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Your Favorite Premium Character/Building Poll Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So what feels like FOREVER ago…we ran a little poll asking y’all to tell us which premium character/building combo is your favorite.  Of course the day we ran the poll EA decided to drop the Casino Event into our pocket sized Springfields and we never got a chance to run the results.  Well now that the Casino Event is over, the Fire Event is nearing the end and we’re all in a little bit of a holding pattern we’ve got the time to post the results!  So let’s show those results…. I know the 2 months of suspense was killing you guys 😉 

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Addicts Poll Question: How Do You Walkthrough?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another Poll Question from the Addicts team.  This week we want to know, how do you like your walkthroughs?
We like to spend time on bringing you all the little details we can so you can enjoy  the game and come back here to re-read the content.

Now we are wondering…do you want us to keep doing them just as we do, releasing them as soon as we have them (but breaking it all up) with full dialogue (you can check out samples here)?

Would you prefer the “non-spoiler” walkthrough, where we tell you which character to keep free, what the task is but no dialogue?

Or would you like a mixture of both?  Releasing the “non-spoiler” walkthrough right away and adding the dialogue walkthrough at the same time…letting you pick which one you want to read.

Let us know your opinion below!


What Comes First Level Update or Event?

Happy Monday!

So I thought it would be fun to start Monday off with a little poll.  Just about everyone in the TSTO world expects an update from EA this week, but what will the update bring?  Will be see level 35 this week?  Perhaps a Halloween Event?  Since EA has been mum about upcoming updates no one really knows what the next one will bring, but we can still have fun guessing!  

So, what do you think?