2020 Simpsons Wrestling Event

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It’s update time in Springfield!
Here’s where you can find any and all of the Addicts Team Coverage 2020 Simpsons Wrestling Event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

Act 1 Starts April 8th (WEDNESDAY)
Act 2 Starts April 17th (FRIDAY)

Act 3 Starts April 26th (SUNDAY)
Act 4 Starts May 5th (TUESDAY)

Event Ends May 13th, 2020 (WEDNESDAY)

Bugs and Glitches:

Pre Event Spoilers:
Update Teaser
Minor Spoilers
Major Spoilers

Updates and Rundowns:
Act 1 is Live!
Act 2 is About to Start
Act 2 is Live!
Act 3 is About to Start
Act 3 is Live!
Act 4 is About to Start
Act 4 is Live!
Simpsons Wrestling is Ending!

Entire event Calendar Overview

Turbo Tappin’ Act 1
Full Dialogue Act 1
Turbo Tappin’ Act 2
Full Dialogue Act 2
Turbo Tappin’ Act 3
Full Dialogue Act 3
Turbo Tappin’ Act 4
Full Dialogue Act 4

Premium Character Walkthroughs:
Professor Werner von Brown
Beefy Bishop
Rasputin the Friendly Russian

For Walkthroughs on Prize Characters, see prize posts below

Should I Buy?:
University of Heidelberg w/ Prof. Werner von Brawn– 150 
Episcopal Church w/ Rumbleina– 150 
GIL DEAL: Beefy Bishop’s Barbershop w/ Beefy Bishop– 150
St. Basil’s Cathedral w/ Rasputin the Friendly Russian– 150 

Aristotle Amadopolis– 60
Mexican Duffman- 100
Lucius Sweet– 75
Gorgeous Grampa- 65
Kung Fu Comic Book Guy– 65
Anger Watkins and the ESBN Sports Desk- 110
Sakatumi and Sumo Stadium– 150
Colosseum- 100
Duff Center Arena- 200
Gorgeous Grampa Billboard- 60

Mystery Boxes:
Simpsons Wrestling

Act 1 () Prizes
Springfield Wrestling Pavilion
Tofu Bell
Wrestlers Dressing Room
Captain Flag

Act 2 () Prizes
Golden Ring Wrestling Headquarters
Fancy Wrestling Ring
Golden Wrestler Statue
Honest Abe

Act 3 () Prizes
Town Hall Trashed by Partying
Backyard Wrestling Ring
Party Limo

Act 4 () Prizes
Burns Excess Pile
The Coot Society
Championship Belt
Iron Yuppie

Where Did THAT Come From?:
Eventually, when we have the time, we’ll get back to writing up full WDTCF posts for items.  But for now, this list should help those who want to go back and rewatch the episodes. 

Act 1
Springfield Wrestling Pavilion- “Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Tofu Bell-
“Fatzcarraldo” S28, E14
Wrestlers Dressing Room-
“Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Captain Flag-
“Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
University of Heidelberg-
 “Bart the Daredevil” S2, E8
Prof. Werner von Brawn-
“Bart the Daredevil” S2, E8

Act 2
Golden Ring Wrestling Headquarters
Fancy Wrestling Ring
Golden Wrestler Statue- “Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Honest Abe- “Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Episcopal Church-
“Simpsons Christmas Stories” S17, E9
“The Parent Rap” S13, E2

Act 3
Town Hall Trashed by Partying
Backyard Wrestling Ring
Party Limo- “Pranksta Rap” S16, E9
Bonebreak- “The Parent Rap” S13, E2
Beefy Bishop’s Barbershop-
“Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Beefy Bishop- 
“Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14

Act 4
Burns Excess Pile- “Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
The Coot Society- “Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Championship Belt- “Gorgeous Grampa” S24, E14
Iron Yuppie- “Last Exit to Springfield” S4, E17
St. Basil’s Cathedral- “Simpson Tide” S9, E19
Rasputin the Friendly Russian- “Bart the Daredevil”  S2, E8

Fun and Insight From the Addicts Team:
Sounds of TSTO: Wrestling Event