4th of July 2015


4th of July 2015 is here!  Here’s where you’ll find all of the detailed info from the Addicts about the 4th of July Event:

Event Ends July 9th!

Be sure to login on July 4th because it looks like we’re in for a “treat” from EA

4th of July Rundown

FREE 4th of July Donuts

New for 2015…
Monetization of Liberation (Main Questline)
Monetization of Liberation (Full Dialogue)
Scandal-Gate (Richard Nixon Questline…Premium)
Scandal-Gate (Full Dialogue)

Returning Items..
Turbo Tappin’: Failure to Launch (Giuseppe’s Walkthrough)
Failture to Lanch: Full Dialogue Walkthrough
Turbo Tappin’: Rex Redux (Rex Banner Walkthrough for players who ALREADY had him)
Rocket’s Red Glare Redux: Full Dialogue Walkthrough for Rex Banner
Random Dialogue From 4th of July Items (Sit-N-Rotate & Lincoln Memorial)
Turbo Tappin’: Declaration of Co-Dependence  (George Washington Walkthrough)
Declaration of Co-Dependence: Full Dialogue Walkthrough
Turbo Tappin’: Lincoln

Should I Buy:
New for 2015:
Richard Nixon and Scandal-Gate Hotel (150 donuts)
Presidential Estate (85 Donuts)

Guiseppe and his Workshop
Holo-Flag– 15 Donuts
George Washington & His Cherry Tree– 180 Donuts
4th of July Festive Items
All American Apu- 30 Donuts
Fireworks Barge- 80 Donuts
Rex Banner- 90 Donuts
Abe Lincoln– 150 Donuts

Where Did THAT Come From:
New for 2015…
Presidential Estate
Scandal-gate Hotel

Lincoln Memorial
Fireworks Barge
All American Apu

Character Profile:
Giuseppe Granfinali
Abe Lincoln
Rex Banner
George Washington

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