2015 Tap Ball & Soccer Cup Event

Soccer Event Splash Screen

Hey there Hoppereenos!

A fun lil Soccer/Football Event has hit our silly lil games. There is a lot of new Character Skins to be had, new Neighbor Challenges, Games within a Game, and more. Check back here Daily to find all the Addicts Team Coverage of this fun new Event! Even things you may have missed.

Remember…if you’re looking for Event friends put your Add Me Requests here.  And Add me requests posted anywhere other than the designated posts will be given a Red Card and deleted. 😉

Act One of Tap Ball is LIVE
Soccer Cup 2015 Update & FLAGS
Act Two of Tap ball is LIVE
Act Three of Tap Ball is LIVE

Tap Ball Removal and Spoiler Info About Next Update

Tap Ball 2015 and the Conform-O-Meter

Act One Foam Fingers Calendar
Act Two Hats Calendar
Act Three Pennant Calendar

Turbo Tappin Tap Ball Act 1 (Meet My Trophy Life, Balls of Glory, Train Sporting, NahasapeemaPinPal)
Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Football Nelson & Boxer Tatum
Turbo Tappin Tap Ball Act 2 (Meet My Trophy Life Pts 8-10)
Turbo Tapping Tap Ball Act 3
Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Jockey Bart and Furious D
Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Kung Fu Comic Book Guy
Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Toreador Grampa
Tap Ball Walkthroughs: Main Questlines Full Dialogue
Tap Ball Walkthroughs: Premium Questlines Full Dialogue (Nelson, Jockey Bart, Furious D & Toreador Grampa)
Tap Ball Walkthroughs: Prize Questlines Full Dialogue (Baseball Jasper, Softball Burns, Tennis Marge, Boxer Tatum, Kung Fu Comic Book Guy & Ballet Ralph)

Tap Ball 101: How To Play
Tap Ball 101: Neighbor Visits
Tap Ball 101: Amateur Buck Earning Tasks Act 1
Tap Ball 101: Amateur Store (Crafting)
Tap Ball 101: Amateur Store Acts 2 and 3
Tap Ball 101: Community Prizes

Football Nelson
Lady Duff
Sportacus, Boxing Ring, Tennis Court
Furious D and Jockey Bart
Simpson Laser Tag
Basketball Stadium
T-Ball Stand and Clay Stadium Set
Toreador Grampa
Tennis Machine and Gold Stadium Set
Returning Items Act 3 (Strongman Homer, Duff Blimp, Excellence Prize Statue)

All 27 Daily Training Challenges & Prizes/Overview

Obstacle Tires
Baseball Jasper
Obstacle Wall
Softball Mr. Burns

Alley McBalls
Obstacle Wire
Obstacle Log
Tennis Marge

Ballet Ralph
Homerclese Statue

Tap Ball 101: Community Prizes
Community Prize Changes
More Community Prize Changes
First community Prize Unlocked: FREE Donuts
Second Community Prize Unlocked: Springfield Arms
Third Community Prize Unlocked: 1,000 Amateur Bucks
Fourth Community Prize Unlocked: Taste of Duff Beer Truck
Fifth Community Prize Unlocked: The Gridiron

Referee Homer and Soccer Lisa
Football Nelson & Sportacus
Baseball Jasper
Softball Mr. Burns
Alley McBalls
Tennis Marge and Tennis Court
Basketball Stadium
Boxing Ring
Stadium Entrance and Homertron
Furious D and Jockey Bart
Kung Fu Comic Book Guy
Springfield Arms
Ballet Ralph
Homerclese Statue
The Gridiron
Kung Fu Comic Book Guy
Toreador Grampa

Game Crashing/Lady Duff

Industrial Showoff: Delayed


26 responses to “2015 Tap Ball & Soccer Cup Event

  1. Help! During the last 1 day and 16 hours left of the tap ball event it stopped letting me play tap ball against my friends towns. This can’t be normal if the event doesn’t end for another day. Help I’m running out of time.

