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Tappers 101- Back to Basics: Help Me Find My Character!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Way back in August I wrote a full detailed post about easier ways to find your Characters in your Springfield.  You can find the full detailed how-to post here.  But here’s the Tappers 101 version:

Hide your buildings and decorations.  This will cause all structures and decorations to become translucent, however your characters will remain in full color.  At this point you should be able to easily spot the missing character.

To hide buildings and decorations, just hit the 4-way arrows, move-stuff button, on your main screen.  Then just close the “eyes” for buildings and decorations (tap the Simpsons house and the park bench).

Again you can find the detailed how to post here (with photos).

From time to time Tappers new and old can get caught up in the game and forget some of the basics, that can cause a delay in your game.  While we have a full New Tappers Guide on Addicts, sometimes you just want the information at your fingertips right away so you can get back to tapping as quickly as possible.  Keeping that in mind, we’ve started a new biweekly column for the “quick hit” information Tappers need to keep the game moving.  Here’s where you can find all of our tips and tricks to help your game move along smoothly.
Most of the topics covered will be from your questions in the comments, so you have something you’d like us to cover in Tappers 101 please feel free to leave it for us in the comments below.  

Springfield vs. Krustyland: Character Management

TSTO homer-simpson-nuclear-control-panel_0
The introduction of the Krustyland expansion in TSTO has required tappers to multitask a bit more than normal. Unlike Squidport, where the quests were all in Springfield, Krustyland requires movement back and forth between Springfield and Krustyland to ensure quests and tasks are moving along. This can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re working on a new level quest in Springfield. The good news? Not all of your characters appear in Krustyland, and the ones that do are not all required at once. In fact only Homer and Krusty are required to get things started.

So what other characters make an appearance in Krustyland? Here’s a complete list of the characters that make an appearance in Krustyland and when:

Cletus and Sideshow Mel– Part 5
Bart, Lisa and Kearney- Part 6
Milhouse- Part 7
Martin, Skinner and Otto- Part 11
Comic Book Guy- Part 15
Wiggum, Hans Moleman, and Squeaky-Voice Teen- Part 18
Nelson- Part 25
Lenny and Carl- Part: 32

Remember: Sideshow Mel, Kearney, Otto, Hans Moleman & SVT are all premium characters  and will only appear in your Krustyland if you’ve purchased them.

Looking for more time management details? Check out our complete Krustyland Walkthrough.