2016 Halloween Event


Happy Halloween Tappers!

The 2016 Tapped Out Halloween Event (THOH) is upon us…woohoo!  Here’s where you can find any and all of the complete Addicts Team coverage of the event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

Event Ends November 15th

Updates and Rundowns:
It’s Alive! The 2016 THOH Event Has Arrived!
Act 1 is Coming to a Close
Act 2 is Live!
Act 3 is Live!
Removal Update Time

Act 1 Calendar Breakdown
Act 2 Calendar Breakdown
Act 3 Calendar Breakdown


How to & What the Heck is Going on:
Addicts Question Corner: Act 1 (Spawn Rates, timer errors and more)
Halloween 101: Neighbor Visits (towards the bottom of this post)
Halloween 101: MAG Points and Prizes
Halloween 101: Act 1 Math
Halloween 101: Monster Battles Act 1
Feral Monster Evolution 1
THOH Episode Tie-in
Halloween 101: Act 2 Math
Halloween 101: Crafting
Feral Monster Evolution 2
Who can Trick or Treat? Who Can Battle Monsters?
MAG Point Panic: Is there Enough to Go Around as a Freemium Player?
Character Tasks at Halloween Buildings

Add/Find Friends:
Add Friends for Halloween Pt. 3
Add Friends for Halloween Pt. 2
Add Friends for Halloween
Add Friends Who Won’t Vandalize You 2
Add Friends Who Won’t Vandalize You

Turbo Tappin’ Act 1
Turbo Tappin’ Act 2
Turbo Tappin’ Act 3
Halloween Premium Items

Should I Buy?:
Pumpkin Mystery Box
Crazy Iguana Lady Bundle
Flashback Bundle 1 
Suzanne the Witch
Party Walls
Film Permit
Fairy Kodos
Hellementary School
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
Battle Dome
Shinning Maze + Hotel
Flashback Bundle 2
Spooky Wall
Pirate Kang
Ancient Burial Ground
Space Mutant & Drive In
Blinky Monster
Flashback Bundle #3 (Cemetery, Raven & Bad Dream House
Wailing Wall
Helter Skelter
Count Burns
Flashback Bundle #4 (Burns Monster, Talking Krusty Doll & Devil Flanders)
Zombie Sandwich
House on Scary Hill
Nightmare Willie
Gravedigger Billy
Booberella, Senile Zombie or Crazy Zombie
Pet Cemetery, Clawing Zombie or Disco Zombie

Act 1
Town Square
Bell Tower
Burns Family Crypt
Count Burns’ Castle
Space Marshmallow

Act 2
Large Mausoleum
Dark Carriage
Covered Bridge
Monster Couch

Act 3
Medieval Cathedral
Wolf Rock
Werewolf Flanders
Mad Doctor’s Castle

Where Did THAT Come From?:
Count Burns’ Castle
Space Marshmallow
Island of Dr. Hibbert
Crazy Iguana Lady
Shinning Hotel
Werewolf Flanders
Gravedigger Billy
Flimmaker Lisa
Blinky Monster
Nightmare Willie

Glitch Reports:
Bonus Removed from Beach Hideaway
Act 1 Glitch Report (Game Lockout, Missing Characters, Monster Timer and more)
Origin Server Outage
Game Lockout

Fun and Insight From the Addicts Team:
Halloween Contest (Halloween Masks!)
Put on a Mask Winners!
Rating the Halloween Event (Past and Present)
Turn Up the Volume! (Sounds of Halloween Event)
Addicts Live! Halloween Episode
Happy Halloween!
Caption This! Halloween Themed

Addicts Bracket Battle THOH:
Round 1 Part 1
Round 1 Part 2
Round 1 Part 3
Round 2
Round 3
And the Winner Is…