2014 Easter Event

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Hoppy Easter Tappers!

Check this page for the complete details of the 2014 Easter Event!

Add Friends for Easter
Egg-Swap: Find Neighbors to Exchange Eggs with

Basket Glitch
Golden Egg’s Released
The Final Countdown: The End of Easter is Near

Easter Tips and Tricks:
Easter Rundown
What NOT to Buy
Donuts for Fences?!
Easter Basket Overview
What Changes Did Easter Bring? A Rundown of What’s Different in Springfield
Neighbor Guide: A Guide For What to Tap in Your Neighbor’s Town
Pink or Blue: A Guide To The Prize Box Odds
Corn and Free Donuts
Math of TSTO Easter
Tip for Getting More Bunnies!
How To Buy Boxes
How to Use the Bunny Zapper
1 Week In Where Should YOU Be?
Easter and the Conform-O-Meter
Carrots and Bunnies on Cletus’s Farm

Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2014: Complete Main Quest
Turbo Tappin’ Fr. Sean
Turbo Tappin’ Shary Bobbins
Turbo Tappin’ Hugs Bunny

What’s In the Prize Box?:
The Buildings of TSTO Easter
The Characters of TSTO Easter

Where did THAT Come From?:
Johnny Fiestas
Blocko Store
Banana Dictatorship
Mojo the Helper Monkey
Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr.
Faberge Egg
Egg Council Guy
The Shadow
Shary Bobbins
Father Sean
Items that are not Limited Time (Sumatran Flower & Fireworks) can be found here

Should I Buy?
Frink’s MKII Egg Generator
Mojo the Helper Monkey
Faberge Egg

Commentary and Other Fun from the Addicts:
In Defense of the Easter Bunny
Easter Contest
1 Week In What Have YOU Won?
2 Weeks In What Have YOU Won?
3 Weeks in What Have YOU Won?
Go Team Blue!
Eggs-perience Part 1
Eggs-perience Part 2

67 responses to “2014 Easter Event

  1. Is there a way to find out how many baskets you’ve redeemed? Just so I can see if I’m even close to winning any of the many premium items I’m missing.

  2. So I have brown rabbits in my krustyland… Is that normal? How do I get eggs out of them

  3. Trade 1000 pink eggs for 500 blue eggs. Win 300 gold eggs. Spin gold box and win 250 pink eggs. It’s so bad it’s good. If I get one more egg pile though…

  4. Finally got chirpy and bart jr from my secondary box (pink). Well I thought I did. Showed their picture and when I went to place them it was fences instead. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

  5. DarkPhoenix123

    Sorry for long Rant.

  6. DarkPhoenix123

    One more thing, WHY SO MUCH TO SPIN BOXES?!?!?!?!?!

  7. DarkPhoenix123

    Also as I feel I must add us the fact there are fairly plain holiday items that should be freemium as prizes which I know did not just make me angry. Though they do sort of make up for this by giving us 15 donuts for winning fences around 17 times. The one thing that I can admit EA did well with this update other than the fairly neat unique prizes was the fact that this was the first update that actually made me want to use my precious hard earned donuts to buy eggs because to me the first time I saw this update it seemed to scream to me that I was doomed, doomed never to fully complete this update. I would have quit this game . . . But I have way to many cool designs planed and in place in my town. Also I like this game altogether except for long wait times on tiles. But other then that it is a fun game that I enjoy, just this update infuriated me something fierce. If you want to see my springfield username is vspencer265. Warning nothing’s done except for my krusty land and squidport both of which are half done. Please EA stop make such outrageously random based events, Please!

  8. DarkPhoenix123

    While EA has made sure there is a max amount of attempts required to win a prize, let me say the odds are pretty low that you will hit 81 try’s on your primary box let alone your non primary box or the gold box. While one may also say the odds are you’ll hit the prizes way before you hit the cap. Well the opposites true as well you may not hit the prizes before the cap. Another thing about this update I loathe is how many new premium items there were compared to freemium. There were several new premium items released while there were only two new freemium items released.

    • I think EA probably considers the prizes as freemium content available too. We often see just a few freemium additions with any update. Best advice is to not let the game get you down. Definitely understand our frustration. Thank you for venting in a polite way.

  9. DarkPhoenix123

    Two words. Complete fail EA. I am pretty sure you managed to put all of what we hated about previous updates all into one abysmal fail of an update. This update has random odds, very few freemium items and regular holiday themed decorations as prizes. Now I know that a post on this site states that it is completly and easily possible for all players to win all unique prizes without spending a donut. This as I feel I have to say is a slight distortion of the truth.

