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Where Did THAT Come From – Mutant Peacock

Hey hey hey friendereenos!

Wookiee back with more Halloween origin fun that I owe y’all for slacking for over a month. This post focuses on the Mutant Peacock. I know a bunch of folks probably saw this Halloween event prize and had a “What the French Toast” moment. Well… other than having the right feel for a space alien event, it actually comes from a Simpsons Halloween episode. Click more if you’d like to know just where.

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What a Wookiee Wants… Halloween 2014

Did you hear that?  You’re just imagining things.  Let’s just get out of here.  Oh, my girsch!  Run!  We’ve got company!  Eat this!  Who are you?  You don’t have to do this!  Burn in hell!

Phew… that was intense.  If you haven’t figured it out, Halloween time is approaching in our beloved TSTO and in preparation, I’ve been watching one or two horror movies to get amped up.  In the spirit of upcoming in-game spookiness, I thought it’d be fun to pick some items I’d love to see for the next event.  (If you’re interested, my 2013 list is here.)

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