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Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: First Church of Lard Lad

I am sure by now you have noticed we DID hit that 5 billion community mark. Everyone should be seeing the messages now that they have The First Church of Lard Lad in their inventory.  (Note:  If you don’t see the First Church of Lard Lad pop up immediately after you sign into your game, this happened to Alissa, just collect some more GOO.  It will pop up shortly thereafter)

There was a lot of discussion that this item may end up being just a skin. Here at Addicts we didn’t think so, as not everyone purchases premium items (plus we peeked at the game files :)). So, I am happy to report EA released yet another FREE item to everyone for their town. The great thing is the Church will also provide you a payout of $90 and 10 XP every 4 hours,  which definitely is a plus.

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The 3rd GOO Prize- Vac-U-Bot

Hey Howdy Hey Ghostbusters!

Once you reach 1,250 GOO canisters you unlock the 3rd free personal prize in the TSTO Halloween Event…the Vac-U-Bot (for info about the first two prizes check here).  Unlike the first two items, the Vac-U-Bot is not a building or decoration.  Instead it’s a tool to help you catch more ghosts!

Once you reach 1,250 GOO canisters dialogue will auto-start:

2013-10-02 22.53.56

2013-10-02 22.54.08

Frink: Congratulations!  You’ve just acquired the latest in ghost disposal technology from Frink Removal Incorporated, of FRINC.
Homer: It looks like one of those little robots that vacuums up dirt, but it’s completely and utterly different.  It’s a little robot that vacuums up ghosts.  Okay, let’s such soul.  Where does it plug in?
Frink: It doesn’t!  In a major convenience, it runs for fifteen minutes at a time on two pounds of uranium.
Homer: Ooh, that’s lucky.  I have a couple uranium rods in my pocket.  I put them there to keep my genitals warm.  
 2013-10-02 22.54.51

2013-10-02 22.54.59

Now, to activate your Vac-U-Bot you have to tap the ghost icon in the top right corner of your screen.  That will create a drop down and the second item will be your Vac-U-Bot.  Simply tap on it and follow the on screen instructions.
2013-10-02 22.58.41
You tap the scree and keep your finger down and slide it around the screen.  It will create a vacuum and suck up any ghosts it sees!  Unfortunately, I can’t take a screenshot of the vacuum at work because I need to keep a finger on the screen at all times in order to make the vacuum work.  But take my word for it, it’s pretty neat!

Hope you enjoy your new free ghost hunting tool!

PS Wookiee covered the 4th Prize (Zombie) here