Clash of Clones


An all new Clash of Clones Event has hit Springfield!  After a month of a lull we FINALLY get a new event!

Please do not put Add me requests on this page.  All Add Me Requests should go to our add friends page which you can find here: Add Friends for the New Event!

Here’s where you can find all of the details about the Clash of Clones Event:

Event Ends October 7th, 2014

EA’s Posting Spoilers
Something Medieval is Lurking
Clash of Clones Event Rundown
Gold Calendar
Free Donuts!
8/21 In Game Update
Troop Replenishment Saturday!
Decorations Update

Turbo Tappin’ Clash of Clones (main questlines)
Turbo Tappin’ Side Quests

Details and What the Heck is Going On:
Attack Your Neighbors
Elixir Wednesday #1
Defend Your Town
Icons and Buttons (what does it all Mean)
Cheaters: A How To Guide
Castle Level Ups
Character Level Ups
What are my Max Nerds?

Glitch Report (Trouble with Cheaters, Krustyland and More)
Glitch Report Take 2
Glitch Report Take 3

Should I Buy:
Fort Sensible
Freakshow Tent
Clash of Clones Decorations

Homer Barbarian Barbarian Homer
Castle Recycle Archer Lisa

Where Did THAT Come From:
Two Story Outhouse
Hot Air Balloon
Clash of Clones Stuff
Barbarian Homer
Boxingham Palace

What’s New:
8/27 In-Game Update

Addicts Fun:
Clash of Clones Trailer Video
Diary of a Wookiee
Battlefront 2D
EA Recycles: Old Decorations Look New
Building Castles in Spite of EA

Gold Calendar
Click to see Bunny’s Calendar Post

161 responses to “Clash of Clones

  1. this thing seriously has not ended for me and the icon on my kindle is already showing it for the Halloween event

    • Amazon is taking an INSANELY long time to approve updates lately….I guess they’re tired of playing second fiddle to Apple and Android. I honestly suggest contacting Amazon and saying what’s the deal? They have the update they just haven’t approved it for release yet.

  2. (Might have posted this on the wrong thread before…)

    I wish there was a way to permanently delete items from my inventory, the last thing I need is a bunch of lameo castle walls from CoC clogging it up, makes it a pain to find stuff in there that I actually want/need.

    Any chance this function could be created? Would much rather be able to delete uselss junk forever than have a nuclear blast option.

  3. Dear lord, why hasn’t it ended yet?! I want something new lol. I’ve been done for weeks now and a girl can only buy so many guillotines and windmills 😜

  4. I feel like I have to thank you guys. A week ago I had 9300-something gold until I found this site and started doing the 1 nerd per attack and yesterday morning I got the Barbarian statue. So thanks! This is my first Halloween playing and I’m looking forward to it, especially now that I got all the CoC prizes.

  5. What you see is what you get – just the prize listed. Up to you if that’s worth it. Bear in mind that the holloween evwnt begins tomorrow.

  6. I am 2,950 short of 38,000 in gold. Should I spend the donuts to try and make it or is it worth it at this point?

  7. It’s been asked by others, but i’m still unclear – what will happen to my tens of thousands of elixirs? Should i buy a ton of stuff i don’t really need or will it be converted to currency? Also is there a way to delay the update… like let others find out what happens to the elixir for sure, do what i want to do, and then update update to the holloween event later in the day? Any insight is helpful – thanks.

    • Up to you what you buy. All event currency will go with the event, so it is a use it or lose it thing.

      You can try to make sure your market is not set to auto update, but the system will eventually force it. So any day AFTER the end it a risk you take prolonging.

  8. I just like to say thank you to EA for the small victory, something to spend my elixir on: ) I immediately bought the two “elixer” nerds.

    • Uh oh. I’d double check that.

      EA is making us spend in game cash on those two nerds, not elixir.

  9. Been a good update but dragging on a bit now, dont suppose anything will happen until the propossed halloween update, noticed a lot of my friends are only playing occasionally no doubt like myself finished the event. So hope a new update starts soon. 🙂

  10. Kind of weird but my wizard Marge was reset back to level one. None of the others were. It’s not a big deal since I’ve already finished all the quests and collected the prizes. And I was able to upgrade her again anyways. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • First i’m seeing of this specific one. That is odd…wonder if it’s happened to others and they just haven’t noticed because they’ve finished the update..

      • Wouldn’t surprise me. I kept sending the nerds out just in case but I have not been paying the utmost attention. Just noticed it the other day and thought it was strange. Anyways less than a week now then bring on Halloween!

  11. I have an issue and can’t seem to find any other posts about it. My castle keeps reverting to where it has just completed building. I tap it, collect xp and the next time I visit my town its back. I haven’t been able to collect any nerds except the free ones. Also random builings and characters are not progressing through their task or tax timer. any ideas?

    • Someone else mentioned this happening to them. I would suggest contacting EA at this point, unfortunately. Could be a specific glitch with your game…

  12. Add me on Tapped out ‘Josh12189’ need 10 more people. Tap daily

  13. Question for you addicts… I cannot get my wizard Marge unlocked! What could I possibly be doing wrong? Barbarian castle is at lvl 10 and she’s in my inventory but locked. Also my 20 cheaters were locked in my inventory and just checked again and now they are completely gone… Ugh, I dislike this event the most of all…
    Any help/info/coaching/ would be soooooo helpful.
    Thank you!!

    • Each item, costume, building has a “trigger” point in the game they are released. Marge is near the end of the main quest. Once Homer “gets her” the cloak. Then her quest line, Power of Upgrades, is triggered. Then she is pulled into the game from your inventory in Part 2 to use. Where are you in the main quest line?

      • That’s the thing, I’ve done “the prince and the premise through part 17. I know I’m behind everyone but ive been stuck here forever! It has an upgrade wizard marge in one of my sidebar quests and when i press it, it just keeps sending be over to the barbarian castle. Which, is why i tried upgrading it to lvl 10 but still nothing…

        • Wizard Marge is upgraded through the Barbarian Castle (just like Homer), which is why it takes you over there. Silly question…but do you have Moe’s built in your town? If so try storing it and replacing it, that might help to trigger things for you. If that doesn’t work next step is to, unfortunately, contact EA. But try that first and see if it works 🙂

  14. Lol @ the people who suggested EA give us donuts for our elixir. My elixir count is in the 400k range. Mmmmmm premium currency! Anywho, just want to apologize to all my neighbors about my absence. I had an annoying issue where I went to download the last update and it jumped from 38mb to 920mb (practically the whole game) so I have to wait till the 4g kicks in before I can play.

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