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Looking for more neighbor-eenos?

Check our the comments below for THOUSANDS of Tappers looking for new Neighbors!

Comments for this page have been disabled.  If you’d like to make an Add Me Request check out this area of TSTO Addicts!   

If you’d like to make an Add Me Request check out this area of TSTO Addicts!

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3,765 responses to “Find Friends (Page 2)

  1. add me please
    (daily player)

  2. Please add!! Daily player


  3. just started and i’m loving it plz add me Kapers326

  4. Howard Channell

    Please add me, I play daily hchannell4911

  5. Username is JaredDuck and I’m on level 16 so far. My Springfield kind of sucks but I’m working on making it look better.

  6. Add me too! Daily player!!

  7. add me

  8. Add me please, MetaTpon

  9. Add me: joelur2
    level 12, don’t have krustyland, Im still collecting and giving christmas gifts.

  10. Eric-mann1

  11. New but addicted Eric.Mann

  12. 123kickme

  13. Roadrunner398 level 15 I always play

  14. Add hunsucker13 please! Just started could use friends(:

  15. Add kymiepaige
    On almost constantly lol

  16. Add me : Jessica1o4 .I play daily and i accept everyone :).

  17. Add me please! Rinnerboo
    Level 37, krustyland, the works

  18. add me please ShundrikaP974…just started 1 month ago…thanx.

  19. Need you’re help! Add Muhuh7

  20. Miicro29 lvl 37 daily player

  21. hey my username is karladougan… follow me!

  22. Add me bstmatty1987
    I play everyday multiple times a day

  23. My username is manbearpig203 friend me I play daily

  24. Add me i play daily!!! cloeeee96

  25. abc1352068953

    Add me:abc1352068953

  26. Add me xxemizzzxx38, I play multiple times a day.


  27. GODSELF highest level five stars for both town n krustyland cool not cheesy llanscapes

  28. leparmessi280

  29. Hemphill_96 add me plz