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Just a quick note to let y’all know your Friend Points may be working again.  Had a couple reports from readers here and checked the MyPhone and they worked right as rain.  You get them from visiting neighbors on the graduated scale and also for every building a neighboreeno taps.


Chime in below if you’re fixed or still having problems.  My game still has some of the lag stuff but this fix gives me hope EA is gonna get that fixed soon too.  Cool Lisa, here I come!  Hope she likes cheetos.

TTFN… Wookiee Out!



UPDATE 9:00PM EST Bunny:
Still double checking files to see if anything else has changed with the Hotfix 1. I will update at any further findings. FP are returning, so you will need to max out again before you get those extra bonus multipliers back for friend visits or donuts again. Also, the lag is still hitting a majority of our games so I say still make sure EA is aware of this. Continue to keep adding names to the forum thread that was created until a change is made. Keep it a hot issue!!


LEGO Thursday 3


Hey there Hoppereenos… The New Tie-In Update for this Sundays Episode: The Yellow Badge of Cowardge is hitting all of our games. For those of you hanging on to Easter, looks as though you will be kicked out. Sorry, it did technically end on early Tuesday morning.

Anywho, the issues at hand. A new Friend Point Level was introduced, but for some reason many are just not getting any FP at all. No matter who, where, or how they tap.

Friend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPunlock_lisa_coollisa

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