4th of July 2014


4th of July has arrived in Springfield!    Here’s where you’ll find all of the detailed info from the Addicts about the 4th of July Event:
Event Ends July 16th!

4th of July Rundown
Random Change with the 4th of July Update
Free 4th of July Sprinkles!
Happy 4th of July from the Addicts!
4th of July and the Conform-O-Meter
End of the 4th!

Turbo Tappin’: Failure to Launch (Giuseppe’s Walkthrough)
Failture to Lanch: Full Dialogue Walkthrough
Turbo Tappin’: Rex Redux (Rex Banner Walkthrough for players who ALREADY had him)
Rocket’s Red Glare Redux: Full Dialogue Walkthrough for Rex Banner
Random Dialogue From 4th of July Items (Sit-N-Rotate & Lincoln Memorial)
Turbo Tappin’: Declaration of Co-Dependence  (George Washington Walkthrough)
Declaration of Co-Dependence: Full Dialogue Walkthrough
Turbo Tappin’: Lincoln

Should I Buy:
George Washington & His Cherry Tree– 180 Donuts
4th of July Festive Items
All American Apu- 30 Donuts
Fireworks Barge- 80 Donuts
Rex Banner- 90 Donuts
Abe Lincoln– 150 Donuts

Where Did THAT Come From:
Lincoln Memorial
Fireworks Barge
All American Apu

Character Profile:
Giuseppe Granfinali
Abe Lincoln
Rex Banner
George Washington

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  1. By the way, not wanting to double-post, I promise it’s a one off but I’m pretty new to forums 🙂 Never been committed enough to a game to use one sooo, in the words of Dr. Nick…

    “Hi everybody! ” 😀

  2. Seems the 4th of July update has fixed the Springfield Downs glitch. Been tapping my home button and reloading the game, had a different winning dog come up each time but not actually winning more than the original amount once collecting. Waaaa 🙁

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