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Tapped Out Special Event Walkthrough: Matt Groening and the Mutant Rabbit

While we’re waiting for the “next big thing” to happen in our games, I thought it would be fun to distract ourselves with a look at some of the dialogue from updates past.  Here’s one we never got a chance to post from way back after Halloween ended & the Simpsorama Crossover.  Enjoy! 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well a couple of months ago EA dropped a fun surprise into our Tapping Devices…and Matt Groening joined Springfield!

Now that most of you have worked through the questline of both Matt & the Mutant Rabbit, I thought now would be a fun time to take a look back at the full dialogue that came along with the event!  There were a lot of fun twists and turns throughout this questline, did you catch them all?  Now’s your chance to make sure you didn’t miss any of the fun!

So now…let’s get to walking shall we?

Matt Trying to Erase Homer


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Turbo Tappin’ Episode Tie-In: When World’s Collide

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Now that we are down to our last week of the event, and with a new Simpsons Episode coming up Sunday… EA decide why not an Episode Tie-in. BRING ON THE CREATOR!!  And of course with all this new content means… a new questline,  A new questline means time for another Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough!

So hop on in for the short short version of the latest Walkthrough!  Let’s get to tapping shall we?

Matt Trying to Erase Homer


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Yellow Badge of Cowardge Walkthrough

Hey Howdy Hey Fit™ Tappers!

You giving your little tap tap tapping fingers a good work out with all this crazy dialogue in the latest Episode Tie-In for Yellow Badge of Cowardge?  With all the craziness of the Frink Friendship Points…or lack there of..yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to post the complete e-tie-in walkthrough for my favorite Addicted Tappers!  So you know what they say…there’s no time like the present so let’s get to walking shall we?

As mentioned in the update rundown post Milhouse kicks things off in his quest to not finish last at field day….so let’s see just what this Fit™ thing is all about shall we?



SPOILER WARNING full dialogue below the fold…

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