Tappers 101: Back to Basics

From time to time Tappers new and old can get caught up in the game and forget some of the basics, that can cause a delay in your game.  While we have a full New Tappers Guide on Addicts, sometimes you just want the information at your fingertips right away so you can get back to tapping as quickly as possible.  Keeping that in mind, we’ve started a new biweekly column for the “quick hit” information Tappers need to keep the game moving.  Here’s where you can find all of our tips and tricks to help your game move along smoothly.

Most of the topics covered will be from your questions in the comments, so you have something you’d like us to cover in Tappers 101 please feel free to leave it for us in the comments below.

Tappers 101 Lessons:
I’m at Level 30 but I’m Only Able to Build Buildings for Level 26
Building Bridges
Help Me Find My Character!
Knocking A Character Out of A Task, With Out Using Donuts
I Was At Level 37 and Now It Says Level 27!
What to do When the Servers are Down
Setting the Confirm Donut Spend Button

3 responses to “Tappers 101: Back to Basics

  1. Do you know how many things can be in your inventory at the same time?

    • I have yet to be told I’ve reached any kind of limits or max. Some of my items, due to my 2D art, number in the 1000’s each. I think it’s safe to say if there is a limit, it’s extremely high.

  2. Need a neighbor add me

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