2015 Easter (Fools) Event

Gil_Easter Island

Hoppy Easter you Easter Fools!

Check this page for the complete details of the 2015 Easter Update!

Easter Ends April 7th, 2015

Easter Fools has Arrived!

Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2015: Easter Fools
Turbo Tappin’ Fr. Sean
Turbo Tappin’ Shary Bobbins
Turbo Tappin’ Hugs Bunny

Where did THAT Come From?:
Easter Island God
Johnny Fiestas
Blocko Store
Banana Dictatorship
Mojo the Helper Monkey
Egg Council Guy
Shary Bobbins
Father Sean

Should I Buy?
Easter Island God
Easter Redux: The Buildings
Easter Redux: The Characters

Addicts Fun:
Springfield Showoff: Easter 2015