St. Easter 2016

Easter and St. Patrick’s Day…the perfect holiday for Holiday Homer! (No Holiday Homer is not included with this event..)


So St. Patrick’s Day and Easter have been combined into 1 update this year, being that they’re just about 10 days apart.  Homer explains it best…

2016-03-16 10.47.02 2016-03-16 10.47.06

2016-03-16 10.48.05 2016-03-16 10.48.11

Anyway…here’s where you can find all of the details about the St. Easter update!

St. Easter Update is Live!
Easter Stuff Is Back!

Turbo Tappin’ St. Easter (Shredded Ned)
Groundskeeper Seamus

Should I Buy
St. Patrick’s Flag- 10 Donuts.
Northern Irish Leprechaun– 80 Donuts.
Springfield Notre Dame and Seamus– 150 Donuts
Blarney Castle- 115 Donuts.
Wishing Well & Leprechaun- 150 Donuts
Sham Rock Cafe & Yuprechaun-120 Donuts.
Hugs Bunny
Egg Council Guy
Easter Island God

Where Did THAT Come From
Blarney Castle
Sham Rock Cafe & Yuprechaun
Easter Island God
Hugs Bunny
Egg Council Guy
Shredded Ned