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Where Did THAT Come From-Stolen Bumper Car

This is another one of those items that has barely a mention in an episode, yet makes it mark into our game. In the Episode: Selma’s Choice, Aunt Selma has taken the kids to the Duff Gardens amusement park. Lisa drinks the “water” in a ride I can say is attempting to resemble it’s a small world and goes nuts. Bart sneaks on to the Barrel Roll ride he isn’t tall enough for by using caramel apples as lifts.

The bar on the ride goes right over Bart instead of securing him.He is hanging on for dear life while shouting to the attendant to stop it.



He is then taken to security. The guard is very upset due to while he was dealing with Bart, hoodlums made off with 3 bumper cars (Dolph, Kearney, and Jimbo). That’s it. Continue reading