Ultimate Premium Guide

Just make a purchase from the donut store? Or maybe you won big at the Golden Scratcher? Now, you’ve got those donuts burning a hole in your pocket but with so many premium additions to the game you just aren’t sure which one(s) you should purchase, or even where to start! Well you’ve come to the right place. The Ultimate Premium Guide will break down all of the current premium items available and show you where you’ll get the most return on your purchase.

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XP/Donut Farming…aka Spending In-Game Cash for Donuts

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Should I Buy?

(A list of every premium item in TSTO with a link to the Should I Buy posts)

The Vault

Gil Deals

I’m a bit behind on creating the images.  Here’s a quick link to the Should I Buy posts added recently, without images:

Frank Grimes & Forgotten Grave
Marvin Monroe Tombstone
Coach Krupt & Springfield YMCA
Vesuvius Pizza
Stacy Lovell & Malibu Stacy HQ
Stacy’s Dream House
Stiletto Sculpture
Lisa Lionheart Display
Laura Powers and the Powers House
Homer’s Ballet
Herb Powell and Powell Motors
Herb Powell’s Mansion
Springfield Gorge & Daredevil Bart
Stunt Bike
Maison Derriere & Belle
Old Gray Mare
Plato’s Republic Casino & Johnny Tightlips
Plato’s Fountain & Chalk Outlines
Hungry Hun & Uter

Remember: You can always search a premium character by using our search tool

If you see any others that are missing, please let me know in the comments below.

Click on the image to go to the Should I Buy Page for that Character/item

Stand Alone Characters:

Arnie Blue-Haired Lawyer Bumblebee man Dr Nick
french waiter Funzos hans moleman Jimbo Jones 
k9officer kearney Rich texan Santas little helper 
sherri and terri squeaky voice teen

Building Character Combos:

beernbrawl and lurleen bowlarama and barney coliseum and tatum community center and jasper
craazy cat house and cat lady cracker factory and luann Duff Brewery and Duffman filmset mcbain
Florence of Arabia and Princess Kashmir Frinks lab and frink happy-sumo-and-akira jessicalovejoyresidence    
kamp krusty and kamp bart
 krustylu and Sideshow Mel lotto n liquor and dewy lugash gym and lugash 
manjula and apus apartment
 Petshop jub jub preparatory school and greta Rancho relaxo and don vittorio 
Rocketcar and lampwick
 school bus and otto sleep eazy motel and miss springfield stu disco disco stu 
unfinished shed and chester
 volcano lair and hank scorpio


Asia de Cuba aztec theater clamphitheater Duff stadium
Fireworks candy and puppydogs lard lad douts museum of natrual history observatory
Open Air Stage shortys sprawl mart Try N Save


2014-10-08 12.30.28 BBQ Pig bonsai tree cracker fountain
DMV Limo murderpuss quimborghini Robbytheautomaton 
shiva statue
 sumatran century flowerdecorations part 1 decorations part 2 decorations part 3


Fiddler Fire Eater handsome pete juggler mime Ferris Wheel planet hype Duff Party liner knightboat mayflower whale
squidport decorations

itchy mascot scratchy mascot eyeballs of death Mount Krustmore one plate maximum buffet Unoriginal Log Ride Duff fountain krustyland decorations

If you’re looking for Limited-Time Should I Buy advice check out the Event Page for the premium breakdowns on the latest Limited-Time Premium additions to TSTO.

Happy Tapping!

168 responses to “Ultimate Premium Guide

  1. BTW if you buy a land expansion with a burning bush, it is NOT debris. It is worth 20 donuts and adds +0.50% cash and XP to tasks. Hope this helped!


  2. Never waste money on funzos, Santa’s little helper, Barney’s bowlerama or duff brewery. Premium decorations aren’t worth it unless you buy a ton of donuts.


  3. I can’t figure out why my quest for homer to “ruin story time” hasn’t triggered. What do I need to do?


    • which questline is it a part of?


      • Sorry for the late reply.

        The quest line is only on homers list of tasks Unlike others that require another character and are grayed out if they are busy; this task is just grayed out saying it needs a quest.
        You don’t win friends with salad
        Time: 4 hrs
        Requires: Bart
        Ruin Storytime
        Time: 4 hrs
        Requires: Quest
        Spend an evening at Snuggler’s Cove
        Time: 10 hrs
        Requires: Marge

        That’s all it says and it’s grayed out. On my list it shows zero tasks to be completed, so I’m not sure how to trigger it. I know the kids were doing stuff regarding sleep time. [ithink]. Anyways not sure what I need to do now, but if I follow the pattern of the other two; Ruin Storytime is a questline. 😐


      • I left a comment that somehow disappeared. Anyhoo, the questline is “Ruined Storytime”. I’m not sure when it popped up but I have zero tasks left and this one says I need a quest to unlock it.

        Ruin Storytime
        Time: 4 hrs
        Required: Quest

        How do I trigger this? It’s one of Homer’s tasks.


  4. Which is the best deal to buy donuts? Love you blog, greeting from Colombia.


  5. Thanks for all the dedicated hours/days/months researching on Tapped Out🤗


  6. I can’t seem to find the worldwide broadcast dish.
    Has it been pulled from the game, or am I just that blind?



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