Ultimate Premium Guide: Buildings Edition


Should I spend Donuts on This? 
Premium Buildings

 As of Level 35 there are 22 premium buildings available for Springfield, 2 available for Squidport, and 2 for Krustyland.

Here’s a List of Premium Buildings:
Listed by Donut Price .  Click on the  Name For More


Springfield Observatory

Aztec Theater


Springfield Pet Shop – 90 donuts

Duff Stadium

Asia de Cuba

Lard Lad Donuts

School Bus

Film Set

Krustylu Studios

Frink’s Lab

Community Center

Open Air Stage

Lugash’s Gym

Stu’s Disco – 180 donuts

Duff Brewery


Volcano Lair

Kamp Krusty

Sleep-Eazy Motel

Barney’s Bowlarama

Ferris Wheel

Planet Hype

Eyeballs of Death

Mt. Krustmore

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