    • Technically three words lol but I get you’re frustrated by this event. Definitely one of the most polarizing events EA has put out. Really reminds me of all the discontent over whacking day. It is possible to get everything but it requires tons and tons of tapping which was obviously EA’s goal. Unfortunately it is all luck based and I can tell you mine hasn’t been stellar. Like anything in life, it’s all about how you look at it. I still enjoy the game but I have both positives and negatives for this event.

  10. Hey Addicts! Question for ya: when I get all the pink and blue prizes, what’s the best way to get gold eggs? Should I convert my primary color to my rare color because you get more gold eggs in rare boxes, or should I spend my primary eggs because I can get more of them and more eggs = more boxes = faster to opening 81 boxes for the rare gold box characters? Thanks!!

    • I would say test it and see what happens to work best for you. Myself personally, I seem to hit those 300 gold eggs over n over in my non dominant color box. So I prefer to play it with the 300.

  11. marlboromanmat

    The continuing egg basket fiasco has left me utterly disillusioned with EA.
    It’s almost as if this was a not so subtle ploy by them to force people (who may not otherwise be able to afford it) to buy donuts and/or eggs.
    And here I was thinking that EA had learnt their lesson from their (criminally fraudulent in any other language) bug-ridden programming “mistakes” in Battlefield 3.

    • It is a business and I’d be lying if I said they don’t want to figure out how to get folks to spend money. For the most part though, this game can be completely enjoyed free.

      • marlboromanmat

        Thanks for your reply, Wookie. But please understand how many of us feel about this present update; to illustrate my point, consider Halloween 2013, where the update featured community prizes, bonus ghosts to tap (Ltd time), and Premium prizes for those who buy donuts regularly. Since then we, the TSTO community (at large) have had to endure several Wheel of Misfortune variations, the latest incarnation being the blue/pink/gold box scenario. While some forms of chance is enjoyable, to be continually saturated with fences, ponds, and egg piles does nothing but cause frustration and ill feeling towards what should be a good game. Especially when the prizes which would normally be awarded via community involvement are almost (less than 3% chance) impossible to win without throwing vast amounts of coin at the game.
        So, you can see my point; where many TSTO folk are greatly irked because of the newly apparent trend to a “pay as you go” style game format, which is alienating many loyal fans.

  12. It almost seems as if EA has severely decreased the drop rate of the baskets, it’s been a while since I finished the main quest, think it was about a week into the event when I finished. (I got lucky, got the quest for Flanders when he was already halfway through his task, so that cut off some hours.)

    About a week after finishing the main quest I finally got the fabergé egg, since finishing the quest line I have gotten about 3 baskets, mainly my common color: blue… I need the pink baskets EA!! I won’t be able to get a decent prize out of the golden boxes like this (except for the banana dictatorship, got that one on first or second try), getting only 1 pink box a day, this really stinks. Least favorite event so far. And very, very unwilling to spend hard bucks as a freemium gamer.

    They should either just change the drop rate for people who finished their common color, or make it more easy in another way, cause this just smells like about any of their events have done so far. It seems rigged once again.

  13. OK so quick question, I can’t finish the easer quest line because I am only level 12, once I get to a higher level, if easter is over will I get the quest or no because easter is over? I don’t see being able to level up that quickly in the next week or so without spending my life’s savings on donuts.

    • The only requirement to complete the main quest is level 15 (Moe’s Tavern). Beyond that you won’t need to get Ralph or Nelson as those are side quests.
      Usually you can complete a questline that’s already started until it’s “kill date” in the files. But with this questline the rewards are all Eggs so it really won’t apply once Easter is over.

  14. Hi, I was just wondering how many people noticed that the bunnies temporarily change colors when you zap them? From Orange to Brown, Purple to Gray, and Yellow to Tan. I just thought it was interesting and amusing. Happy tap/zapping.

  15. Can anyone help me. Don’t Know WhY but I Haven’t Received A Basket From Bunnies Since Finishing Easter Quest Line?

  16. Not had a random basket at all since finishing the quest line, glad I’m not the only one this is happening to

  17. To those that haven’t gotten the farberge egg, plz wait!!!! It’s so easy to get after the quest line is over. I finished the quest on 4/28/14 and got the egg the same day (played twice in one day). Do not spend donuts to get it. I’m pretty sure you will acquire it before the event is over!!!!

