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Changing the World Through the Generosity of Tappers…

It’s been a while since I “went to the well” to start a new campaign. I don’t like to stand around with my hand out…until we really need something. But, in this case, we do.

As so many of you are aware, the only reason I still blog and tap, is the opportunity to do the work we started in Buyijja, Uganda in 2014 when my youngest daughter did an internship there. Alissa offers monetary support for these projects, and I blog. It’s a nice quid-pro-quo agreement. But, most of the money for these projects comes from Tappers like you! And, over the course of the 4 years, TSTO TAPPERS have been the primary source of support, raising almost 70% of all of the gifts offered to this work.

Amazing…and so incredibly difficult to explain to others. “Well yes…we have an NGO in Uganda that is funded primarily through the generosity of a silly Simpsons mobile game…I KNOW…it sounds crazy...but LOOK AT THE WORK WE HAVE DONE!!
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When a CrankyOldGuy is Humbled By a TSTO Community…

Let’s just start by saying that my “welcome back” to TSTO Addicts was a little rocky (as in having an effigy of me thrown down the 500 foot cliffs of Dover onto the rocks).  I deserved your mistrust…as those who knew the history, knew that I was a complete jerk to Alissa while I was a “competitor” after starting out as a contributor here.  It is a long story…and thankfully, as has been stated several times, we both buried that hatchet (because Riley told us to), and life has been pretty darn sweet every since.

But, there was that lingering doubt by many (and stated publicly on occasion) that I was going to “ruin the site” by “writing about things other than TSTO” and trying to “guilt trip” people into donating to our work in Uganda. Again…I get it…I was the interloper, and the outsider, who was darn lucky to be here at all.

But, with the tacit support of Alissa, I ventured once again into trying to help Addicts be “more than just a TSTO info site” while doing something that mattered in the world. And I quite frankly, was scared to death that it would unravel all of the work I had done to prove that I had indeed seen the error of my ways…and was grateful for Alissa’s support.

As it turns out…this community not only blew my mind…but broke all of the fundraising records for any project in regard to funds raised in the shortest time. And even more amazing,  the comments of support you sent were simply overwhelming.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these…
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Simpsons Secret Agents Act II – Calendar

All right…time for a little pragmatic realism here…

This ACT II is a bit EAsier than Act I…but not by much. rEAlly! 

As we have seen, some folks had no problem finishing on time, with a few rounds of Bonuts thrown in (myself included), while others struggled. It is clear that playing Freemium, unless you have played for a long enough time to have a number of the bonus characters acquired through the years, makes it rEAlly hard to stay on schedule, unless you log in every 4 hours- 4-5 times every day. No skipsies….

I’m looking at who is available to do tasks…and it is pretty much the same list. So…we’ll just have to see if the same numbers prevail in Act II.

HERE IS THE CALENDAR…in two formats…I start right off today…no sugar coating. You are supposed to be rough, tough, spies…right?
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When the TSTO Addicts Community Can Become More…

It’s been nine months since Alissa and I shared a lunch in New Jersey, with Riley refereeing the discussion about “burying the hatchet, and coming back to Addicts.”  To be honest, I don’t know who instigated the idea…but we both knew that I was burned out on managing a business, TSTO Friends (by myself), a giant family, and our work in Uganda. Something had to give…

In the end, it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Yes, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth on both sides, as my loyal readers at Friends didn’t want me to quit, and those who had come to hate me for various reasons (founded and unfounded) at Addicts were more than protective and wary of my “ruining” Addicts with my “Cranky Posts” and “guilt trips.”

What I hope we have ALL learned in the past year (especially those who watch our Addicts Live posts) is that I have softened, am generally happy, and love being here.

The friendships that have been rekindled between Alissa, Wookie and I are important (perhaps someday they will explain where Bunny ran off to…but, it’s just not important at this juncture). We are a team…and good friends…and willingly donate our time and efforts to keeping you informed and entertained about TSTO, while offering a place to hang out.

I get pestered regularly by my old regulars (many of whom followed me over, but remain relatively quiet over here) to tell the story of our work in Buyijja. But the fact is, my “Less than welcoming vibe” about the topic (as in, I was warned by countless TSTO diehards NOT to talk about anything but TSTO!!!!!), has kept me from doing so.

However, Alissa is a huge supporter of our work (everything I earn here goes directly to our work there)…and even in the worst of times between us all, Wookie/Joe donated, knowing that the work surpassed the disagreements we had. It was Alissa who gave me the OK to start the conversation, but I had still been hesitant.

But now, there is an emergency situation that makes it necessary for me to shout, “COME ON… GET OVER IT…WE ARE MORE THAN JUST TSTO!!!!”
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Forgiveness and Rekindled Friendships

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Since we’re waiting for the Superheroes removal update, I’m going to deviate, briefly, from TSTO coverage to bring you an update on something else…..

For those of you that have been around this site since it launched, or at least within the first couple of months of launch, this story doesn’t need an explanation….but bear with me as I fill our newer readers (of the last 2 years) in on some of the backstory…

Addicts Logo Alissa Bunny Wookiee PNG

This blog was started nearly 3 years ago, and it was started on the philosophy that TSTO is a game.  And games should be fun.  It was also started by two old friends, myself and Mark.  In the weeks that followed the blog launch we added smart, wonderful people to the mix Wookiee and Bunny.  Who would soon become not just my friends…but my family.

It wasn’t long after the blog started, and Bunny & Wookiee joined the mix, that Mark would get pulled away for work.  His schedule just got so busy he couldn’t make the time commitment to blog full time.  We all understood.

And no, this isn’t a story about Mark.  No, this is a story about someone who came along after Mark left us.  You see, shortly after Mark left we added another voice to the mix….Pat, aka Cranky Old Guy.
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