Ultimate Premium Guide: Decorations Edition


Should I Spend Donuts on This? 
Premium Décor

Premium decorations do not generate income, instead they produce a “premium decoration bonus”. There is no maximum to the bonus amount , and you can purchase as many premium items as you like. Each purchase helps contribute extra cash and XP percentages to your income generating buildings & tasks. (note: in order for the decorations to give you a bonus they must be out in your town, they cannot be in your inventory)

This version of the premium guide will be a little different than the building and character guides, in that the Pros and Cons won’t be listed for each decoration. Instead this is more a guide as to which decoration will provide you with the most return in both your Conform-O-Meter & in the bonus multiplier. Use this to best maximize the earning potential of your town…

As of level 32 there are 25 premium decorations available to purchase for your Springfield, 4 premium decorations for Squidport, and 3 premium decorations for Krustyland.
Listed by Donut Price .  Click on the  Name For More

Picket Fence

Homer’s Hammock


Flower Planter


Apple Tree

Orange Tree

Butterfly Tent


Tree Swing

Burning Bush


Radioactive Man Billboard

Piece of Crap Car

Worldwide Broadcast Dish


Channel 6 News Van

Police Car

Tire Fire

Burns Limo

Left-Handed Roadster

Miniature Nuclear Warhead

Hot Tub

Mount Carlmore

Springfield Sign

Little Lady Justice

Robby the Automaton

DMV Limo

Southern Cracker Fountain

Knightboat (Squidport)

Popcorn Stand (Squidport)

Hot Dog Stand (Squidport)

Basketball Game (Squidport)

Boardwalk Fountain (Squidport)

Clown Garbage Can (Krustyland)

Wack-A-Mole (Krustyland)

Krusty Fountain(Krustyland)

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