  18. It has been two days since i completed the easter quest line but i heavent got the faberge egg,i also stoped gating baskets from random bunny tapping can someone please tell me is this a common occurrance i have seen many people saying that they got the egg fairly quickly,I also want to ask has anybody noticed that the egg generator mk1 sometimes gives blue eggs (im pink) this is the second time,the first time i thought it was some sort of a glich.
    And just want to say a big thank you to tstoaddicts,you are great and by far better than all the other blogs out there:)

  19. Love love love the easter event having so much fun. I think I have been very lucky got all 3 buildings
    Hugs , 4 egg pile , easter gate and 48 fences so far

  20. It would be nice to get baskets so I could gather eggs…

  21. I think easter ponds are the new fence. I have 12 ponds so far vs 6 fences. This event hasn’t been very nice to me so far. Only have the gold box bunny to show for my efforts. I can’t even crap out right!

    • Awww give it time. Only 25% done with it. Just think of all the places you can hide the ponds. Behind buildings, behind houses, behind…TALL buildings. Lol. 😉

      Just keep playing though and have fun. Don’t sweat the prizes. The goodies will come sooner or later. 🙂

  22. I am very happy with tsto but I feel like this Easter event is really underwhelming. I understand we have to work to get stuff but why couldn’t EA just let the eggs add up and then we can get prizes (like the Christmas event). I know there is still 18 days left to acquire things but there is no way I will have opened a box up 80 times to automatically acquire things. I have only unlocked the banana dictatorship. Welp, hopefully the next event will pose a chance to get more things.

    • Just as long as you are having fun still playing. Try not to focus on the “worst case scenario”. Several of the prizes are set to unlock by 15 20 and 50. 80 is mainly for Shary and Hugs. Most people are getting hugs right away.

  23. My game glitched twice today, and I was able to zap brown bunnies that had appeared in my Springfield for eggs. Happy days!

  24. Why can’t I move buildings and decorations around anymore?

    Previously, when I used to press and hold on something in order to relocate it. But now, pressing and holding only activates the zapper.

    What am I missing?

    • Are you by chance playing family guy? That game you press abs hold to move buildings…TSTO you’ve always had to press the 4 way arrows on the bottom right. Switching between the two keeps throwing me off too. 🙂

      • Thanks for the response.

        No, lol. I think I would’ve noticed the difference btwn Stewie and Maggie by now. 😀

        I see the four-way arrows now, but in truth I don’t recall seeing them there on my town screen before this update. The four-way pointer would show up when I was building, but then it just meant buy more land.

        But, I the only way I ever moved things around was by tapping and holding for about five seconds.

        Thank you for helping me solve my problem. The arrows work for me for moving things, and I’m grateful for the tip!

      • As Layla mentioned, you can also go into edit mode by the press and hold method. It’s not active in Springfield at the moment due to the bunny zapper but it still works in Krustyland.

  25. And now for something of a bunny tie in for all the older kids out there….

    Fiver? FIVER??
    Hazel. The field…it’s covered in blood!!

    (Everybody sing along “Bright eyes, burning like fire….”


  26. Hey i was wondering if you guys expect gil like we saw lasr year, because i wanna buy more donuts but everytime time i do gil comes out the next day…… plus i need the little helper monkey
    Thanks jace

    • It’s possible he’ll make an appearance in the Spring, but nothing as to if it’ll happen yet. So I can’t really say for sure…

  27. How often do the rabbits reappear?

    • 1 every 5 minutes til a max of 40 in your town. 😉

      • Okay, so my next question is if I have 40 bunnies and tap them all, do I then only have to wait for 5 minutes to get more? I’m trying to figure out how to maximize my bunny tapping. Lol, I’m literally considering setting a timer so I don’t forget to go in and tap more! Loving this event and all the awesome info you guys have provided!

        • If you miss a lil time, that is ok…the “BANK” stores an additional 20 for you. So a total of 60. That way if you are gone a while or harvest a corn crop…you got bunnies “in waiting” LOl

          If you clear them fast…then yes…you gotta wait

      • Ah, waiting. My least favorite thing to do. But that might mean I can still function normally at work without thinking of bunnies!! Thanks!


  28. Sweet, what a morning. First I get 4 donuts visiting neighbours this morning (the third time I’ve gotten 4 in a day). And now Easter/Whacking Day is here!!!

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