New Tappers Guide

Just started playing The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO)? Not sure where to start? Well you’re in the right place!

Here’s TSTO Addict’s Collective tips and lessons learned for New TSTO Players (older players can benefit from these too!):


Keeping Track of Characters

Volume and Notifications

Gil Gunderson

Neighbor Basics

About Neighbor-eenos

How Do I Add Neighbors?

Deleting Friends

How Many Neighbors Can I Have?

Why Can’t I Add Friends?

Helping Your Neighbors The Most

Visiting Neighbors

Donut Basics

What Do Donuts Do

Donut Costs

Free Donuts

Can I use Game Money to Buy Donuts?

Bonus Level & Free Donuts

Cletus’s Farm

Can I Cancel Corn?

Will Planting Triffids End My Game?

How Long Before My Crops Die?


How Do I Build A Bridge?

How Do I Get A Lemon Tree?

How Do I Get the Jebediah Springfield Statue?

Common Task Problems

Why is A Task Locked in My Character’s Task box?

Can I Cancel A Task Once It’s Started?

No New Tasks Are Coming Up To Help Me Progress In A Quest

In Game Games of Chance Odds

Homer Buddha

Mystery Box

Laffy Meal

Springfield Downs


Sideshow YOU

Earning More Money

How Long Till Earning Money in TSTO is Easier?

How Can I Easily Work Out My Bonus Multiplier?

How Can I Collect Money Easier?

Common Game Problems

How to Fix Game Crashes

Unable to Connect To Server

Krustyland Glitches

Need more help with the basics?

This may not be what you want to hear, but the game itself is VERY good at explaining the basic concept of the game (ie how to play, how to move items, and what everything is), so if you’re completely lost with the basics the best advice is for you to PLAY THE GAME. Playing the game is the best way to learn how to do the most basic aspects of the game.

Happy Tapping!

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