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5,312 responses to “Find Friends (Formerly Add Friends)

  1. Simpsons lover13

    Hey guys! I still have a bunch of spots for people to be my friend! I’m almost level 36, have krustyland and squid port!
    Please add me

  2. Everyday player and town visitor!!
    Add me please:

  3. Level 16, and I play multiple times daily!
    Add me 🙂

    ID: Lashena792

  4. Add me 🙂 level 16 play daily


  5. Level 29, squidport and krustyland. Im on everyday and I visit towns daily.
    Id: coramesgue360

  6. Add me :
    Allison718 level 37 play daily

  7. Please ADD me! Valgonamoe
    Level 16 Squidport and hoping for Krustyland soon!

  8. Lvl 27 squid port and krustyland
    Multiple time a day player, add me

    Id: guybelew

  9. Add me please shebadiva

  10. Synchronicity

    Please add me, I play daily:


    Help a new player out! I still have the Xmas, hoping to get 700 more gift cards for the mall before Xmas is done. Drop me some gift bags plz!

  11. My name is SprylySarah and I’m level eight. No Krustyland.

  12. Going 100% Legit. Low lvl will rise ADD eric-mann1

  13. Still looking for friends who play daily (esp those who click on tiles!! )


    I’m level 37, play daily, and always check for tiles when visiting!

  14. Low lvl STILL playing no glitching, doing it the old fashion way. Add me eric-mann1

  15. Please add me! Accepting everyone! kabemag336

  16. Hello my name is Carlo and I am a Tappoholic…….. add me gianky_cjc22


  17. ADD ME Cassman711

  18. My id is – Sylvi81. I am on level 37 with the port and Krustyland please add me

  19. Add me level 37 town under construction: K3NJIBU5HID0

  20. Add me 🙂 EricBabajoon

  21. Add me (: “Protovoid” I get on every hour I’m awake, sometimes sooner to just get income tax in game hah.

  22. Add me: holdtheapplause

  23. Please add me! iD: Rinnerboo
    Level 37, squid port, krustyland, daily player!

  24. Sorry I do have Krustyland & Squidport

  25. conor campbell

    Hi please add ccampbell6727, on every hour and accepts everyone!

  26. Level 37 add me sarahhollins81

  27. Please add me: PyllyJoonas

  28. Septentrionally

    My user name is newclearpowr

    Level 37 with Krustyland and Squidport.

    I am too addicted – at least 4 visits daily, so yes I am a saddo with no real friends who own up to playing.

  29. I have two names both level 7. One us RayvinV and the other is rayvinvixe89 no k rusty land on either

  30. my username is karladougan… add me!

    • I am going to add you, just because your parents had an very good taste naming you Karla 🙂