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Simpsons News: Every. Simpsons. Ever. FOREVER

So I have good news and bad news.  Bad is that it’s The Simpsons marathon is over.  Sad face.  I suppose I have to let other people in the house pick the channels now.  The good news though is apparently FOX plans to use it’s sister channels to play Every. Simpsons. Ever. FOREVER.  Ok ok, I’ll be the first to admit that people and places say forever in the wrong context (like when kids say but that’ll take forever) but I thought I’d pop in and share the news.

Simpsons on FXX

At the risk of this site seeming like an ad agency for the FXX Network, I was watching the Simpsons Marathon and noticed a new commercial.  Like a lot of us suspected, FXX will now air The Simpsons every week.  Their ad literally said “binge binge binge rest binge binge rest repeat” and announced FXX will be showing Every Simpsons Ever FOREVER starting today, Tuesday September 2nd. Seems Wednesdays and Sundays are official rest days now.

Figured it’d be fun to share a couple images from the ads for y’all.

FXX Simpsons Forever

The basic are there will be Simpsons block parties Sun-Tues and Thur-Fri.  I checked my programming guide and it looks like this means 4 hour blocks from 5-9 PM.  I’m sure other local channels in the US show The Simpsons but this might be the most that’s shown at one time that is available.  Granted it’s cable but still pretty amazing.  Another commercial also announced the marathon continues on FXNow which is their on demand video service.

What are your thoughts?  Excited?  Anhedonic?  Still recovering from the 12 day marathon and feeling dead like a butterfly’s life expectancy?  Sound off below.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

FXX Commercials

Wowza…  11 days in to the #EVERYSIMPSONSEVER event on FXX and all I can say is, does anyone know how long a TV can continuously be on before it goes kapoot?

fxx-simpsons-marathon Continue reading

Can’t Watch Every. Simpsons. Ever? Follow Along on Twitter!


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Every. Simpsons. Ever. Marathon is on full swing on FXX…have you been watching?  I’ve got to say it’s been a BLAST having it on in the background while doing things around the house or working here on Addicts.  Got to love seeing all the great TSTO items, and which episodes they came from!  (the other night I caught the episode featuring the  Sit-N-Rotate!)

I know many of our friends outside of the US, and those without FXX, are a little bummed they’re missing out on all the marathon fun…however you can follow along on Twitter!

FXX has set up a Twitter account just for this marathon where they’re posting images and quotes from every episode as it airs!  So you can still relive all the episode fun, even if you can’t watch!  So check out @EverySimpsons on Twitter to follow along in the fun!

What’s YOUR favorite moment so far?  Remembering any great quotes you had forgotten about?  How many hours of the Marathon have you watched so far? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!