    • Try hard closing and restarting your game. if that doesn’t work try uninstalling/reinstalling. If you’re still stuck contact EA.

  2. Hi peeps, can anyone tell me what these balls are all aboutplease? I’ve received some and dropped some on neighbours….what’s the point of it all????xx

  3. Benappo how did you change the colour of your field and bleachers? Looks awesome!

  4. i don’t know where to go for this but when playing tap ball it won’t let me switch players or use my tonic and i don’t know what to do about it.

  5. Hey everyone,
    I didn’t know where to post this but my mom, my girlfriend and I all got updates downloaded and then a pop up came up and rewarded us with 10 donuts for a community prize. The same one we got yesterday. Is this supposed to happen? Thanx and have fun.

  6. Anybody else notice that the first win of the day bonus isn’t working right? Had 0 bucks and won a game against 4.5 starts and 3.5 starts. Had 43 bucks after the second win and then received the first win of the day bonus for 120 bucks. New total was 118. Anybody else having this issue?

  7. Omigod Omigod Omigod! GUYS–when I contacted EA to make sure the donuts were for sure being restored, I mentioned that paying $500 AB for a ball that was $40 the next day was kinda poopy, and Lindsay, the awesomest support rep EVAH actually HELPED me!!! Reassured me about those donuts (can’t realistically give a time frame but they’re working on a fix so this never happens again), restored some bucks, was cool about the whole darn thing. Highlight of my week, I tell you.

  8. i unlocked Marge’s outfit this morning. Yet it’s nowhere to be seen. It’s not in my inventory, it’s not on her, nor does she show up in my roster. Anyone else have this issue?

  9. This isn’t even an “event”. This is more of a “LET’S SEE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU’RE WILLING TO THROW AWAY FOR FAKE DIGITAL ITEMS AND RANKS TO BEAT YOUR FRIENDS” time. All meanwhile EA game programmers are snickering at all the people spending small fortunes that on climbing a leader board that only a handful of people can see.
    This is sad. It’s pathetic. I’m sorry, I really am sorry for making a “negative” comment. But it’s fact.
    I played this game because all the events you could get everything in the event prizes. Even when I complained the TinyCo about how their game was money grabbing, I’d compare their events to Simpsons’ events. And now, EA takes the low road and tries their hand at TinyCo’s game.
    I don’t have money to play a “Pay to Win” game. And I’m sure many of us on this site don’t have the funds to shell out hundreds of dollars to unlock everything.
    If they have another event like this one, I’m done. I’ll be done with FG TQFS and TSTO. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this on their mind.

    And yes, I am sorry for posting a negative comment. I anticipate resistance in the replies. But the true nature of this post is that HOPEFULLY EA will see how much they turned their backs on their loyal players/customers by spitting in their face by making an event based solely on how much money you’re willing to spend while snickering with their backs turned to us.

    • I dunno…it seems pretty easy to earn the prizes as a freemium player. While yes I have premium characters in my game 99% of my Caps for prizes have come from tapping fans and doing daily tasks…

  10. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. This morning the community unlocked the 10 donuts for the community goal for tap ball. I received them which put me at 130. I visited my friends towns and when I got back to my Springfield, I was back at 120 and it hasn’t fixed itself.

  11. I was wondering, when one of my friends choose to play tap ball against me do they play against my highest leveled players or is it choose at random? I currently have 12 players and they range from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. If anyone knows the answer or wants to play against me and let me know


    • I was trying to level my players evenly but was considering leveling 4 of them to 5 stars depending on this answer

    • Your best players

      • Thanks for the help. I guess I will max out 4 of them right away then instead of doing it evenly. With I thought about it sooner. I would have had a 5 star team a while ago. Lol

  12. Has anyone else started getting FP during this update despite being maxed out on all friendship items? Or is EA trying to prevent from getting more random free sweet sweet donuts?

  13. Probably already asked and answered but was wondering why when a tap ball match ends in a tie and a coin flip ithe point always goes to my opponent. Glitch?

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