ve not found a single Spin token from a giftbag and rarely get giftbags to give away…and the lack of donuts…the storyline is sad…why should the Halloween event be the highlight of this “game”???

  5. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I haven’t seen it in the posts yet. When Homer and Lisa go into hiding for 24hr and Springfielders go hunting, you can send the hunting multiple times. In addition, after the 24hr has passed, if you don’t release homer and Lisa then you can STILL send everyone hunting for them. So I’m earning a ton of tickets by not finishing the Christmas story line and leaving Homer/Lisa in limbo. Hopefully others will take advantage of this too!

  6. I have seen the Mayflower ship in other springfields but I don’t have the option to get it myself, I have played everyday since the start so haven’t missed it!! Or have I……..??

    • You missed it. It was a limited item during Thanksgiving. Sorry

      • I apologize, this comment reply was placed on the incorrect question.The answer was not intended for you. I am sorry. 🙁
        I was answering someone else in regards to a different limited item.

        The Mayflower is INDEED still available. In order to be able to obtain it, you need to have first reached Level 15. Next, you need to make sure you complete the 2nd task building in Squidport (Squidport Pt.2). Once you have completed those two items, you can go into the premium menu (the one that has the Homer Buddha icon). The Mayflower will be at the end. Purchasable for 100 donuts.

    • You didn’t miss it. It’s a premium item, costs 100 donuts and is buyable. It was introduced at Thanksgiving, but is NOT a limited time item.

  7. I’ve seen a CLAUSECO tower in a few towns, however I haven’t seen any mention of it here. Did I miss something?

  8. omg that christmas racoon makes a darn cute noise when tapped! lol

  9. Anyone have any thoughts on the community prizes?!?

    What does EA have up its sleeves?

    At the current rate, we’ll be lucky to get to the totem pole by event’s end!

    • Post coming. My thoughts…EA will adjust it. Still make sure we get them all.

      • I really hope they do give them to us…. watching that meter is painfully slow! Did that post get up? I don’t see it, but I am snow blind at the moment (another dumping here last night… I’m getting sick of it already!)

    • i definitely want the yes guy and ebenezer burns costume!

      there’s supposed to be a short double up period (each gift/card counts twice as much), so some people may be saving about 500 gifts to drop them at that time (5 gifts to all 100 neighbors)…?

  10. Level 37, hourly player, need more neighbors! Check out my Springfield-
    Add me: NMOK039

  11. Hello. Just wanted to let you guys know that i`ve been following your posts for a couple of months now an you are really awesome. It helped me a lot trough Halloween and now with the Christmas update. Glad to know there are still people like you around the world 🙂 ! Checking daily for new posts 😀 !
    As a quick question, did anybody actually found out how often do the gift bags drop !? Kinda` curious about that. Thanks and keep on doing the great job u are doing now! Best tsto blog on the internet! Addict 4 life 😛

    • Welcome to our madness. 🙂

      I am glad you are enjoying it. There are more people like me in the world? You sure? Lol

      Still trying to “frak the files” for clarification. The update changed and messed with a few things.

  12. The game crashes a lot since the update. I think the main reason is the new function “skip to next neighbour” and “next free character” that causes the most crashes, but not all. Also if a neighbour has a big town with a lot of stuff the game crashes. It took a long time to open their Springfield before the update, now it is impossible to visit them.
    An other bug was the first time I had a coin and I could spin the wheel. There is a task telling you to spin it, so I did. I even bought a couple of extra coins and used them too. But the task didn’t went away. Eventually it did because I felt the need of getting a couple of more coins, the prices are really nice and you can’t lose!
    Otherwise a great update! Chalmers task sitting by the lake looks so much better in the snow!

  13. Is anyone else having a problem getting gift bags? I’ve hardly gotten any at all. Maybe 15 tops & I’ve been playing since the update dropped & on here constantly (like a true addict lol)! I’ve already hit over 3,000 gift cards & got Springfield Mall. I don’t want to waste donuts on gift bags, just wish EA was giving more!
    Also need more friends that play daily like me. Too many lazy neighbors! 😉 JLily1030

    Thanks for everything I love this site!

    • My grand total for the event is now about 30 something so you’re not far behind. It’s definitely a lot slower going than gremlins were but the community goals are lower so it all shakes out. Thank you for coming to our site. Without peeps like you, only my Mom would be reading lol.

  14. How do you complete the quest to have 10 types of decorated houses. I had 8 and it gives me credit for that, but I can not seem to figure out how to add 2 more. I added an additional purple house with Christmas lights but it did not give me credit for it. Any suggestions?

  15. amazing update!

  16. This maybe a stupid question, but where is the button to see the community prizes? I can see the personal ones, but I see no way to view the others like I could during Halloween.

    • No question is stupid. 🙂

      We are here to help. Once you are in the personal prizes screen, all you have to do is down in the bottom right corner you will see Homer going “WOOHOO” and next to him a button with the “community”. Click on that one and it will switch you.

      • Thanks bunny.

      • I’m not seeing that on my iPhone. There’s no Homer or community button on my Personal Prizes screen (the one that shows the prizes I have won or can win by collecting gift cards). I know I saw it once, with a counter that was changing as I watched, but I haven’t been able to get back to it.

        • On the bottom right of your screen is the candy cane covered trophy. Click on that and it will bring you to the personal prizes. From there…you can toggle between personal n community

      • Excellent!
        I see it now. I was looking at the “pop-up” window only, didn’t look outside that.
        Thanks much for re-adjusting my eyes!

  17. I am not able to give any of my friends gift bags. Even the ones that are able to receive them….why? Please let me know if you ahve any ideas to fix this. I am on an Android device.

  18. Oh…rod and TOD..sorry typo 🙂

  19. quick ?…in one town i visited I seen Ned riding a snowmobile?…i dont see that task for me…any tips
    BTW great Update…and thank EA (my game runs awesome)

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