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9/9 In-Game Update Changes

Hey Howdy They Tappers!

Many of you received a little in-game update today…sorry it took us so long to post about it it JUST hit my device now.  So what’s different?  Well…

Elixir Wednesdays has been changed to Elixir Weekends.  Meaning you can now only purchase Elixir on the weekends, instead of Wednesdays.


Also, now Database’s 8hr task, Get Bullied, has been changed to pay out $550, 140xp…since it’s a joint task with Nelson.  So you’re now earning at the correct rate for a 2 character task.

Beyond those couple of changes what else changed?  Well many of YOU are now reporting the Krustyland Shield glitch has been fixed…however I would still exercise caution when visiting Krustyland with Shields in your Springfield.

Have YOU noticed anything else?  How are you doing with Clash of Clones and Level 44?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!